Comments for Disneyland Pride Celebrations Continue with ‘Love, Victor’ Cast

The Cast of 'Love Victor' displays Disney Pride fans in front of a table full of Pride snacks.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Walt

    We need a month out of the year to celebrate just being normal, you know… how refreshing would that be!

    1. Mak

      You could always make a white pride month, go ahead.

      1. Melissa

        Did you make the month you celebrate in? Or were you fortunate enough to be catered to?

  2. Truth

    Go woke, get rich!

  3. Tiffany

    Now when one of those kids in the picture above willingly leaves to go to a cabin with their teacher for the weekend don’t claim “they’re not old enough to make decisions like that on their own”. You people need to make up your mind! It’s hilarious!

    1. Shellebelle

      You think statutory rape (below age of consent) of a minor is hilarious. Are you mentally ill?

      1. Tiffany

        No I think its hilarious that people like you think its awesome when these young kids make a decision about their sexuality and say they’re gay, lesbian, whatever but when they decide to have sex with their teacher you start screaming that they’re not old enough to make decisions like that. Like I said . . . . You people are hilarious! Make up your frickin mind!

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