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tim allen with buzz lightyear

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  1. Schill

    Why must Disney force the LGBTQIA+ agenda on young kids? It is kind of like sex education. When the kids get old enough and start to express curiosity over sex or anything sexual related, it should be their parents that gives them the education not some soulless corporation or schools that Obama’s education secretary alphabet agenda he pushed on every school in the country.

    1. MC

      Why must Disney force heterosexual romance on our kids? Why must Disney force mixed race romance? Why must Disney force alien romance? Blah blah blah Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Simple as that.

      1. Kurt

        That’s what I keep writing…
        Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.
        Plenty of product out there.

      2. Deb

        Well said, MC. Well said !

      3. Daryl

        Because that is normal. It’s how the child watching came into the world.

        1. Dan F.

          The only problem with that is that children come into the world via XX and XY intercourse. Same sex individuals CANNOT reproduce. If you check the DNA of a “man” who claims to be pregnant, you will find that “he” is a she. YOU CANNOT CHANGE DNA !!! If you believe that, you are too stupid to live.

      4. Guest

        Because that’s what we (70% of America) have accepted as appropriate family love for thousands of years. Sorry but most American families are Christian. You don’t have to like it but we don’t have to give Disney our money. If Disney wants our money they need to fold.

        1. Nathan Mills

          Actually… for thousands of years, we were fairly ruthless toward our children.. including sending 12-14 year old daughters off to marry a 30+ year old man…. so….

      5. Stick

        Idiotic. All kids have moms and dads so nothing is forced. If Disney is forcing heterosexual scenes in kid’s films then they should remove them as well, but I doubt they are. You just throw out this stupid argument because clearly you and Disney want to shove homosexuality down small children’s throats. I would recommend that police agencies start looking at people as you to see what may be going on. Whenever adults get obsessed with small children and sex topics, you can be guaranteed that assaults are happening. Quite likely by you. Nothing worse in this world. Police better be checking.

      6. Tyler

        Lol by the looks of it… no one is.. good job Disney… hope you like your multi millions dollar loss

      7. Mike W

        Apparently they didn’t

    2. Ginamar

      Im sprry, i love toy story buzz and all things disney, but i think its time for me to cancel my disney plus account. This is taking it way too far. My kids are dying to see this movie and now i have to break their hearts and tell them NO bc disney wants to push LBGT ABCDEFG Agenda on my kids… HELL NO! Disney can suck it. Take the scene out and your box office sales will skyrocket. Cheis evans said “its the norm” NO IT IS NOT. Kids dont see two men or women kissing in school, they dont see two moms or dads kissing at after school pick up, kids dont see two moms or two dads kissing at target, walmart, the grocery store, at the playground, at the pool, at the park, at a birthday party… no no no! I am not against that community but have some damn common
      Courtesy. Love who you want to love, just like you dont do inappropriate things infront of your children, dont portray those things in movies.

  2. S1

    Of course that hateful man would think that. Par for the course for his character.

    1. Jason

      What did he say that was hateful?

      1. Bob Bob


      2. Lynn

        Chris evans was hateful calling Christian’s idiots bc they didn’t want to pay to see his movie. People have the right to say what their children can and cannot watch without being harassed and name calling. I canceled Disney plus because of Chris not the kiss. I would not allow my kids to watch lesbians kiss but I didn’t cancel because of the kiss. I’m sick of hatred towards my beliefs. Chris is arrogant and constantly putting down religious people. Disney allows it so I’m making a stand with my money.

        1. Victoria

          Totally out of context. He said nothing about Christians being idiots.

    2. James

      Explain what he said that is hateful? You’re a fool and ignorant

  3. Bob Bob

    What I agree with: show a same sex kiss/relationship. What I don’t agree with: having ties to any agenda pushing groups. In other words, stop putting a spotlight on anything that is supposed to be normal. Putting a spotlight on it makes it abnormal.

  4. Sebastian Hale

    No, I think Chris Evans would make an excellent Buzz Lightyear!

  5. Eric R. Shelton

    Forget politics: what if they cast Chris Evans because they simply wanted somebody who’s actually a decent actor?

    1. S2

      This, Tim Allen is a terrible actor. He’s been playing the same role for 40 years. New blood means an actor who doesn’t suck.

  6. Gino

    I would first like to know why being a somewhat moderate conservative is considered controversial? That pretty much covers half of the country, so I wouldn’t say it was an abnormal political viewpoint. Secondly, what do gay characters have to do with Disney at all? You can blah blah blah all you want about hetero relationships in Disney movies but the fact is, that is the norm, that is how the species propagates, and something that 99.9% of children are already familiar with as it is taking place right in their own homes. Why is this such a huge agenda for Disney? Their stock prices have suffered from it, their fanbase has diminished because of it, yet they persist in pushing their queer agenda on everyone.

    1. Kira

      When half the country calls Covid a hoax, denies the sitting president as legitimate, and storms the capitol, it’s going to earn itself a controversial label. Welcome to the future, where being an idiot is actually slapped down.

  7. James

    He’s a comedian and it’s called a joke, deal with it

  8. BG

    Homosexuality is disgusting, unnatural, and should be actively discouraged in society.

    1. Trevor

      Homosexuality is normal, and something that people are born with. It can’t be changed, and it’s just as wholesome as heterosexual relationships.

      You know what’s disgusting? Kids getting kicked out of homes just for admitting they’re gay, or being teased, jailed and killed for who they are. ‘Christian America’ tried to treat homosexuality like a disease for centuries, and all it brought was pain and misery. We cannot allow that to happen again.

  9. Kira

    So liking Christmas lights makes me a Christian? Liking jelly makes me Jesus? Haha. Idiot.

  10. Victoria

    Some folks might be upset knowing that Tim Allen served time in prison selling drugs. I guess being gay is much worse.

    1. Tyler

      In the 1960s sheesh you know gays were killed then too right?

    2. Extend the thought

      Ironically this post likely came from a leftist that believes selling drugs should be legal and the prisons should be emptied.

  11. It's all the P

    Don’t forget the P. That drives Disney’s need to shove this kind of thing in front of impressionable children.

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