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Scream 2022

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  1. Mike

    Won’t be Scream without her. I’ll watch it though, but I’ll wait until it’s streaming for free on one of the services.

  2. Jonathon

    You have to ask the question why????? Ugh you know your right its not the same with out her. And yes she deserves props for what she has done for the franchise and the company. They should swallow there pride or what ever reason for not wanting to pay. If you look at the sales from last time how huge it was nation wide and then universly. It’s was huge huge profits. But they cant pay the money she is asking. There pathetic they can so again you have to ask the reason why???? Is she going over bord asking for a billion of 8 billion thats will be made. What ever her ask she should get. Its not like they cant afford it. The only thing I will say is I know she is already rich I mean rich. Even so that might be true she shoud still get the bonus she deserves. Let me know what you all think.

    1. HonestyHurts

      She should have been gracious that they even offered her anything. Have you seen her “act”? If not for Scream, she’d be history, can’t understand a woman who would turn down work in a field that she apparently wants to work in…but be honest she hasn’t aged well…and did I mention that she’s a terrible actress!

      1. Bryan B

        She is awesome. You, not so much.

  3. Won’t be watching without Sidney. Neve is the queen and it won’t be the same without her. It is absolutely disgusting that Paramount can not give Neve what she asks for and what’s so sad about the whole thing is that they won’t. That’s the whole truth. They can give it to her, they just don’t want to. If you ask me Paramount should lose the rights to Scream and have someone else take it over and Neve could be co-prouducer. After all, it’s her franchise.

    1. Janeson

      I completely agree with you. Paramount can afford to pay Neve what she is asking. If Wes was still alive, he’d be fighting them on Neve’s side. Everyone who is a fan should stop watching after the 5th one, if Neve isn’t coming back. The other legacy characters that are in the movie should also be boycotting to make this happen. Without her, it’s not Scream. It’s just some B movie not worth watching. “Should go straight to video” as we used to say growing up.

  4. Anonymous

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less if she is in it or not. I could even do without “gale weathers”. The story is about Ghostface and a final girl, don’t really care who the final girl is. Just my two cents.

  5. Brandon

    No it won’t be the same without Neve (Sidney).. leaves a bad taste in my mouth for Paramount. She deserves every penny she wants. Her character is legend. And her pretense is wanted!

    1. Brandon


  6. Dean Lamont

    it won’t be the same without miss Campbell it’s like you can’t have the A-team or Charlie Angeles with one person the have to be able to work as a team

  7. Justin Observer

    Paramount doesn’t think there isn’t enough of a fan base to warrant a bigger paycheck for her. Paramount also thought Paramount Plus was a good idea, too. We’ll see how this one plays out lol…

  8. Paramount, give Never the money. Without her, Scream would not have made the money it has. The fact that David Arquette got killed in the last movie and now Neve Campbell not being in it, not sure if I will watch either.

  9. Frances

    Won’t be watching
    Neve Campbell IS and always will be the Scream queen. She made the movies the success they were. Shame on you for not paying what she deserves

  10. Bonnie

    This is Paramount’s way of telling Neve we want to reboot the franchise so we’re intentionally offering you less in hopes that you quit. A figure you will be upset with. —

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