Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Changed Forever, Controversial ‘Kenobi’ Character Retcons Original Trilogy

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan kenobi (left) and Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker (right)

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Fanfiction Writer

    Disney Wars isn’t canon, it’s fan fiction. No George, no canon.

  2. Bob bob

    Reva, while an interesting character, is played by a mediocre actor. This has nothing to do with colour of skin, she just isn’t a compelling actor. In most scenes her line delivery is just… Dull. ‘Fans’ making racist comments are not fans of Star Wars, they are simply uneducated, unintelligent and very sad people.

    1. Jack


  3. Kayla

    1. Reva isn’t sith. She was a misguided youngling with a ton of trauma. Obi Wan understood that. Hence why he let her live (and why the opposite was true for Darth Maul, who was sith).
    2. It changes nothing about the original trilogy. In fact it explains the relationship Obi had with Leia and why she later named her kid after him.
    3. And Luke was not the chosen one. Anakin was.

    1. Shannon

      Someone who actually gets it. Too bad the writer of this dog whistling opinion piece didn’t. (::bashes Reva:: “But we’re not here to bash Reva!” ::resumes bashing Reva::)

  4. Jack

    While I’m sure she received some racist comments from some simple-minded people, the majority of the criticism has been directed at Ingram’s incredibly underwhelming acting and horribly written , weak character. While the show itself was badly written, her character was the worst. I, for one, hope we never see her again. But you know we will. Disney never cared about fans or the franchise.

  5. Echo

    Thank you Kayla for your insightful comments.Any true Star Wars fan knows Luke was NOT the chosen one, Anakin was. As for Reva surviving, it is possible the light saber cauterized the arteries so she did not bleed out.Also, abdominal wounds are often slow killers with people staying alive for hours or days albeit in agonizing pain. If Darth Maul could survive being sliced in half, anything is possible. It is not the Jedi way to kill, unarmed, wounded people no matter how evil. Notice Obi Wan didn’t go for a death blow for the second time with Anakin; A broken helmet, let his head vulnerable. Finally the writing for Reva left her character pretty one dimensional so I felt her performance was okay.The backstory was believable, just poorly written.

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