Comments for Man Shocks Disney Guests at Dinner, Publicly Announces Wife Cheated For 15 Years

Cinderella's Royal Table little girl with Cinderella

Credit: Disney


  1. Disneypest13

    I woulda done this the last time I was over pre pandemic with my partner but never knew until we were in the middle of lockdown that my 13 year relationship was a lie 😒

    1. Amando

      How can I forgive you
      Janis A Spring
      Read it and heal yourself
      I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

    2. Kathleen

      Unhappiest Place on Earth?


    No one wants to hear your partner cheats at a Disney dinner. A true dxxk move that impacts others.

    1. Wendy W.

      👍 👍 👍

  3. People should keep family drama at home. I don’t think the whole place was in shock. It was a tacky thing to do.

  4. Jennifer

    And to do this in front of the kids and ruin their Disney trip was especially callous.

    1. Wendy W

      My thoughts EXACTLY. That was a very selfish, immature thing to do especially in front of your young kids. THE KIDS COME FIRST!!

  5. Joe

    “My life is a lie!” – Frank Reynolds

  6. Ghostening

    Being at Disney doesn’t change what a horrid spouse does. Maybe they should have thought about the kids when they were cheating and lieing. Being in a magical place does not change being a worthless and horrible person.

  7. Mallory

    What a selfish thing to do in front of your kids. I don’t care what a spouse did to one another, you leave the kids out of it.

    Shame on her for what she did but shame on him for ruining a memory for his kids and others who witnessed this.

  8. PJT

    So sad the children had to hear this. The long term damage that was done to them. Not to mention the embarrassment they must have felt. Just not a cool move with your kids watching.

    1. Not a sheep

      100% made up story. Never happened.

      1. Bob Frechette

        How do you know?

  9. Lori

    When did Disney change into a gossip rag mag. For shame. Poor form inside magic, poor form.

  10. Not a sheep

    My wife has been a Cast Member for over 26 years, several spent at that restaurant.

    1. Not a sheep

      …this never happened.

  11. Rob

    Would have been hilarious if she stood up and said your a queer on the down low and I needed a real man! Taken the kids and split.

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