Comments for “Sick of Baby Groot,” Marvel Fans Slam ‘Guardians’ Update

Vin Diesel as Baby Groot

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Gerti V Castaneda

    I LOVE Baby Groot. He’s much cuter than the older Groot.I say leave him in there!

  2. Jamie Coughlin

    I love Baby Groot, I wish he did not have to grow up so fast. I don’t care as much for teen age groot though or even adult groot, the Baby Groot was adorable.

  3. Lynda Shew

    I love baby Groot. I love full grown Groot. The movie is awesome. If you truly love the movie it does not matter whether he’s big or small. Groot is Groot no matter what. Love the movie, I’ve watched them so many times. And will continue to watch them.

  4. V

    Also, there would have been plenty of fans complaining about continuity if Groot was suddenly fully grown. Another thing is that trees don’t grow fast, they can go from a sprout to a nice strong sapling in a handful of years, but it takes many more before it can be called a tree

    1. Dondada

      1st thing groot is not a earth tree he is Flora colossus and I’ve seen even the young ones giant size and a groot that’s adult has more powers than when they are young

  5. Glenn

    So basically 1 person “slammed” the update then?

  6. Nancy Jennings

    Groot is my favorite character on the shows if you get rid of Groot I will not watch guardians of the Galaxy never again

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