Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Might Ditch Obi-Wan to Make New Jedi Disney+ Series

Cal Kestis fighting Vader

Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Star Wars


  1. Real Star Wars

    Ditch Disney Wars up to this point, fire KK and her underlings, then make Episode 7-9.

  2. Bob bob

    Fans want Obi-Wan season 2? I don’t. It’s pointless: he walked off into the desert, it’s over, we don’t need to see him again until Episode IV.

  3. Mechafx

    I think Disney would fare better if they refocus and move the timeline back to the Old Republic era of Star Wars. That’s thousands of years before the whole “Skywalker Saga”. It’s a lot of time to play around with and they wouldn’t have the constraints of pre-existing source material to deal with. They can create an entirely different and new saga with all new characters and events and not continue to infuriate dedicated Star Wars fans by always changing what has been known to be legitimate canon for decades. But, of course, I’m dreaming because this is Disney. They’ve become a corporate entity and they don’t do fan service anymore. This will never happen, even though it is a very good idea.

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