Comments for Guests Flood Universal Attraction Forcing it to Become Temporarily Unavailable

the amazing adventures of spider-man

Credit: Universal


  1. Universal Worker

    The system that runs the wait times for the park is glitchy and sporadically out today. This article is BS

  2. Kat

    This glitch happens occasionally when the park is busy. It’s nothing new, and certainly not news.

  3. Noneofyourbusiness

    The person who wrote this article is grasping as straws to make their mark. The app glitches all the time. No need to get so worked up. It’s summer at a theme park, lines will be long. Calm down clout chaser.

  4. Bryan

    The 765 wait time is not true and I know, because once on the app is saw that posiedoj fury was (I’m just going to say a random number) 455 minutes, and then when I refreshed it kept going down until it said 55 minutes at one point. I even wrote a comment about that happening on another story on this site. Maybe the 765 minute wait was true, but that is highly unlikely because, it would probably reach capacity before that wait time

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