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Machine Gun Kelly Wave Pool

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  1. Stacey

    Disney’s reason was that they did not want to create an unsafe situation if other guests tried to go up to the tea cups to get pics or autographs. Which I could see happen. However it made an uncomfortable situation with them being all alone. I think this was also the case here at the water park. Much more dangerous is someone is pushed underwater. I do think knowing in advance they are coming you could ask guests their feelings on such celebrities and let those with no feelings go with them. I definitely would not care if he was there. I love the Kardashians but am also adult enough to sit on a ride and let them enjoy it while I do the same.

    1. Why should that idiot be mable to close a park down.makes no sense he is no different then anyone else.this should never be allowed.paying guests have to leave because of that idiot that’s wrong

      1. Elliott Halsey


        1. MGK should schedule his time , day ahead of time and let other paying guests know a celebrity has reserved for a certain time. Taylor Swift does this when she goes to the gym I like her style and respect for other people. No person on earth is better than the other.

          1. george

            he’s just an insignificant heroin addict who threw Megan Fox into the hell of drugs – she’s 100% on the needle too, because NO woman is crazy enough to tolerate it sober – even on all appearances on the red carpet at the request of his PR so drugged she doesn’t know she’s there at all – BAG carried her in his arms, offered her everything – he can only offer her drugs – there’s no love here, he’s just exploiting a naive ex mega star

          2. Peter

            Stop, so much hate for a human being you know nothing about. If he is an addict try praying for his sickness. Stop spending so much of your energy into hating someone who could care less about you. SMH, sad humans find joy in attacking others. I hope you find peace in your sadness soon so you can speak positivity instead of hate.

          3. Scotty

            It’s NOT a sickness as you call it.its self inflicted and nothing to do with sickness.

      2. Drew

        Machine gun Kelly literally does suck. He’s a pos and this proves it. Plus his music sucks. He had a couple decent songs when he was a wannabe rapper then tried to be a poppy punker LMFAO, now he’s talking about goin back to rap. He’s a clown. He fell off and he’ll lose whatever fans he has left

        1. Sean

          Hahaha he’s selling more records and winning more awards than ever. His pop punk albums both of them were top if the charts. But yea sure he sucks but he’s more popular now than he’s ever been. Maybe do some homework instead listening to some random tool on tik tok the park and the staff have all come out and said the wave pool was shut down because a kid got cut and shut it down to repair what cut the kid. Look at the video no one is in the pool

          1. george

            he’s popular just because he manipulated Megan Fox into being his sex slave and throwing her into heroin – all of which is his PR’s nefarious plan – to turn MF into a drugged whore dancing gato like he whistles – no one before MF knew him! !!!

          2. Ryan

            Yea it’s so crazy that his career is based off of Eminem killing his rap career and getting young beautiful women strung out. Since when did shooting dope make you cool. Plus he’s a pervert ew.

          3. BayBrat925

            He only getting this treatment because of his connections to the Kardashians. Travis barker is his manager

          4. Peter

            Yes, it did. I work there. There was an issue with a filtration unit that caused an injury. These people on the thread don’t want to hear this, they want drama and to spread hate and negativity. This is so sad. I don’t know much about him but my co-workers that got a chance to interact with him and his group said they were all down to earth, super nice and having a great time. I’m glad he’s winning.

        2. Bo

          Agreed. No talent weird looking a55 clown.

      3. Chris

        Ridiculous, everyone should get refunds and this place should go out of business if this is how they’re going to operate.
        He can rent the place out if he wants after hours, whoever made this call should be fired.

      4. Jenn

        Money talks

      5. Mardy

        What a douchbag

        1. Peter

          To make that comment tells a lot about you as a person. You apparently can’t think for yourself and form strong opinions from hear say. The story isn’t true. I work there. It was an issue with the filtration system that caused an injury. Calling a person that shows your ignorance, maturity level and lack of character. Just going along with what you read or hear without seeking truth and using that reference toward a person because of an article is disgusting.

        2. Mani

          Oh we in grade school now. MGK don’t care what you think about him, he making his music and winning every day.

      6. Sean

        He didn’t though. They closed down the wave pool because a kid got cut. But yea take the word of some random tard on tik tok

        1. DeniseB.

          I call bs. They don’t shut down an ENTIRE attraction because some kid got a boo boo. Unless it was an amputation, the pools are pre-treated for things like piss and minor cut. I have been taking kids to these kinds of attractions for years. Quit being such an obvious P.R. douche. Call it for what is is. Entitled Arseholes.

          1. Peter

            Call it what you want. I work there and it is not true. There was an issue with a filtration system that caused an injury. Funny how you can believe the BS negative story about him but can’t believe the truth. SMH, sad and disgusting, name calling like a kid on a play ground because someone speaks truth. I’m mean your seriously disgusting.

          2. Mani

            Try just for once to think. Even the park released a statment after the tweet blew up clarifying the facts. They said he wouldn’t even use his jump pass and mingled with the people lauging and talking. BS is how gullible you people are. Sucking up anyting negative so you can online attack.

      7. DaJella Foster Forbes II

        He is no different, but his persona is very different, just as with the pope, or the president. I don’t know that he is an idiot, but that has not relevant in any way to your argument.

      8. Tracy

        Very selfish for celebrity to do this.

      9. Ro

        I agree with you!

      10. LBILSON

        These parks should take in consideration their paying guests. Celerities are not any better than anyone else. They should not be treated differently!

      11. your mom

        he’s more famous than you

        1. !!!

          What are you, 12? He is famous for being a punk bish, nothing more.

      12. your mom

        more famous than you

      13. Nai

        Sue him for 10 million dollars for ruining your memories, I would if I was there and the park too for 10 million too

      14. PBJ

        I totally agree
        He is absolutely no different
        Plus if I were a guest believe me you will be giving me my money back.
        Plus a bad reputation

      15. Troy e

        Everyone needs to boycott Carowinds. Let them feel them pain from not making any money

      16. Louis

        I would havecrefused to leave and forced them to make me leave. Then I would file a suit against them for not providing the entertainment I paid for. Just because he thinks he is more important doesn’t give him or Carowinds the right to force everyone out. @machinegunkelly you are just another piece of crap celebrity.

        1. Peter

          The story is not true, I work there and to see the name calling you all are doing to an individual who had nothing to do with the closing of the area is disgusting. There was an issue with a filtration system that caused an injury. Do some research for truth before name calling and grow up, you sound like a kid on a playground.

      17. Joy

        I believe that all of the guests that were forced to leave the attraction be refunded their money. That celebrity makes enough money to build his own wave pool. He doesn’t deserve preferential treatment. Its hot as hell here in the South and we certainly do not need to leave a refreshing aytraction because of wealth and privilege of another person. Disgusting. Shame on Carrowinds.

        1. Peter

          I work there. This story is not true. There was a malfunction in a filtration system that caused an injury. What this writer didn’t report is that the park remained opened for an additional 30 minutes of play because of the inconvenience to the guest. All who met Machine Gun Kelly and his guest said they all were really nice and down to earth. He wouldn’t even let them put him on rides by themselves, insisting that they fill all the seats with guest waiting in line. Stop believing all you read. Fact find and learn the truth.

      18. Mandy

        Absolutely correct! And ‘IT’ probably didn’t even have to pay the admission fee that the “REAL people” had to pay! WRONG no matter what/who/

      19. Scrungus Bungus

        I never understood the whole celebrity/fame standards thing. Like it’s just another person, so what if they’re known by possibly millions of random people, or make movies/shows, or make music? Me personally I don’t find that to be special, sure I may think that some of them are (seemingly) cool, but I’m not going out of my way to praise them for doing what’s essentially just their job choice.

      20. Peter

        I work at the park and the area was shut down due to malfunction in a filtrations system. Learn to think for yourself and stop believing everything you read.

      21. Chris


      22. Wth

        There isn’t one reason to do that, he could be inline like everyone else, just cause he has that name ,uh no

      23. PM

        If they seek celebrity, they alone should bear the consequences of being famous, not be epulsively arrogant to insist that other people “get out of their way.”

      24. Geri

        Agree. Lost respect for the parks. Just because you have money push away thousands of people for one. Wrong Wrong Wrong. I will rethink spending my money at a park that does that during regular operating times. For people who spend hard earned money to come and cannot go to an attraction they want because one person paid them off.

      25. Kathy

        I agree completely

      26. Lisa

        Right I’d be so mad why do they get to do that could you imagine some kids crying cause they have to leave wow I be mad

    2. Some of us could care less about BB gun Kelly. I promise you, I don’t want his friggin autograph. Stay on your own side of the pool, and we’re cool.

      1. Jeannie Harrington

        I agree. ASSSSHHHHOOOOOLLLEEE. What a shame for the kids that were there. Shame on him and Megan. Assshhhhhoooollllleeee.

        1. Michael griffin

          Another privileged idiot getting special treatment

        2. Brian

          I am surprised that everyone is upset by this when we live in a world where we let celebrity run our government politics and foreign affairs. People need to stop worshiping celebrities and go back to worshiping God. These are the same ignorant sheep responsible for the current Administration in the United States which is the worst in the history of our country


            I’m good with.not worshipping either of those things.

          2. nologic

            ‘god’ is a monster

        3. Mani

          Seriously, you people think it’s okay to call people names because you believe everything you read and you’re self righteous. You truly are the, “A-hole,” you so prouldly exclaim, not them and a fool because the story isn’t even true. Your vulgernesss should cause you to be shamed and feel shame but it won’t because your to stupid to feel anything other than rage when it fits you agenda of hate.

      2. Peter

        I’m sure he could care less about you too.

    3. Fred flintstones

      They need to go on a day and buy it out for the hours they want privacy. While not infringe on the public who paid as well. Will Disneyland be willing to pay a class action law suite for discrimination to the poor and underprivileged

      1. Ronnie

        If I spend my money then get forced to leave because of clowns like this, I would sue the theme park. I don’t care who it is, I paid for my damn ticket you’re not that damn special. They have money to shut down a park then build one in your own yard!

        1. Sharon

          100% I felt bad for the children that were there. Such a shame for Disney to close for Kardashian and now this with MGK. Some of us simple folks have to save to take our families on a trip like this and then be told sorry because of a celebrity? Does not say much for these attractions. How belittling for us common folks.

        2. Peter

          Unfortunately you all on this thread can’t think for yourself. The story is so false. I work at the park, the area shut down for a filtration issues. Calm down, breath. Machine Gun Kelly had nothing to do with it.

      2. I agree with you 100%! I felt bad for the children that were there with their parents. Does not say much about him does it?

      3. JCT

        The irony here is this guy is a pro socialist leftists, yet, he behaves as if he was on a totally higher class. Something his political views supposedly dissaprove.

        1. Vin D

          They’re political when it’s convenient for them to be. He’s a cumstain.

          1. RobinRo


      4. Sora

        Thank you. Thank you. If he brought out the day, good for him. If I got suddenly kicked out I wouldn’t be happy.

        1. Joe Momma

          I wouldn’t believe everything posted on Tic Toc. There’s more to this story.

      5. carol

        o think it’s horrible kid became they have money doesn’t mean they can treat people any way they want

        1. Corey Lewis

          It used to be luck if you were in the same establishment as a star. Now its turn into a sour experience. The shame. He’s literally no one compared to all the A list stars I used to wait on casually and they loved getting the same treatment as every one else.

      6. sapphire

        Point right on.
        I agree, they want privacy than buy out the day

      7. DeniseB.

        Agreed. Let them rent out the park on December 1st. He should save enough money for some tacky tattoo removal treatments.

    4. Nathan

      Why can’t he anyone can if u wanna blow that many thousands proba ly more than everyone who was in pool paid for their tickets altogether,atleast he made big contribution to carowinds,Carowinds, understand why everyone’s mad,but anyone with money can not just a celebrity if I had millions and walked in with 50k they would do the same for me or u lol,but if others n there Wanna go up to him it’s it’s big risk he can drowned

      1. Megan

        Well on behalf of Carowinds as I am a wife of a employee Mr Kelly was just like everyone else didn’t make anyone leave just enjoyed the day with fans around with his daughter it was about time with his child and he didn’t force anyone to leave they shut the one wave pool down completely to everyone including Mr Kelly soo there for this bloger, article writer whatever is just stirring up negative stuff.

        1. Thank you. I had a hard time trying to figure out such a thing happening at a Cedar Fair park. It just doesn’t. Even Wu Tang had to stand hours in line for Magnum when I was a kid.

        2. Don

          He should a rented the park for the day for “her” then. She no more special than my daughter…RIGHT?

        3. Rob

          This asshat needs to be taken down a peg or two. He should know that some people truly don’t care about him or his family.

      2. MGK

        You’re an illiterate idiot. Just like him

      3. Cassie

        Omg. I got a headache trying to read this.

    5. Ted

      Such things should be scheduled way in advance. Many people save up andake a Disney world vacation a infrequent and cherished event. I personally don’t feel they should be given that level of seclusion. Better they offer after hours private entrance for celebrities vs inconveniencing thousands of people,ost of whom could care less about the particular celebrity.

      1. John Q


    6. Deja

      This is Carrowinds in North Carolina

      1. Steve

        Uhm, how interesting that you’ve taken it upon yourself to speak for a corporation that you don’t work at, nor were you there since you claim to be repeating what your spouse claimed. I just watched the video he posted, and one can clearly see that the celebrity douche is taking up entire wave pool. He’s got 2 sheriff’s with him blocking off his section, while everyone else is not allowed in. One can see there are private cabanas available so if he needed “private time” with his family, then he should have been in a cabana, not encroaching on every other person who also paid admission to have private family fun together. This is nothing but entitlement, and if he wants private time he should build his own wave pool.

        1. Caryn Davisz

          Absolutely I agree

    7. Caryn Davisz

      Stay the Fu!@ home! You are not that big of a deal.

    8. John Czernics

      How ca this be fair to the other guests? He should have been asked to leave

    9. Peggy

      Slavery ended.
      Everyone bought tickets. Don’t send everyone running just because someone iI want this to myself! Please Tell me did he gave everyone back there money , Hands their hands and let them come back in a few hours. They were humans like him having fun all with their own important stories.
      I hope we are missing part of this story…

    10. David

      Bottom Line.. If they can rent an attraction for themselves. More power to them. But if I have my ticket in hand? Go wait in line like I did.

    11. John

      Wow, I went to WDW a couple weeks ago. They would shut the park down early after you were in because someone paid enough money and you got your ticket like everyone else. You didn’t know until the last minute, but hear this happens a lot now. Disney is so sad now, you don’t have the big bucks, get out just like Walt wanted, sigh

    12. Ben Diggin

      Me and my family of 4 were at the pool have time of our lives..and heard we had to vacate..On vacation from San antonio…so as a family we were upset..and when your upset you do foolish we peed to gether…so to mgk…take that sir.

    13. Nick

      I would have liked to have seen him make me leave the park especially by being a paying customer. That’s when everyone should have “banned” together, and I assure you that he would have been the one walking out. I have worked on many productions with many celebrities, and never asked for one autograph or one photo. This is why. Many celebrities feel superior, and it’s time the world woke up and started treating them just like they should the next person only with dignity and respect and stop idolizing!!! That’s what encourages them to do things such as this. . .

    14. Deonca

      Really? Again? People should just stop supporting establishments that allow celebrities to do this.😔

    15. The regular paying customer are there bread and butter and they close down for one guy who knows what it’s like to work hard and then pay for something and then they shut leave without paying them back or giving them free passes because that’s on them and MGK is an As*hole if he did this thinking he’s better because he has money to do it. Changes my mind about him because these are the people that pay him also he needs fan’s to stay relevant!!!!

    16. Dizzle

      I would have pooped in the pool.

    17. I hope she gets ruined

    18. Russ

      Selfish individual and his party! It is the regular guests who pay to go to the various theme parks and keep them in business, not the one time entitled celebrities!!!!

  2. Rosemaree

    I don’t see the problem with them closing the wave pool! Famous people need a break too & it’s not his fault that people won’t leave him alone and/or will put him in danger. The guy ranting on Tik Tock is a perfect example of this!!! Many of us in North Carolina love MGK & are thankful for his N.C. shows. I just hope he knows that not all people in NC are A Holes!!!

    1. Not a fan

      Then he should rent the park and not displace paying customers as paying customers need a break too.

      1. Kim

        I totally agree. The other people paid for their time at the park. In some instances, even if the park reimbursed them for the inconvenience, their day was ruined. That’s hard to explain to a young child. I would t know who this guy was if he was standing next to me, nor would I care.

        1. Mike

          Machine Gun Kelly……how could you do this to people?
          Disrespectful and uncalled for.
          If I would of been there, you would of definitely be leaving that park not the paying customers who can hardly afford to go.
          Go back to drinking cum and blood you loser!

          1. Sharon

            Lol you got that right

          2. John Czernics

            I agree wit yuo

        2. Sarah

          If people didn’t act like weird psychos over celebrities and just treated them like normal people, the water park would have remained open… nobody likes to be harassed and even if you don’t like MGK, he’s incredibly famous right now so people would have been all up in his business… not his fault. Although the park should have reimbursed others for their money

      2. Desiree

        I agree with you he has the ability to rent out the whole park you should have just rented out the whole damn park instead of displacing people that actually bought tickets and I’m not a fan and never have been this is why I do not like machine gun Kelly

      3. E Poll

        If the pool capacity is 200 max, then as long as a “celebrity” pays the equivalent of 200 admissions, I have no problem shutting down for any one person. But if one person takes away access that other paying families PAID FOR then that is completely wrong!

      4. That’s NOT RIGHT, doesn’t matter if he’s a rich celebrity, and he has NO GUILTY CONSCIENCE to totally destroy and take away all those kids fun pool day at the park. He can afford to build his own wave pool or rent it out for a day in advance for himself and his guest. Some of those kids may never get to go again and he’s destroyed thier day forever. It’s not right. So where’s his fan appreciation???

        1. Brian

          If i went with my family and paid all that money. The cops are going to have to get me out. Because im not leaving the pool. Im getting my money worth.

          1. John Czernics

            You should sue the patk

      5. Donna

        No celebrity should be allowed to do this anytime or anywhere unless it is done in advance and the park has already posted that they will be closed that day. What that celebrity did was totally uncalled for! He was a BULLY! He just BULLIED every child and parent and person at Carowinds that day! So Very Wrong!!!

      6. David

        SPOT ON…..👍😉👍

    2. Terry Yaki

      NC people love pork skins and neeses sausage. Go watch the new season of Barry.

      1. Jennifer

        I don’t even know who this guy is. Biu I sure know who Eminem is!

    3. Fred flintstones

      I see a problem, maybe you don’t care that your son or daughter is having the time of his life and it was just stripped away because someone is more popular than you and rich. All those kids have the same rights to play

    4. Lissa

      I have family there and they aren’t fans of his at all. You pity him so I guess you don’t understand that regular people need a break too. Did you even think that there may have been families there that this was their ONLY opportunity to have a family day out and saved up to do something together? Obviously you are starstruck and think stars are entitled to anything they want.

    5. billnyenotascienceguy

      Oh Look! It’s MGK social media fan club checking the comments. Anyone who thinks this is ok must also be an entitled idiot. Hats off to that guy for exposing the park and the no talent singer.

    6. Sharon

      I agree with you Steve 100%.

    7. ClevelandTil'IDie

      Exactly- like him or not people don’t know how to just leave celebrities alone. I know a lot of you are saying you’d leave him be because he sucks or whatever, but we all know there’d be idiots harassing him for good and bad reasons. It would have an affect on everyone’s time there as well. He has the money and can afford to do it. He’s obviously liked by enough people and works to make that kinda money so who cares!

    8. Rosemarie are kidding me they work hard all week make minimum wage I think MGk can make other arrangements until the people are done he isn’t better then anyone else that’s for damn sure!!!!!

  3. 3Paw

    Most people wouldn’t have even known he is a “celebrity”.

    1. Billy

      Second that

      1. Ivy

        Totally agree! Mo wonder some act the way they do. My mom always said they put their pants on the same way do!

      2. Rightis right

        I have no idea what kind of musician he is. If I saw him I’d probably go to the other side of the pool lol. The right thing for the park to do was tell him to come back and rent out the pool for however long he planned on being there.

    2. Tim C

      Tru dat

      1. Matt

        He did what all other celebrities do. The problem here is it is MGK who is the hottest most controversial artist out right now. Like him or hate him he did what other celebrities do. And this is coming from someone who has worked with higher profile celebrities than MGk

        1. a42nut1inct

          He’s actually not. His fame right now is mainly “the guy who is engaged to Megan Fox” Otherwise he would be getting no attn even though he recently put out another crappy album.

        2. StevenS

          He’s definitely NOT the “hottest act out now”. He’s had some modest success at music, and is just desperately trying to cultivate a “Rockstar” personality. I’d give it a few more years and no one will remember his name.

    3. Diane

      100% agree

    4. Donna J Gregorski

      I just hope there wasn’t special needs or artistic children at the park we all should know they don’t like sudden change even normal children enjoying no I don’t think any park should be shut down on such short notice let these celebrities with extra money in their pockets reserve a day in advance all children are equal in enjoying any park it doesn’t have to be DisneyI

  4. Brandie K.

    He needs to get a life & stick his attitude up his ass. The world ain’t his oyster or is he mine

  5. Dar

    I wouldnt of SHUT it down for ANYONE. Unless it was medically warrented

    1. Kara

      They should have put closed for day on website instead of making all paying customers leave after they were enjoying it. They also should reimburse everyone that paid for a day ticket.

  6. Lillian baker

    This is NOT the case and this article is completely FALSE. A kid cut his toe on a drain, and staff had to go in and make a quick repair to the draun. The pool.was closed maybe 15 minutes tops. Many people commented about it on the carowinds annual passholder group on facebook.

    1. Bonnie

      You are correct, we where in the cabanas right across from him. We watched them fix the cap in the pool and let everyone come back in. We was there until closing .

    2. Ivy

      Are you serious, what the hell is wrong with people? Thanks for the info!

    3. a42nut1inct

      From what i’ve read everywhere, that is not the case. He did in fact shut it down. It’s his fans that claim they were there and saw it. Anyone saying it wasn’t the case are most likely the park & his small fanbase to cover MGK’s azz

  7. Shelby

    The park has two wave pools, and one was shut down temporarily because of a broke valve and bleeding child in it. It had nothing to do with MGK. Y’all should delete this and stop spreading false information and causing people to attack both a human being and a business because of it.

  8. Make Way for the King

    Clear the way, commoners. The upper class is coming through. Oh, you paid money to be here? How humorous. Now shoo.

    1. Go back home and take a pacifier!!! Wahhhh!!!!!

      1. Karen

        Thats ridiculous ! Who is Machine Gun Kelly ?

        I hope the other guests got their money back.

        1. Terry Yaki

          He is a famous gun store owner.

  9. JoJo

    He seemed to be very chill and sweet! We were told 2 different stories. Sucked to leave but we will go back another time.

  10. Tom

    I was at Carowinds while he was there. That never happened. I’m not a fan of his, but I will say He actually waited in the line for the water slides. Nothing was shut down. He politely declined photos but he had that right. The teens were super excited he was there.

    1. Ivy

      I don’t understand why people would post false info. Thank you for the truth, and I am glad that fun was had by all.

  11. The guy ranting here on Tik Tok is being a foul-mouthed jerk!!! He can’t get it through his thick skull, that Machine Gun Kelly is a celebrity, and has just as much right as anyone else to enjoy a day at a theme park in peace and safety. Because of their high profile, celebrities often NEED to have their privacy, so they aren’t hounded by their fans and possibly harmed by others who don’t like them. This JERK on Tik Tok, is a perfect example of why this necessary!!!

    1. Terry Yaki

      But why Carowinds? That place is for people with moderate to low self esteem.

      1. Wil

        As a coaster enthusiast, I can think of at least a few good reasons. Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike immediately come to mind.

  12. Catherine H Blaylock

    You really need to make sure you check into all your stories much more closely. This was all over the Carowinds Annual Passholder page and, as stated by another commenter, this was due to a safety concern with the pool drain. The wave pool would have been shut down for a small period of time whether MKG was there or not and from what I heard and saw on that page he was incredibly nice to everyone!

    1. Sharon

      Omg tearing this guy apart because of false info. I commented on the false info myself. I wish before people get to rant and rave on someone they would get the truth first.

  13. Ashley

    My comment is that I don’t think that just because they are celebrities they can do what they want when they want and everyone else has to suffer. They are humans like we all are just because they are famous doesn’t make them anymore different of a human being and doesn’t mean they should get their way and abuse the fact that they are famous.

  14. Che

    If they want the pool or park to themselves then pay for the park after hours you shouldn’t get special treatment because you have money these people paid to be there just like him

  15. Patches

    They didn’t close it for him, someone cut their foot and a drain had to be worked on.

  16. Mike

    Screw that punk !

  17. DJ

    To Hell with this Black Bastard

    1. Ivy

      DJ, apparently you didn’t read the other posts that said it WAS NOT shut down because of him, but that of a child bleeding. So sorry you are mean name calling was uncalled for especially that he didn’t do any wrong! I pray you find more LOVE in your life than hatred.

    2. Jina

      Well. He’s white sooooooo

  18. Patrick

    Other reports say the wave pool was closed because someone cut their foot while in the pool.

    The Tik Toker that took the video is morally bankrupt.

  19. Louise

    I was there on Monday. They didn’t shut it down for him. As you can see he wasn’t even in the pool. They shut it down to fix a drain on the bottom quick. So the pool was shut down to fix a safety issue. I’m ok with that. This TikTok guy needs to chill.

  20. Mike

    Who is this guy?

    1. george

      heroin djanky

  21. Nick

    Hit me up for sex 330-283-9956

    1. Terry Yaki

      It went to a Denny’s voicemail! How rude.

  22. Ivy

    Until your the one there and have to leave! I say bull.

  23. Zack

    Wow, as a season pass holder 4 out of the the last 6 years, this will be my last. I’m disappointed.

  24. Tracy

    This is not true. I live in Charlotte and was there that day. They closed the wave pool because there was a broken grate at the bottom of the pool and a kid cut his foot on it. The pool was closed for all of 15 minutes so it could be repaired. MGK just happened to be walking back fr the slides at the same time.

  25. That Dude sucks anyways no musical talent at all.,…
    How do these people think that they have the right to shut down the whole area so that junkyard DOG can have it all to himself is a Joke.
    And to ca it all off he not EVEN THAT FAMOUS 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Bilbo Baggins

    He asked that no one swim near him,Do aodk why Carowinds shut down the pool for him. It was so busy. And also they comped him a cabana. He ordered a ton of food and left Us no tip!

  27. Rhonda Baker

    Ridiculous!!! People paid to use the park! Their money and time should be respected! If he wanted the park to himself he should’ve paid to reserve the whole park ahead of time so people wouldn’t have paid to use it and get restricted to what they could do. I don’t care how famous you are!

    1. Terry Yaki

      Pipe down if you don’t have an annual pass. We are an exclusive group of individuals and will have none of your foolishness.

  28. Nancy G

    Appalling!!! Those guest paid to be there and had EVERY right to be in that attraction. Talk about entitled… celebrities are JUST people and have no right to special treatment. If they don’t want to be around the public, stay the heck at home.

  29. Kelly

    Someone should have crapped in the swimming pool so they had to shut it down and he couldn’t swim. At the very least everyone should have peed on the way out

  30. Sarah

    This is inaccurate. They were escorted to their private cabana at the same time that the pool was closed down for a repair. Another patron had gotten injured by a broken part of the pool so they closed it down.

  31. Patrick

    I feel sorry for the people that bought a ticket to enjoy their day at the park and have one person to spoil that which is totally stupid that sucks

  32. My

    Entitled putz.

  33. Entitled putz.

  34. Andrea Early

    So, what if spent airfare, hotel, tickets are they gone to reimburse you for your lost. That would be a brech of contract.

  35. Nicole W

    Its too bad that happened especially when there are families on vacation there.

  36. Sheree

    People need to quit hero worshipping these idiots. I personally will never take my family to Disney or Carowinds down. Let the privileged keep them afloat.


    I hope Travis cleans up behind himself . They have their own pool. Disney World and Disneyland is about to be over.

  38. Nestor

    It is their business but I really don’t want to support a business that would do such a thing.

  39. Rteker

    If a “celebrity” tried to kick me out of the pool, especially on a hot day, I’d tell him/her to F off as I don’t care who they are. They want me to leave then they gotta pay me at least $100 to leave otherwise screw them and if they tried to get security to kick me out then I’d sue the park cause I’ll make sure that I am recording everything

    1. Ryan

      At least $300 per person because the cost of fuel, transportation,and meals. Plus a free ticket valid for an entire year.

  40. Axle Mayhem

    Where are those idiots with that AK47 rigged to shoot automatic when you need them? They killed innocent people in that pool and here is a perfectly acceptable Deserving target and they are nowhere around. Geez 🤦🏻‍♂️

  41. Big jake

    What do you expect from a gangster black rapper. And they wonder why people react the way they do. He can shove it up his backside.

    1. Axle Mayhem

      Clearly you dont know who you are talking about…. hes whiter than i am

  42. Didn’t t know God came down to the park, what a disgrace ,

  43. Anita

    No one should have the right to throw money around and step all over the rest of society. Enough is enough. PEOPLE, FILE A LAWSUIT, DEMAND YOUR EQUAL RIGHTS!!! THIS IS DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE ALSO ENTITLED BY TICKET Purchase TO ENJOY THE SAME ACTIVITY . THESE GRUBY, SELF-CENTER RICHY RICHES NEED TO Build THEIR Own PLACES AND LEAVE THE REST OF US TO ENJOY WHAT WE USED OUR Hard EARNED MONEY TO ENJOY. We need to demand that these theme parks credit/compensate us for what they close, block, reserve, or restrict from our visits

  44. First of all his music is trash. If people would just not go to his concert then mayb he would appreciate the common folk.

  45. Loryne

    Self entitled people! So sick of this kind of crap! They all think they are better than anyone else! No class!! No anything!

  46. Carl

    Amazing! That they would close the entire park for the thug no talent rapper Machine gun Kelly. I hope they lose a lot of business for making suck a stupid decision.

  47. Stacy

    That’s a bad move on machine Kelly or whatever his name is..these people are paying customers and I would be mad if that happened to me. If he wanted to have it to himself then he could’ve opened it when it was closed to the public.

  48. Jeremy

    Why do we put up with this crap from celebs? They knew the cost of becoming a celeb not to mention they have the funds to build their own pool or rollercoaster. Everyone should of banded together and refused to leave.

  49. Ktina L Mccown

    Man that’s a punk move for him you know what think of all those kids that probably begged your parents to go there just to get forced to leave if he wanted to go there why didn’t he just rent it for the day and they could just close the whole thing down instead of that is just so petty he just thinks he’s better than everybody else that’s just beyond ridiculous he literally could have just rented it but I guess when you got money it is what it is

  50. Chaos Cloud

    Why should celebrities be able to do this crap, it’s so stupid, if they’re going to go to a water park why should they have majority of it to themselves, it just goes to show that these type of celebrities are stuck up asssshoopolllees. Just build your own water park with the millions of dollars you make, don’t screw all of us out of having fun 😒😒😒

  51. Dustin

    It’s probably a maintenance issue. Trust me if he was in the pool there would be videos but there isn’t….just another Kevin raging out

  52. Piss on that idiotic lunatic make me leave

  53. Lori

    That was wrong on so many levels. First those people that were forced to leave have taken months or years to afford a nice vacation. That is discrimination against the working class people.
    2nd He has tons of money and in a whim decides to go somewhere because he can. He Disney should have not allowed this. If he wants to go to a public place than he should deal with it. He has plenty of money and could have rented out the park to have it all to himself and whom ever he wanted to bring. Same on Disney for spitting on your customers.

    1. Lori

      Sorry, oops its not Disney but carrowinds. Any same feeling.

  54. S

    THAT’S BULLSH**¡!!!!
    If you paid to be there, you have every right to all attractions. Then you have to leave an attraction because some celebrity wants their alone time. Shoot, we all would want that at a crowded theme park!!! SuCK IT UP! We have to!!

  55. John

    Simple answer don’t give these companies your money let the rich keep them open see how long they stay in business.

  56. H

    Why did you exit the pool then? I would refuse and explain how I paid for a ticket like everyone else. You’ll have to escort me out if you think I’m leaving.

  57. Tiffany

    I think it’s terrible! The guests paid to get in and have just as much right as anyone else regardless their popularity. Slap in the face to everyone else the park deemed not as worthy.

  58. Samantha

    I understand not wanting to have havoc and chaos. But you should not have anybody kicked out. He can make an appointment for a different day. Being a celebrity does not mean you have more privilege than anyone else going to Disney

  59. TM

    I would have peed in it right in front of him

  60. Thomas pots

    No way either of these. Things should happen. If they want the park so bad have them come after hours. Especially if people are already there, and you kick them out. Rich shouldnt have those privedges, shows how the the kaddashian are the worst examples of everything that is wrong. If your rich do anything you want.

  61. I peed

    I’m old and I drink. I was at the pool that day. I peed in it. He swam in my pee whoever he is.

  62. Max

    THIS DIDNT HAPPEN!!!!! Go to the Carowinds season pass holders groups on fb. He did nothing but enjoy the day. Took many pictures with people. Rode rides with strangers, the whole nine!

  63. Byron

    I wouldn’t have gotten out. Movie people and singer get away with to much. I have had a couple friends and they wanted to be like ever body else. The owners should be embarrassed.

  64. Spoonman

    If this happened to me at six flags you best believe I’m asking for a refund of my season passes.

  65. Becky Camp

    Honestly, I think what he did was ugly and being a jerk. He should have reserved a nite. Those folks already there paid to be there and he had no rite to have them leave the pool. He should have been expelled.

  66. Cyn

    I would have been pissed! Paying money to go to a place and some fool whos a celebrity wants privilege!!! Why?! What makes them anymore special than the customer paying?? Oh wait not a damn thing! Celebrities are no better than anyone else especially when a customer pays to attend a place!!

  67. JC

    Machine gun Kelly ,a celebrity?
    U r joking , right?
    He’s disgusting.

  68. John

    I not sure you realize that these “guests” pay for the exclusive use of the attraction for and hour or whatever time they agree on. Anyone who can afford it can rent a ride or attraction or the entire park for an hour at a time. It’s business.

  69. Dave

    His POS is a talentless pile of garbage, dating a BAPFW!

  70. Jerry

    A theme of any kind should not shut down entire park or certain areas just cause some celebrity wants their privacy and not to have any wait time on attractions. They are no different or more special than the other guest that work and work to spend their hard earned money and enjoy a family vacation at your theme park. Celebrities should be treated with the same respect as the others and be told politely we can’t close the park or certain areas to satisfy them because it’s not fair to the other guest who paid to come there. If truth be know most celebrities that attend these parks most likely don’t pay to get in anyway.

  71. Terrence

    Y’all a simple google search shows this is “100% incorrect”

    Not even an MGK fan, but some of y’all will just believe anything you read without a single thought about it. facebook mentality 💀

  72. Matthew Thomas

    MGK is White.

  73. Benjamin C Salley

    Suck at life much? Who the hell are you to shut down any establishment for your own benefit? Eminem owns your ass! What if a family that could barely afford a vacation was there? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  74. Benjamin C Salley

    At the end of the day….its kind of fitting. You are always the sloppy seconds. 90210 didnt want your gal. The black community thinks you are garbage.White people think you can’t rap, and that speaks volumes. I sincerely hope you take a little time out of your privileged ass life to apologize.

  75. Steve

    What a true piece of human trash, but oh wait he’s as badass because he’s got tattoos from head to toe! Disgrace to the word man honestly!! What a guy for the young to look up too!! Totally a embarrassment to a real man!! Puke!!

  76. Rooftop Voter


  77. Stan

    Maybe if we stopped elevating celebs to godlike status and allowing them to do as they please just because they’re famous, this crap wouldn’t be such an issue. They’re no better than anyone else out with their families, and should not be catered to at the expense of everyone else that happens to be around them. But until people stop acting as if celebs are gods among mere mortals, this is what happens. People put too much energy into worshipping and ass kissing celebs and pretending like they’re your personal bestie and are more super duper special than everyone else, then wonder why celebs can waltz in do whatever they want regardless of how it effects anyone else. Stan culture has given celebs much more room to act like they’re entitled to special treatment wherever they go. And we have to see it in every other article because God forbid a Kardashian’s outfit change isn’t treated like some sort of news and MGK and Megs have sex without it being written about by every half assed “journalist” around.

  78. Cher

    Tell the Kardashians to build you one. They have enough money. Rude and not right in these days of everyone just trying to make our kids happy.

  79. Brenda

    Celebrities are no better than anyone else. If I was a ticket holder on the day in question, I would ask for a full refund. Otherwise, Looks loke a great class action for some ambitious lawyer!!!

  80. Jonay

    I mean it sucks but that’s business. I believe that they should be offered refunds on their way out especially since some people don’t ride roller coasters and go only for the water park. I also believe that there should be a rule that requires advance notice so the park can warn customers before hand even though I’m sure they’d cave if more money was thrown at them. Sadly though that’s business. Every major place I know of can be bought out because they only care about money. It’s surprisingly the little places who started their business to see people enjoying their service that usually refuse regardless of the amount. That park that works for money got his and y’all money that day so why not? I’d say go online, read the fine print of the ticket, and if it doesn’t specifically say anything about surprise shut downs due to someone randomly buying out the park then get your refund.
    On the flip side I also see this as a safety measure. Not everyone, including me, know who they are or don’t really care but that’s rare. If fans weren’t always seen or known to trample each other and act like fools to get close to or interact with another human being just because they’re well known then this wouldn’t be necessary. Add that but plus water, someone is bound to drown. Also the fans who refuse to let them live a normalish life and every 5 second someone is asking for a autograph or picture and now their day feels like work instead of relaxing. Again i say it sucks but its business.

  81. Jefe

    Tuff call. If I was a celebrity I wouldn’t want to go there when nobody’s there wouldn’t be as much fun. At what like 6:00 a.m. for 2 hours? Or 9:00 at night. But it’s too dangerous when people are crazy. The first thing that pops in my mind is that guy who ran up on an orange n***** at the basketball court and jumped and kicked him in the back. If you have bodyguards an incident can happen where there’s some pushing and shoving or a fight or something. I don’t know it’s a tough call. Especially if you have kids you don’t want to deny them life’s experiences.

    1. Jefe

      It’s supposed to say Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  82. Julia Augenstein

    Who is Machine Gun Kelly?


    They should be treated as us regular folks..
    Seriously if he was any kind of person he would not have wanted this to happen..I feel for the people who had to save for months to take their children here for summer vacay…the rich and famous are no better than the next person and should not be given special treatment…

  84. Ridiculous. I understand celebrities want to have fun too, but regular people & their families want to have fun too. They should’ve gave people another pass for another day. Sorry celebrities shouldn’t be treated special & and normal people get told to get out of the park cuz of a celebrity.

  85. Tina Dohallow

    Maybe y’all should Google things like this. I did and neither party was in the wrong. Or you could just believe a Tiktok video. Your choice shows your intelligence level.

  86. Disgusting – people pay to visit the parks and should not be set aside for the rich n famous. I know the park does it for safety – as a mob of fans would disrupt everything. They can a food to build their own wave, or buy the park for the day.

  87. Ron Blodgett

    Cease spending your money at parks which deny you the use of the attractions for which you paid admission. Boycott. That is the only way that these park managers will see how wrong they are.

  88. Me

    I think we need to stop acting like celebrity are royals and allowing this bs! They need to be treated just like everyone else when they go to places or stay the hell inside their houses. Most of these damn celebrities have enough money to buy their own damn water park if they have issues with going out with regular people. We really need to stop holding celebrities to such high standards. I would not have left any of these areas that I paid my own hard earned money to go to. Then again I also wouldn’t have gave a hoot as to who else was swimming there. I’m not one of those stupid star struck people. America is so messed up it’s not even funny!

  89. Sara

    They shut it down for a different reason. Six Flags Great America didn’t shut down for BTS, this place is not going to shut down for MGK.

  90. Melissa

    The pool was closed before he got there because a child cut his foot on an broken, open drain. He just happened to be there that day, so people created drama. He had security everywhere he walked and it wasn’t a big deal.

  91. financial advisor

    My vote is for 50% refunds for all guests, but from MGK’s pocket.

  92. Brenda

    Shame on the park for allowing this to happen. He could rent the entire park for the day and no problem, but for management to do this is beyond any good business sense.

  93. Me

    You should never snub the families and children. I think you should be forced to close if that’s how you treat the people who make you. If you want famous people which means nothing then advertise celebrities only. So sad. I would never come to your park nor would I recommend you. I recommend that people don’t come to your park which is sad.

  94. Me

    I would not have left the pool! I don’t care how much money he paid to rent the pool. Carowinds would have had to drag me out of the pool, too hot out for that nonsense.

  95. Dan

    I would never leave a place for someone and his whore

  96. Tyler Christy

    He should not of allowed himself. That just shows how selfish he is. Some families can only afford to take their kids once a summer to a place like this he possibly ruined a kid’s vacation because he is a spoiled little b*tch

  97. Shiela

    I think if they got enough money to shut down the park my people are playing they should build their own park for Superstars

  98. george

    he’s just an insignificant heroin addict who threw Megan Fox into the hell of drugs – she’s 100% on the needle too, because NO woman is crazy enough to tolerate it sober – even on all appearances on the red carpet at the request of his PR so drugged she doesn’t know she’s there at all – BAG carried her in his arms, offered her everything – he can only offer her drugs – there’s no love here, he’s just exploiting a naive ex mega star

    1. stan_stanner

      Awww you got a stan crush on her! adorable

  99. Andy

    Have no problem with this whatsoever. He’s a multimillionaire and can spend his money as he wishes. He didn’t “force” anyone to shutdown anything as the hack author of this article says. He’s simply renting something that is rentable. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the water park for allowing the wave pool to be rented out in the first place.

    He has the money to rent the place out, so he did. Who cares. Everyone in these comments just upset cause they can’t afford to do it themselves, but would do it if they could.

    1. Nolan

      I would not and I’m part of everyone. I try to be more considerate of other people rather than flexing my muscle. But you are correct the business is more to blame here.

    2. Nick

      Exactly my point. Also, who tf would willingly share the same cesspool with 200 other people. Literally everyone I know says that if they were rich they’d rent out places like this as well. Y’all are acting like your all morally upright people, but you’d do the same if you actually had money.

  100. Mary hayden

    i wouldnt have left he would have a fight on his hands with me

    1. potilic

      Good deal! Use violence, always works… Jan 6 good example.

  101. Ro

    I think it’s a lot of bs for both him and the kardasian’s. Who do they think they are?? There are hardworking, paying customers probably with kids at these parks who should be able to enjoy what they paid for. It’s a terrible precedent for future “stars”. No way should this have happened.

  102. Lea

    I think that’s ridiculous. People throwing Thier money around. They’re fortunate enough to have it but that doesn’t mean they have the right to push everyone aside when they want something. Business’s fault for giving into their demands. I wouldn’t

  103. Cheryl

    I would never go to that park again. Plus I’d demand my money back.

  104. Darren

    I think that’s ridiculous just because they are stars doesn’t mean they can ruin other people’s vacations. I would care less who you are I wouldn’t give these stars any satisfaction and o up t them if they wan to be aone they should have to wait till it closes like Elvis did.

  105. Joe

    First of who the hell is Machine Gun Kelly? If I was there and paid I wouldn’t have left

  106. Jake Bluz

    Talk about privileged!

  107. Nolan

    Just another example of what is wrong with the USA. We cater to the rich and famous and treat them like kings and queens because they have money. They are just people like you and me and should not get preferential treatment. He should have had to pay to rent out the whole place and refund all the patrons money back. Rich people can really suck sometimes!

  108. Terri

    You would be giving me all my money back and free entrance for life. These people are no better than the rest of us. If they think they are all that special they can build their own park.

  109. Renee

    If he wouldn’t have made a fuss how many people would’ve actually recognized him? Honestly? He’s a boring looking tattooed white guy 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ he could’ve probably gone unnoticed.

  110. Rosie Williams

    Loved, loved, loved @vwavloggerswithattitudes! Can’t stand this privileged society. Our fault though for engaging them.

  111. Patricia K Morgan

    He should refund the money to the displaced guests.

  112. Bo

    Who would want that idiot’s autograph???? Paying customers have the right to use it.

  113. T Holland

    Well, he does suck.

  114. Nate

    Celebrity or not!! Ain’t no one making me leave especially when I paid for it. I have no respect for him!!!

  115. Dr.Rob

    He should have had to refund everyone ticket. The special treatment that theses celebrities get is sicking.

  116. I think it’s wrong for a celebrity to shut down a pool just so he can go in. If I was a paying guest, I would be really pissed, he has his own pool , why does he have to ruin everyone else’s vacation, very selfish of him and his crew

  117. Bs

    Ridiculous. If they are willing to pay every man/woman/child/? What evicted ones think it’s worth ,otherwise they can kiss my ass.

  118. We

    Why do we treat celebrities like gods? It’s quite pathetic that we allow and enable this in our country. They are just people. Also, they chose to be a celebrity…so everyday citizens shouldn’t be expected to provide them with special treatment…hire body guards or deal with the same environment that everyone else does.

  119. Charles

    What a total effin tool!

  120. Jane

    I bought a seasons pass every year for my kids and if we had to leave because of some dirtbag self important celebrity I would be pissed. And most of the people that go there have made it a vacation destination for their kids at a great expense. The kids should have been considered first. Carowinds should have known better.

  121. morespit

    Amazing all this rage about the water park closed with no facts from both sides yet, that ex-pres forced people out of parks with tear gas and out of a church….

  122. Corrie

    These “celebrities” are the most entitled, obnoxious rich snobs who should never get away with doing that kind of crap! I mean are you kidding…you chose to go to a PUBLIC theme park but you expect the public and their poor kids that are there having a blast, to stop everything and make way for you to swim privately???? Get off you high horses and get over yourself, don’t go to public places then! You have your mansions and vacation homes if you want privacy! What a bunch of ignorant selfish people you are – would you let that happen to your kids???? I cannot stand people like this! The parks shouldn’t allow it either. All those people pay good money that they probably cant afford just so their kids can have that experience and a great time! Who are you to take that away??

  123. Wally

    To each his own. More power to him. He nailed Megan 🤣

  124. Mike

    H makes enough money for his own wave pool, shame folks were removed.

  125. Thomas the tank engine

    Tiny nerf gun Karen is a trash human being, a trash artist and should not have been given any kind of special treatment. He is human like everyone else. He ain’t nothing without his money. Take that away and what is he? A failed rapper and a pathetic “rock” star.

  126. Lucas Ponce

    So, to hell with the folks that paid to enter this place and have a good time? What a douche bag.

  127. Nick

    I don’t see why everyone’s mad. MGK obviously didn’t want to have to share the same cesspool with 200 other people. If I was him I’d have done the same, maybe I would’ve scheduled ahead of time, but I still would have bought it out. Y’all are just mad bc you can’t afford to do the same.

    1. Ron real job

      You accept this type of behavior. That’s the problem with America today

    2. Tim

      Yes, Nick, you got that right. Anything you touch would be a cesspool. You’re a walking cesspool.

  128. Ron real job

    I wouldn’t know him from Adam. Shame on America for disrespecting the real folks who make America work. Everyone should have walked out

  129. I would sue carowinds for breach of contract for closing down the Waterpark knowing that this idiot was coming Typical cedar fair they screw you one way or another.

  130. Michael

    He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. He should not have the power to make paying customers leave. Not trying to dog the guy but he’s nobody special.

  131. Mark Hall

    He’s a weak wigger with alot of money,Machine gun kelly my ass,and she’s a whore,in real world he wouldn’t make it a day hope ppl got there money back,or security better be deep!

  132. Rita

    The last I knew they put their pants in the same way the rest of us do. How many kids did they ruin their trip. Seriously people like them need to get over themselves.

  133. Rogelio

    Wow why should they get the power to close down a theme park their just normal people like anyone else

  134. susan

    These stars thINK they’re better than anyone and throw $ around to get what they want. It’s sad and ignorant but consider the sources. SMH

  135. Durzo

    Douche bag…she’s not even a real rapper. Smh

  136. Em

    MGK.. Surely you have better things to do than defend yourself on some comment section. Don’t you??

  137. Jake

    Connor McGregor was going to beat his ass on that awards night and he looked pretty scared. He takes the name machine gun Kelly yet he’s not a gangster nor does he know how to shoot a real machine gun. His music sucks

  138. Jazynstintraesty

    I remember bartending in Minneapolis for several years during the late 80’s-early 90’s. Prince would came in about once a month, without any advance notice or hoopla. Sure, he had two very serious looking and massively strong “friends” with him, however no accommodations were asked of us by Prince or his entourage, and none were offered.

    Other than a few gobsmacked jaw-droppers or an occasional gawker trail passing the corner he’d sit in, he was left alone to enjoy the night with his friends.

  139. SkepticalOne

    Nobody “forced” the theme parks to close for celebs! The almighty dollar speaks loudly, and thousands of regular guests cant buy what they can: peace and quiet, shielded from the public…. and usually at the expense of the public.

  140. Jeanette

    Celebrities should book in advance instead of kicking people out. Theme parks have blackout dates. People can show their anger by boycotting the theme park or the celebrity who’s ego is to big. Celebrities bleed and die like everyone else and when they die their money don’t go with them. They should not be allowed to disturb other people’s activities because they are celebrities it’s the people who make them famous and it’s the people’s money who make them rich. They need to be treated as their employers the people are treated. They can wait like everyone else.

  141. Nevada

    He needs his a** kicked and be put in his place. I would not have left

  142. Mr fixit

    I don’t know why the other people left the park they already paid. I’ve been sorry about your luck I ain’t going nowhere I already paid I’m here. Then I would have said the MGK you want me gone break out your money this is going to cost you you don’t take a check from them cuz they’ll play you and cancel it time to go out to the car to get the money from your cronies and bring it back to me . Believe me if I was there in my case MGK would have paid cuz if he didn’t break out the checkbook it would have been one miserable day for him. Enough said that’s all I got

  143. Stephanie Woods

    It’s RIDICULOUS they do this .. this is what’s wrong with this world the rich n famous and their entitled attitudes thinks the world revolves around them. People need to be together and start suing these companies and celebrities that do this. I don’t know wtf Kelly is n don’t care to know CANT STAND ANY OF THE KARDASHIAN’S any establishment that does this is not worth giving hard earned money to. Start standing together and make noise and then things will change …..

  144. Jada King

    Theme parks are capable of renting out the park. If you feel that you are so much of a celebrity that you need to be alone then spend that loot and rent out the park. Because if I spend my money to utilize the park then that’s what I’m gonna do. F Machine Gun Kelly.

  145. Mark

    MGK is nothing more then a Spoiled Entitled Punk that has Zero Talent and goesnt deserve the fans he’s got because he’s clearly a Jerk !

  146. Rupe

    What, did he take a dump 💩?in the pool

  147. Nikki

    He have money, he has a pool at home. Leave those babies alone it’s to hot for that. People should start stop spending they money when a place does this, then they will go out of business

  148. Lorenzo Jones

    Kelly is a limited, short time in the spotlight wannabe who always poses for effect. He’s the new Ted Nugent.

  149. Joey

    Sounds like how Sandra (God’s gift to Austin) Bullock acts when she goes out for a “stroll” in Austin.

  150. Summer

    I think Will Smith has a lot more celebrity smacking to do. No one should be above decency and respect but I guess since they got all that big money their privileged. They wouldn’t be anywhere without the fans us little people their booting out of the way so them and theirs and feel important and be above the commoners.

  151. L

    I say non-celebrities should stop visiting/supporting venues that treat everyday paying guests, including season pass holders this way. So venues can get a reality check as to what guests enable them to stay in business. Your be not getting any value for your money if they don’t value you.

  152. Lori H

    Why must everyone be so hateful. First…I am sure they did not go to the park thinking everybody was going to have to leave the pool for them. Also…saying you would sue them for ruining your memories. Wow…to have other people control how you want to feel. Management made the call and blaming Machine Gun Kelly for trying to do what everyone one else was doing which is going to the water park is ridiculous. Ever think they just want to mix in with the crowd. I am just SHOCKED so many people are so hateful. So judgemental. Life is so much nicer when we just except people and not judge and freak out like children because everything does not work out perfect or how you want it to. To hate someone you don’t know at all personally and saying hateful things because your mad. Why let hate consume you. Hate…how about except people and expand your world by excepting people and making the most out of your day. You control your thoughts and happiness. Things happen…chill and enjoy life

    1. BayBrat925

      He was more humble before megan and not as popular. Yes they did. He thinks he is more popular because of connections to the Kardashians.

      1. Peter

        You really need to stop. It is obvious that you are not a fan of this guy. It seems though he is winning and doing well. Put your negative energy into something positive that can maybe one day get you to his level. The hate you obvious feel toward him is only felt by you, him nor Meghan really cares. Reading all your many comments only makes you look silly and shows your ignorance and it’s quit pitiful.

  153. Tommy

    That’s a good way to loose your fan base .

  154. Tom

    I would not go there again, what nerve. They are no better than anyone else and to deny some one else , who paid a lot of money, their experience is pure BS

  155. Renee Bromfield

    Rent the place out for a time ALL BY YOURSELVES or DONT GO selfish people

  156. M. Cecilia

    Who the hell listen to him? With all the money he has, he couldn’t just rent it for a few hours or a day and not inconvenience hard working people, which may have been their family’s summer vacation. And the water park could have handled this much better. These celebrities now a days are self-righteous pricks with no talent at all.

    1. BayBrat925

      Exactly!!!!!!!!! He’s so 7 years ago….. he’s not good nor is megan lmao c list celebrity managed by a Kardashian husband!!!! Lmfao

      1. BayBrat925

        Unless megan plans to make lame ass high-school drama stupid movies all her life and never be taken seriously then yes she is on right track

  157. Peter


  158. Lexie

    Who cares about them they act like they are royalty. They are both washed up arrogant ass holes !!!!!

  159. To separate class is to define society in a bad way…safety?…bullcrap!
    They’re no better than anybody else,and have no more rights or privileges than anybody else.
    Any theme park that does this to their customers should be sued for the money back to all inconvenienced, and restricted from using what was available to them when they purchases the ticket.
    Rides break down,but this is a form of “Class Discrimination”
    People were violated by this. There are ways to “Rent” time at the parks for celebrities…i guess he was too cheap to pay the money. On a sidenote; When Donald Trump, and family along with notable football star ” Herschel Walker”,, and family visited a theme park….they rode rides with everybody.
    Nothing like being too good to be physically interacting with your general public.
    News Flash….Not Everybody Cares about what of who Machine Gun Kelly is.

    1. Peter

      Lol, you really went there with Trump. That was a PR move and God bless you because you fell for it. If you think for one minutes Trump or his family thinks you’re equal to him and them you need help. Please watch all previous hearings from the January 6th commission. I’m sure they are on YouTube so you can truly understand who Trump is as a man. Rididculous!

      1. You…..oh my God….T.D.S. much??
        Seek help while you pay $10 a gallon of gasoline, and suffer 9% inflation…i swear..some people could see their children starving to DEATH, and still support Jo 0biden….deeply saddening, and I’m not going to get into it on here…hopefully I’ll meet you face to face, and you can say all you got to say to me then….I’m from Philadelphia…and please don’t be no internet gangster

  160. Km

    He is a nobody that stole a real gangsters name, I would have deficated in the pool just for him, as for Disney closing an attraction for those skanks the Kardashians LMAO, Disney is the biggest far left owned place on the planet, keep supporting them morons, how ya like those gas prices as well lol why is it if you get on your knees and degrade yourself your famous, I wouldn’t touch one of those skanks if you paid me to, Americans need to start sticking together to close these one sided places down,

    1. Peter

      Wow, I have two words for your ignorant comment, “Disgusting, Idiot!”

      1. Peter…why…why must you berate someone leaving a comments…what your doing is a very weak form of bullying.
        The safety of the internet has turned the most feeble into namecalling gangsters i guess.

    2. It’s crazy how NOBODY said Anything to him, and his people….

  161. I’m from Philadelphia….trust ,and believe he’s Nobody to me,and i would have been saying plenty to him, and all with him…my time there would probably be over become yall know they would kick me out for “harassment”
    I’d be demands my money back!

  162. I'm tired

    How stupid. Why did he go … he can afford to own his own water park. A hole!

  163. Vicki

    I’m so tired of hearing crap like this. Who does he think he is? All those people that paid to enter the park should be refunded. Shame on any company that allows this. Let the ” star ” pay to rent the park for the day. Don’t allow them to interrupt passing guests. Just like Kardashians at Disney…. BIG BS!!!!

  164. John


  165. David

    He could kiss my ass. I wouldn’t leave for him and wish he would ask me. So I could be in the news too for hitting him in the mouth

  166. Mary Lockhart-smith

    Everyone should of been able to enjoy themselves! It should of never happened! Same thing with the Kardashians they are nobody special! They are trash! You can put a designer bow around garbage and it’s still trash! MGK should of rode the waves with his fans instead he lost a lot of fans!

    1. Mani

      Stop riding the wave with this fake article and the insane commenters. The story isn’t true and I’d love to see you call Kim or Khloe trash to their face.

      1. LWS

        I’d have no problem calling them that too their face… They are no different then anyone else..they just think they are and idiots allow it

        1. Mani

          Girl stop, talk is cheap when your online and I promise you they would have no problem setting your sorry self in your place. The story a lie but of course you don’t care because it gave you an opportunity to show your ugliness. The problem is you think they are different then everyone else and it bothers poor, pitiful you.

  167. LWS

    The park should give everyone there a full refund.. Kelly thinks he’s better then everyone else? lol… NOT!

  168. Mani

    Yeah right, MGK has hands, don’t be fooled.

  169. Ronda

    This A$$ acting like he is Eminem!!! Hahaha!

    1. Mani

      No, they giving him the respect he deserves. Eminem candy behind don’t even F with him anymore.

  170. Mani

    MGK and his boys from Cleveland, take a seat dude before you get hurt.

  171. Mani

    The writer should be ashamed of him or herself and the commentors should use common sense and verify facts before making ugly comments. People just want to be mean. Even the park issues a statement saying the tweet was not true. Fools all of ya.

  172. Gruntle

    Sickening these celebs make me sick,and people who cater to them they are humans, not special humans, the Lord and the savior will sort this out later.

  173. Mani

    Wouldn’t happen, that dude has hands, don’t be fooled.

  174. Tim

    Didn’t like him before. Hate em now. The bad thing is people will still buy his crap and he will continue to do whatever the f… he wants. Apparently he doesn’t know fans have paid for what he has. How much will you lose for this incident. Probably not enough to make you a human being

  175. V

    Listen at the end of the day celebrities are people just like us who work so if they go to a public place they should understand because there more popular then a average Joe that if they wanna enjoy the festivities they are gunna have fans surround them!!! it’s unfair for said fans and non fans to be interrupted who pay there hardworking money for a day of fun who can’t afford to shut down a park if parks wanna do that they should have black out days so customers who can only afford certain time off to have a fun time won’t get screwed when famous people wanna take over that way they can have there fun in a safe environment and regular Joe’s can have there’s

  176. Paz

    If he would have went in nobody would have noticed him or cared he is not instantly recognized he would have blended in he 8s not that famous

  177. Andrea Weldon

    I would demand my money back for the day. Stop coddling these jerks. They put their pants on like everyone else. If Cardi B could be apart of the crowd then the rest of the trash can too.

  178. Jason

    Man F these people. Get me out of the pool, I brought my family here, used my gas. I paid to get in, make me leave. #notspecial

    1. Nita

      Not to mention that this story is fake and I’m sure you don’t care but believe me you would have been leaving with everyone else big man. (LOL)

  179. Nita

    Most of these people commenting are just stupid. Someone tweets something and they fall in line with the Crap and name calling. Even the park said it wasn’t true but they don’t care. A bunch of angry low lifes on this thread. MGK, keep doing your things, haters are just miserable people looking for someone to bully.

  180. Jeannette Dooley

    Many celebrities close down parks, stores etc. so what’s so different about him. Celebrities have to worry about their families and themselves being targeted by unsafe people !

  181. Eric Herman

    I get out of pools when there is a turd floating in it anyway.

  182. Ustie

    Doesn’t the celebrities have enough money to build their own water parks? I don’t think it’s fair for all them paying customers to have to leave because of one person.Them paying customers are the ones making the water parks their money everyday you have paying customers that are not celebrities and they are the reason your water park is still open.

  183. Local resident

    This is completely FAKE. Nothinh more than a video taken by a guest there making assumptions that were not true and then it makes news? The wave pool had a mechanical issue. All were asked to get out till fixed. NOBODY was is it. He stood in line like everyone else for the water rides-had a fast pass for the regular park rides-minded his own business while at the park. Asked for no special treatment AT ALL. Did you contact the park to get information-clearly not.

  184. Mandy

    Absolutely correct! And ‘IT’ probably didn’t even have to pay the admission fee that the “REAL people” had to pay! WRONG no matter what/who/

  185. Radmad12

    That’s odd. Rules should apply to everyone. If the celebrity is making guests leave then kick out the celebrity. If guests are getting too physical with the celebrity then kick out the guest.

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