Comments for Fans Upset With Universal, “It’s Too Much Minions”

Family Gru Meet and Greet

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. EricJ

    It’s basically Universal’s Incredi-Coaster:
    They need a house-brand, and they’re doubling and tripling down on the new Minions movie (y’know, the one from the insurance commercials?) as being their big summer breadwinner.

    Can anything go wrong with that? I don’t know, just ask Disneyland, and their Lightyear Space Mountain…

  2. Lara

    With the nee movie coming out maybe there is a reason that they are doing lots of minions. It could be temporary.

  3. Kevin


  4. Maggie

    Get over it. After the way our lives been the last 3 years, it’s nice to have some laughter in our lives. It’s better than most of the other commercials. Bello

  5. Jarvis

    Maybe they are looking forward to when the fourth park opens there will be more room for each “land” instead of cramming attractions into tiny slivers which is all they had to work with until now. I heard Universal is not done with Shrek yet.

  6. Guru

    I don’t have a problem with Minions being a theme in a area. I am curious on to how much money they make on the new movie because that will tell us how long the minion brand will last. Anyone heard of Jimmy Nuetron?

    If they retheme monsters to minions and we get some new crazy themed food then I don’t see the harm. We are also getting a entire monsters themed area which will likely have its own food.

    If I was Universal I would have minions take over that entire section of the park. Based on observations of guests they seem to enjoy buying up Minion merch. I see it everywhere.

    Do I wish for a dreamworks area or just king fu panda. Sure… but minions isn’t bad.

    Also we have transformers, why no my little pony or go joe? That would be interesting…

  7. billnyenotascienceguy

    I harldy think that two rides and a cafe of some sort is “TOO” much minions. Plus the ride is awesome!

  8. Heather

    Is it that bad that they have something geared towards little kids in the park? Some little kids love Minions, so I don’t see what the problem is. A lot of the rides are for bigger kids and adults. There’s the KidZone area but it’s a little outdated. Most kids won’t even know those characters, but they will know about Minions.

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