Comments for Disney Continues To Fuel Space Mountain Retheme Rumors

Left: Buzz Lightyear meeting at Disneyland in front of a sign with a photo of Space Mountain on it.

Credit: Left- @timothy.af on Instagram / Right - Disney


  1. Spencer Thompson

    I would be fine with this. I think all the updates Disney has done have been great and think this could be a fun version of the ride

    1. S1

      No they aren’t. Almost every update is a failure and disaster that nobody wants. There will not be a Lightyear overlay to Space Mountain anyway, because this is a false rumor put out by a site that is known for spreading false rumors and lies that should be discredited at all costs.

  2. Marky

    I would rather they retheme this at the princess and the frog than change splash mountain.

    1. Get it done

      Retheme the whole park to Princess and the Frog land. Then we can finally be inclusive.

  3. Better ideas

    Instead of their latest diversity flop, why not Star Wars 4-6? You know, something normal people actually want?

  4. Louie

    Why Mess With A Classic, Iconic Ride Such As This?! “rethemes” Are Never The Answer! As The Saying Goes, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”!

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