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  1. ann

    What time does the Verry Merry Christmas Party start? and what time does the park close if you don’t have a ticket to this event?

    1. Tim

      If I may hazard a guess (from prior experience as both an attendee and a former CM):

      The event would *PROBABLY* start around 7:30-8pm.

      The park will close to those who didn’t purchase a ticket *PROBABLY* around 7-7:30pm.

      Again these are merely guesses

  2. Keith Compton

    We are arriving on December 26th. Will any of the Christmas decorations or events still be going on.

  3. Donald

    I am not happy this EXTRA charge once again ….. this is leaving me only 2 days during my time there which is a week to visit the MK without having to pay even more in top
    Of the park admission to be in MK at night !!! Disney is pricing themselves right out of business …. 150 to 199 a ticket … totally ridiculous …those of us who planned our trips to include several MK days and evenings are getting screwed … I am not happy


      I totally agree with you, we went to California a few years ago during October, and we had to leave around 6:00 or Pay More, I don’t recall if it was sold out or not but when taking our 4 kids we couldn’t afford it. It was a huge disappointment.

    2. Buyer Beware

      Unfortunately, this is a ripoff that has been around for a very long time and isn’t Disney-exclusive. You need to be careful ahead of time what the “park hours” are because parks won’t do the right thing and reduce prices with reduced hours.

  4. Jennifer

    So excited!! We have enjoyed this party for many years and cannot wait to get our tickets!

    1. Debi

      I would love to go but it’s TO EXPENSIVE as a Pasholder we shoukd be allowed 1 free visit anything beyond that we should pay. This should hold true for both Halloween and Christmas Parties.

  5. aflynn

    Remember not too long ago that it was only $75 per person pretty large increase for such a short amount of years

    1. I hate this. We have an upcoming trip to Florida and only had one day for Magic Kingdom and now it will close early. I notice that they are not willing to sell a discounted ticket for these days but they are more than happy to charge another $199 if you want to stay past 7. Why are we forced to pay full price when they are closing 4 hours early?!

  6. Leeann Jacket

    Wow! I feel for the folks at WDW. They have a lot more party days than D.L. Does anyone know if the parade & fireworks are part of regular admission? Or do we have to pay extra for the party?

  7. Mr White

    Suprised they have not replaced with this with Christmas Queer O Sexuals and told us to stop celebrating a Christian festival as it offends SJWS

    1. Truth

      Don’t you have a Klan rally to attend?

  8. Brb

    Go to universal. 125 for half of the park . 125 for the other ……only 1 he bonus time parks close at 7

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