Comments for ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Primed to Bring Back One of ‘Star Wars’ Oldest Tricks

darth vader stabbing reva in obi-wan kenobi episode 5

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. TokGuran

    Only idiots didn’t realize that the younglings have been turned… Could it BEEE more obvious

  2. Dillon

    Reva needs to die, no way she survived getting stabbed as a youngling. The GI survived bc he has two stomachs.

    1. Sonny


  3. Darth Daddy O

    He’s not a cow. She wasn’t stabbed as a youngling either. Life imitates art… Even before the art released, like the kid in the Texas shooting did she hid under other dead younglings.

    The grand inquisitor even gave her the key to living through it… Revenge

  4. Phil

    I’m waiting for “Mickey Mouse “ to be brought into the series and made a Jedi.

  5. Christopher

    One of star wars oldest tricks, turning to the dark side?

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