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Universal Orlando Resort

Credit: Universal via Twitter


  1. John Zegzdryn

    Boris Karloff never played Kharis as the mummy, he was Imhotep. It was Lon Chaney Jr. who played Kharis.

    1. Facts Win Everytime

      Partially correct, Tom Tyler played Kharis in 1940, Lon Chaney Jr from 1942-1944 and Christopher Lee in 1959. And of we are talking about the The Mummy with Brendan Fraser in 2001, then it is Arnold Vostok that played Imhotep. Boris Karloff played Imhotep in The Mummy in 1932. (Thanks google.)

      1. Stephen Curran

        Arnold Vosloo

      2. Facts Win Everytime

        Dagum autocorrect.

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