Comments for Seventh Haitian Special Olympics Delegate Reported Missing from Walt Disney World

Left: Louis Jacques Wilguens. Right: ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.


  1. They must have seek asylum

  2. What I don’t understand is the sheriff says this doesn’t look suspicious to him he has six people seven now people missing from the same place All connected to the same organization that seems pretty suspicious to me or is he just not paying attention because of their race? That’s what it seems like. Even the reporter or who did the story reports this very casually like this is an everyday thing there doesn’t seem to be any urgency in the reporting any like this is highly unusual anything you guys are treating it like it’s nothing.

    1. Mari

      The first six turned in their keys before they left all of f their belongings behind. Sounds to me like they are seeking asylum, they don’t want to go back to Haiti.

  3. Mr White

    Give them a mile and they will take an acre…

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