Comments for Main Street, U.S.A. Packed With Guests as Summertime Nears

magic kingdom crowds

Credit: Reddit/RNBlue22


  1. Gayle wagstaff

    Just got back from 2 weeks there , absolutely rammed! Queues for main big rides was massive but luckily with had a disabled pass so able to do a few but even the return times on most rides was a good hour wait per ride.
    Evening to see the fireworks was ruined as too many people in crowds and they had taped off large areas saying you couldn’t stand in them . Seems to be focusing more on people paying extra for vip viewing and genie +.
    Food disgusting and overpriced and the queues for food was 45 minutes + as no staff .
    Same as England , got ride of loads because of covid then fail to re employ as many and make due to cut costs !

    1. M

      Is this comment even english? ^^^^

  2. S1

    Go work, get rich!

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