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  1. Jay

    Well Duh.

  2. Mason

    And Depp hasn’t? My god i think Depp went for this against Amber on account Donald Trump and the way people swoon over that dingle berry. There’s got to be enough good will Depp could mine over Jack Sparrow and boy was he successful. Imagine any chick you know, friend, mother, daughter, sister going through what Amber went through and you gonna say she’s lying? lol the world has flipped upside down. Depp is still whining about his childhood even though providence has seen to it he’s been compensated for his troubles, and even with all that fame, wealth, loyalty from fans, he had already begun p*ssing away all that good will years before Amber Heard….it’s unfortunate perceptions are what they are. I know many women/girls who’ve gone through that exact relationship, and i know many women know many women/girls going through that exact relationship right now…lol…and yet no one comes to Amber’s aid or can relate? yea the world is upside down. and Depp got away with one and the US is showing it’s true colors, loyalty to people, not causes, not country, not rules or norms..

    1. Chris

      Facts and evidence don’t matter to you do they, she was caught in lie after lie after lie. Crawl back under your rock.

    2. Trevor_Phillips

      Orange Man bad. Go upstairs and have your mom make you a sandwich.

    3. Alex

      I agree with you. Seems like I’m the only American to have sympathy for Amber Heard. People seem to forget that Johnny Depp is not perfect, in fact they celebrate it. But Amber Heard, no she’s the devil. And all these domestic violence victims claim because they’ve been abused they know everything about abuse and what every abuse victim goes through. So much ignorance and lack of compassion but even beyond that, people are so small minded, they can look at the facts and decided it’s black and white not something more along the lines of they beat each other, technically, yes, he is a wife beater for beating her but she’s also a husband beater because she gave it right back. Doesn’t make either right but it’s just disturbing that people are so ready to jump on a man’s side, particularly women. People seem to forget that in England, Johnny Depp lost this very same case. I guess the facts are different in the us… or maybe we are just extremely biased.

      1. That is where you are mistaken AMBER is the Devil Incarnate

      2. And in UK it was not the same case ! Stop spewing lies. Heard was not a defendant; was a witness. Sun was the defendant owned by Rupert MURDOCH WHO THE JUDGE’s son worked for and judge should of recused himself hence why he retired as soon as trial was over!! Heard could not be cross examined as not a defendant and judge heavily relied on Heard’s “donation”because she wanted nothing from Johnny Depp which we now know was a LIE hence she is a liar!

      3. Dora

        Facts aren’t just the laws!! Seriously when you on caught on the stand lying your face off and caught then yeah you are a liar and a narcissist!! Justice was served!!

      4. NJ

        I have read that the judge in the case in England was related in some way to a friend of Amber and that he retired immediately after making his ruling against Johnny.

    4. Walt


    5. Frosted

      JD may struggle with his childhood the rest of his life. Getting “compensated” doesn’t erase the trauma. Talking about it is healing that is how we abuse victims get thru life.
      She is a proven pathological liar. She stated herself that JD always had his rings on. If JD punched her in the face repeatedly she would absolutely need a hospital. Would have very noticable scares, her face would resemble ground beef.
      She may have been abused however it was early in her life.
      She didn’t really wig out on JD until she found out she was not in his will.
      She is a con with no art…😂

      1. Yes! Got mad wanted to act like Merry Widow but found out not in Will!

    6. S

      Yeah ok amber. Nice try

    7. Teri

      You are full of it! So in all your mighty words you only speak of women. Are you saying men can’t be abused?? I’m a DV survivor and a woman so shut up when you are this clueless you sound like a man hater!

    8. Me

      This was a libel trial, not an abuse trial. She was horrible to him; admitted hitting him; caught lying about her truth especially the makeup; no medical records, brings out alleged clinical records with only her heresay, sorry she lost because she lied.

      Depp hated Trump by the way.

      1. Judi

        I forgot…what did Trump have to do with this?

    9. Did you watch the same trial I did????

      1. Amber( aka Mary Popins)

        Amber heard is a total liar and clearly a spoiled brat!! Just like JD told her she was. His opinions were gold to her when she thought she had him played, how convenient for her to not agree when it’s negative about her in her opinion. She thrives off of attention! Any and all she can get!! She is a stain on women and men who have actually been abused who truly need to actually be heard!!! Sad really 😞 🙄🌂☂️🌂☂️

    10. Lisa

      Yep! Her entire existence is one big lie. She didn’t “go through” anything other than JD’s money and now, she is a broke little cry baby.


      YOU APPEAR TO BE A FOOL EITHER THAT OR YOU ARE amber TURD using a different name.

    12. Annette Rasmussen

      I saw the hole trial – every minutte of it.
      If she had suffered the injuries she claimed she would have been in and out of hospitals.
      If your nose is broken you look like racoon and the swelling is massive. You can not be tushed in anyway in the face, not even with a brush.
      Her marks around her eyes are from botox. Her “black” eyes are make-up.
      Some of them are due to bad lightning.
      If the insident in Australia was the way she discriped she would have needed medical care. There were no marks on her and she was able to walk. If you ever have had a cut under your fod you will know you can’t walk normal the following days.
      She has not one but two mental disorders. Sevire Borderline is one of them and historic disorder the other. Doctor Curry did the right examination of AH. The two disorders combined make her a narcissist and she does not see the World as we do. Like she said, she has her own truth. To bad that her thruth is not the real truth.
      Remeber her trying to cry in court? Well her acting coach told under oath that AH was never able to cry while acting.
      It was all an act and a consperasi from her and her freeloading friends

  3. Elizabeth

    As a DV survivor, I see that Amber Heard is anything but a victim! She needs professional medical help !

  4. Anne

    As a DV survivor, I don’t believe Amber’s claims. Shes all over the place with her words and none ring with truth. I can remember exact details from over 30 years ago.

  5. T

    So many queen bees here.

  6. Kerry

    Narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder are not the same diagnosis. People with borderline personality disorder lie constantly, have fear of abandonment, suffer from depression and anxiety, and have no clear sense of their own identity. I have an adopted son with this diagnosis so I know the depth of chaos they can cause. He has no sense of guilt or personal responsibility, and no attachment to people.

    1. Me

      The professional didn’t say they were the same thing.

    2. Dawn

      She is a Narcissist with borderline personality disorder. Dangerous combination.

  7. Teri

    You are full of it! So in all your mighty words you only speak of women. Are you saying men can’t be abused?? I’m a DV survivor and a woman so shut up when you are this clueless you sound like a man hater!

  8. If Johnny is not in the 6th there will not be a 7th because the series will die a quick and a huge financial death. No one even Margot Robbie can save Pirates!!! Johnny is and forever Pirates and Disney needs to wake up and look at the outpouring of love and support Johnny has to even think a Pirates without Depp in starring role spells financial disaster and does Disney not have enough financial headaches right now without adding to problem. Hint: watch WB Aquaman 2 bomb thoroughly at the box office!!!! Wake up the public is who buys the tickets and America has spoken we want Johnny Depp!!!

  9. Mary

    Absolutely she is a narcissist. If she had really been abused by JD she would not have continuously poked the bear, as heard in the recordings. As a survivor myself I would look for any way to calm the situation so I did not continue to be hit. Her story doesn’t ring true. Anyone who believes men are not victims of DV need to take a closer look at the injuries JD suffered.

  10. AH

    If Amber writes the book and puts a bunch of the same stuff that was in trial in it, Depp can sue and win again.



  12. Josephine

    AH lied we all saw it on the stand, she can’t even get her facts straight. I was a victim of abuse from my mother and my boyfriend was a victim of sever abuse from their mother. Women ABUSE and they get away with it all the time for the very fact they are women. And idiots are out here believing men can’t be victims of abuse. It makes me sick. My mother use to lie just as much as Amber, gaslight and she would make everything about her, she was also an incredibly angry women. I see the same thing in AH she acts the same. If you can’t see that AH lied and is abusive you are blind to the truth and didn’t watch the full trial or look at all of the evidence like I did.
    ~sighed a women, who is not a big fan of JD, just an abuse survivor who smells a lie a mile away.

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