Comments for Universal’s Newest Roller Coaster Has Arrived With Another On the Way

Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Tony


    Exciting news, keep it coming please. 🙂

  2. Adam M.

    Rumors so far say there will be 3, maybe 4 coasters at Epic Universe: the dueling Mack coaster in the hub section and How To Train Your Dragon coasters as mentioned. Plus the Donkey Kong coaster in Super Nintendo World. The 4th is a rumored Mack spinning coaster at the Classic Monters land. The first 3 are pretty much confirmed.

  3. Gerald Dziedzic

    I am 84 years old have been an Annual Pass Holder since 2003. Cannot wait for the opening. EXCITED!!!

  4. Captain Obvious

    With the new park being constructed, I would hope new coasters are coming with more on the way. Could you please do something useful like post progress pics for this is us who want to see how far it is coming along?

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