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Left: Disney Animation Studios' Pocahontas. Middle: ShopDisney Pocahontas costume with rainbow leaves all over it. Right: TikTok screenshot of a former Cast Member- it says "No more Stolen Sisters" and "I don't represent the Walt Disney Company."


  1. Vickie

    Let it go for crying out loud.
    You had fun as a child but you need w don’t want other children to have fun. Ugh.

    1. Pamela Hill

      I agree you. This young lady admits that she had her son when she was a child but wants to take away the enjoyment for children today and her opinion the story is deflected incorrectly but yet she enjoyed the storyline when she was a child but now her research finds that it’s not correctly represented. Disney puts together storylines and movies for the enjoyment of families whether it’s a true story line from what was reality or fantasy so that is something that we can enjoy that is what they’re trying to put there for us to enjoy quit trying to tear down what has been put together for families . And make it about race and ugliness it’s a beautiful story it’s about colors of the wind it’s about tryouts and strength she’s a beautiful Disney princess leave it alone and the children have their fantasies!

      1. Pam

        Charlie , telling the truth won’t get you very far with Disney fans. They don’t care about what’s real.

      2. Pam

        Stick with made up stories and leave historical figures alone.

        1. NotToDayKaren

          Except these cartoons are some of the first exposure to historical figures kids have. It allows them to connect something familiar to the characters and gives them the opertunity to learn the true history of these people.

    2. Jay

      Asking for a company to stop making merchandise that perpetuates dangerous stereotypes isn’t the same as not wanting children have fun. If you can only have fun by taking part in racist activities then you need help.

      1. James

        There’s nothing dangerous about it. It’s a native American outfit for kids to dress in or for Halloween. It’s not making fun of or ridiculing native Americans. If a kid idolizes Pocahontas and think she’s great, then let them play dress up. Stop making everything racial. Tell your woke story walkiń

      2. Maddest Hatter

        And what “dangerous stereotype” is a Pocahontas costume perpetuating?

        Don’t hurt your shoulder reaching too far

        1. bandit087

          Ok so I definitely see a problem with dressing up as a real person that Is not your race. Also yeah taking a real person and treating her like a regular Disney princess is a bit messed up. I can’t think of any other Disney cartoons based on real people, though I know of one non Disney cartoon. So yeah if that’s her issue I agree.

          1. T dog

            I know a black lady (not african american) who dressed up as bob ross for halloween, was this a problem as well.

      3. Backcountry164

        Dangerous?? If you don’t want to be taken seriously why bother posting at all??

      4. Vickie Eff

        How is pretending to be Pocahontas is as racist as dressing up as wonder woman. It’s what you do with it that makes it racist. Young children wanting to dress like a strong historical character isn’t wrong or racist. It’s honoring history. Stop being politically correct and let children be. As the mother of a child of Choctaw ancestry, I don’t have an issue with this.

      5. Jennifer

        How is this a stereotype and how is this dangerous? It’s Pocahontas! Erasing Pocahontas from the Disney fandom is the opposite of progress. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Girls can dream of being any princess they want and that goes for indigenous girls and girls who love the character! Stop finding things to be mad about and deleting historic people of color. It’s racism disguised as progress and it’s gross. Go home white savior

      6. JOhn

        So dangerous. I heard 100,000 children last year died from Pocahontas related children’s costumes and accessories.

      7. NotToDayKaren

        Whats dangerous about a kid dressing up as their favorite character? Sure it’s not 100% accurate to what actually happened to her, but that’s ok. Because it’s just a kids movie, what it does do is open up a window of opertunity for kids to learn themselves what the truth is and decided for themselves how they feel about it. What this does is it exposes kids to her story and as they get older they can start researching for them self about that time period and the character. If your really so worried about the kids thinking the movie is accurate then maybe you should start doing your job as a parent and teaching them that not all movies are real. Instead of trying to cancel something that other people can enjoy because you can’t separate reality from fiction yourself.

    3. Charlie

      If your child had fun being told a lie about this countries first sex trafficked child, then that’s on you.
      When they grow up and ask, “Why did you support so much biggoted crap?” that’s on you.
      When everyone is bogging down on you because your hate for others keeps you from respecting others, that’s on you.

      I bet someone makes a movie about how Jesus wore fish nets and danced in a chorus line you’d blow a gasket.

      Until you change your mindset, I hope the universe makes a point to show you how horrible you are as a person. You deserve nothing less. Good luck.

      1. Pam

        Wow, that comment , lol. You mentioned honoring history and being politically correct, but you failed to understand that Pocahontas was about 11 years old when those events occurred. She was a CHILD who was used and exploited by men. No one ever really knows the absolute facts about history , we just pass on what we’ve always been told.
        I’m not asking you to keep your opinion to yourself , but I am asking you to think. Oh , and teaching the truth opposed to glorified bs will always be the right thing to do.

      2. Pam

        Charlie , telling the truth won’t get you very far with Disney fans. They don’t care about what’s real.

    4. JOHN

      Shocker, Disney fans are racist.

    5. Alexandra

      I love Pocahontas and loved her growing up being a woman of colour myself. I understand the ex employees view, however, to say not to do any costumes is a little ridiculous. Make them more like Native Americans dress and when your children dress like her, you can take the time to educate them on their culture and the story of the real Pocahontas. I still buy merchandise with her and l love Pocahontas both on film and the real person.

  2. Dawn

    On one hand, some representation is better than no representation. However, I have never liked how the character was portrayed. When dealing with an actual Historical character they really need to keep as close to factual as possible. I am Native American and I would love to see a better/more realistic portrayal. But that would not be “Disney” enough, as it was a brutal time in history and Native Americans were never treated as equal humans. She was young and the relationships she had with John Rolfe and John Smith were both wrong on so many levels. As for the costume and her being a “Princess” …. it would be great for the costumes to have a more accurate look but at least it’s better than nothing. She is no less a “Princess” that any of the others and is as close to “royalty” as it gets in this Country.

    1. Real Native

      Then they sale the costume with fire water and wampum beads it be mot authentic

    2. G. C.

      It’s funny how the “knock off”, Goodtimes “Pocahontas, Princess of Peace”, is more historically accurate. At least they tried.

  3. Dawn

    “No More Stolen Sisters” is a huge deal to us Native Americans. There are so many that go missing or get murdered every year and they are ignored. We are still not “human” to most.

    1. James

      Many others from all races go missing or get murdered. Stop making it like you’re singled out.

      1. FP

        Native American women experience more violence and discrimination compared to any other sex and racial group. I bet you are one of those “All lives matter” types.

      2. Tilda

        Yeah…. But the Native American women are marginalized big time. Google it if you have time. It is really sad how exploited and abused the Native women are and how little people seem to care about it.

    2. Backcountry164

      To most of the people in your imagination no doubt.

    3. JOHN

      Disney fans are mad racist no point in arguing with them.

    4. Kelli

      To me, the Pocahontas costume looks like a tree.Tons of guys peed on trees this year alone..we don’t know if jellyfish was involved.

  4. Eric

    Oh for crying out loud, get over it already! As a white male I’m offended by all the misrepresentation of them in Disney Movies (sarcasm).

    1. Leslie

      Okay, let’s get REALLY real here. This article is BS. I live in Virginia & grew up with stories of Pocahontas and her tribe, from people who are Native Americans & had the stories handed down, and also with factual information. She was NOT treated as a sideshow character in England, but was treated as a woman of wealth, & she was received by Royalty. John Rolfe was not abusive, nor was he cruel to her. She wasn’t whisked away to England the moment they married, either. They had an actual life together. As for the costume? Pocahontas went bare chested. Fact. So no one is going to market an historically correct costume for her. Ever. So just let that be. I didn’t care for the romance aspect between Smith & Pocahontas because it never happened that way; she was a much beloved child when they met & according to tales thought of him more as an uncle. So no, they didn’t get it right, a lot of films don’t. It’s their interpretation for entertainment, that’s all. People, do some research, ask questions, use a little common sense & stop believing everything Hollywood tells you as gospel truth, please! And stop getting so dang butt hurt over everything that doesn’t fit what you think “should be”!

      1. Tilda

        I wonder what some of these people would do in if they actually read the fairy tales that the Disney movies were based off of….

        1. Amber

          Right! The gruesome tales would give kids nightmares.

      2. Grateful

        Thank you and beautifully said

  5. Carmine

    What a bunch of crap! My daughter is half Chinese, I loved that growing up she could dress as Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas and feel pride in her looks, rather than feel envy for not being blonde and blue eyed. Nothing Disney has done to any “Princess” has been anything but respectful! Granted it may not be exactly “historic” but, what legend ever is! Let’s cut the woke crap, because if people are praising your heritage and desire to emulate it you should be proud not crying “cultural appropriation.”

    1. Leslie

      Yay!!! Exactly! A wonderful, common sense answer!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    My mother made my “Pochantas” costume (I was 3 or 4) way back in the 90s. As a non-native American I loved the character’s connection with the natural. But I’ve also grown up loving learning about history and Native American cultures (because there’s more than one you know!). While it’s a completely fictitious story I did learn a lot about culture clash and racism from Pocahontas.

    1. Typo

      *connection with the natural world

    2. Kelli

      All I’m saying is get away from the jellyfish..racism..yes, please

  7. Shagi

    People like this “author” are destroying the world. They try to make everything racist when there is absolutely nothing wrong.

    1. Tori

      She’s probably offended on behalf of Native Americans lol.

  8. byron

    This is a movie not a documentary. George Washington never cut down a cherry tree and Abraham Lincoln was never in a log cabin. Stop injecting your politics into entertainment.

  9. Amanda

    I don’t believe this movie was supposed to be an accurate history portrayal of Pocahontas. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable movie for kids. In regards to the costume, maybe it’s considered a more appropriate outfit for a young child to wear? When are we gonna stop being so offended by things like this?! It’s just a cartoon not a history documentary.

  10. Raven

    OK everyone in these comments needs to get the facts straight. It is racist and it’s not like how other Disney stories are based on fairytales. Pocahontas was a real person and her tribe and her descendants are telling Disney to stop. The girl who posted this TikTok is absolutely right Disney should respect her descendants and her tribe when they have asked them to stop.

    1. Michaela

      Ob rassistisch hin oder her haben die meisten hier einfach nicht zu entscheiden.Die amerikanischen Ureinwohner ihre Nachfahren wie auch immer,die haben das zu entscheiden.Ich selbst bin deutsche aber ich werde nie verstehen warum manche Menschen denken sie hatten bei allem was zu sagen.

    2. Ebony E.

      As a person of color, I have to disagree with you. It’s a frickin movie, it was never racist, they were just retelling the story in a child friendly way, and there is nothing wrong with that.

      If you have a problem with it, just email the CEO of Disney about it. It’s not hard.

  11. Max

    Why do you all continue to post these articles you know how terrible these comments can be? You’re basically putting a flashing sign for every racist and saying “Hey, here’s someone you can target!” I mean, I’m not expecting you all to stop, but it still feels weird.

  12. Ed

    I’m surprised no one from PETA commented on the costumes the Indians wore being made from “poor lil” bambi! How cruel!!!

  13. Pam

    Walt , for work for Disney , find out what it’s really like and then maybe your comment might mean something.

  14. Jordin

    We live in such a cry baby generation. I loved Pocahontas. It didn’t accurately portray her but it gave a kid version to a Native American woman and that’s all I knew as a kid. Theses movies weren’t racist lol this generation just sucks and cries a lot.

  15. Fishy128

    It’s a movie most of us call it entertainment if you don’t like it watch a documentary

  16. Ebony E.

    If you want Disney to stop selling Pocahontas costumes, be my guest, but think about all the other girls of color who idolize her. How will you feel knowing that you ruined many childhoods if Disney went through with that request?

  17. Madison

    I think merchandise is fine but the costume does not closely resemble the characters outfit at all. It is simply a more expensive Native American costume like stated in the article. Now it would be a slightly different story if the costume was closer to the characters outfit, it would be more understandable because she is someone young girls look up to as one of few poc Disney princesses. I think we all know why the story is so different from the true history of her story, it’s obviously watered down so kids could enjoy it. The same is done with many fairytales but as this not based off a story and is based of of true struggles native people went through I understand why the costume would be offensive but I truly believe she shouldn’t be erased but learned from. Disney is learning as all of us, it doesn’t make it right but things will continue to get better if we are all open to hear each other out and try to understand or sympathize with those going through different situations than us.

  18. Cheyenne

    Disney needs to ignore these morons who app have too much time on their hands. If this is a problem then they don’t know what real problems are.

  19. Chrystal

    Then you better stop celebrating Thanksgiving! Lol It’s no different than Disney’s version of Pocahontas.

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