Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Solves Its All-Time Biggest Continuity Error

r2-d2 delivering leia's message to obi-wan kenobi in star wars: a new hope

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Jason

    This article is laughable! HAVE YOU NOT LOOKED AT THE RT reviews? NOT FROM CRITICS BUT FROM THOSE SO CALLED “FICKLE” FANS! This series is HORRIBLE! My Lord ITM is the definition of “shill”!

    1. Steve-O

      No hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans. It is the way.

  2. Larry

    Stopped watching after the second episode. Seemed like it was thrown together at the last minute like Iron Fist. Horrible!

  3. AH

    The series is, to be kind, lame. It us obvious that them Madalorian team did not do this series. The best thing about this series is the little girl.

  4. Jeremy

    Kinda reluctant to say it was as good as Mando but it was way better than Boba Fett. Loved the actors all reprising their roles, as well as the many Easter eggs and filled plotholes — even ones we didn’t ask for, like how the scar got on dying Ani’s head when he didn’t get that wound on Mustafar. Overall, well done 🙂

    1. James

      I honestly love reading comments from butt hurt “fans” like you.. knowing how much you dispise this series (and the sequels) and how you believe Disney has ruined Star Wars is pure entertainment!

      It sucks to be you!

  5. Mr White

    How does this solve it? “We will just never mention we know each other when contacting each other”.

  6. Stephen G

    You can’t get credit for “solving” a problem in Episode 6 that you created in Episode 1.
    And it’s unnecessary.
    If you take her message to Ben from the original Star Wars on its own, she has never met him.
    If you take her to Ben from that movie, AFTER seeing Rogue One, you understand why she is contacting him. Part of her mission is to get the tapes. But part of her mission is to get him.
    Leia is ALL about the mission. Not about her self.
    Bail Organa was asked to get “his friend, the Jedi,” by Mon Mothma. He said he would send someone, someone he trusts with his life. Which he quite literally did.
    Now, you have to possibly recontextualize the message. Ben’s her old friend.
    Nope. She is about the mission. The mission is not about HER doing anything (though it really is). She has to get the tapes to her father and get Ben. Her ship is under attack.
    She has to get the tapes to Ben, and tell him to get to her father.
    Her message is formal because she is telling Ben who is asking for HIS help. His presence. His father and the Alliance need him. And she needs his help. Not to save her. But to finish her message. Take the tapes and get to Alderaan.
    And it might be, if they do a followup, that this will be made more clearer than it was with the little postlude of him on Alderaan.

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