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  1. Kris

    I have been seeing this quite a bit at Knott’s lately. Always with school groups. A group of 4 suddenly becomes 20 by the front of the line. Your entire group needs to be together when you enter the line. It’s getting out of control at this point.

  2. Jen

    Hooray……your not better then any one else….wait your happy butt in the que like the rest of us or pay for lightening lane. I’m over the excuse me I gotta meet with my group cuz you couldn t get your group to stay together. It’s not my fault they didn’t wait or you needed coffee. Wait your turn…now kids who were in line and needed to potty …no issues there. They are kids….but when teens or adults pull it…no sympathy. Keep your crew together. We are all equal and can all wait our turn

    1. Rob

      Don’t adults need restroom breaks too, not only the kiddos? Especially since the heat is only increasing, requiring hydration and the obviously full bladder that follows?
      I’m not saying entire groups, but we’re all human.

      1. Melissa

        Adults have both larger bladders for holding it and the presence of mind to go before they get in line. DAS is available for those adults who have medical issues preventing either:both of those.

        And I don’t think most people would have trouble with a single adult saying, “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I had an emergency.” The problem we’re talking about is large groups of people joining one person who stayed in line, and acting like there’s nothing wrong about it.

    2. I agree, line cutters honestly think they have the right to do that but in reality, how do you think those line cutters would react if it happened to them? Uh huh!

  3. Good for the cast member.
    Maybe it’s time for Disney to address this issue and make a firm policy.

    1. Ed

      I have a family of five. I guess people would rather my two, four and six-year-old stand in line screaming and crying and bothering everyone around them rather than waiting somewhere else with my wife until it’s almost time. That’s fine Y’all enjoy that. Lol

      1. Evelyn

        My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter had no problem waiting over an hour for the Ratatouille ride at Epcot in a drizzling rain. If they can’t stand in line then they’re too young to go on the ride

        1. Saralee

          This is true and a good answer. Unmanageable children should not be in the park. Good parents usually stand behind good children. Awards to you.

        2. Si

          Well said!, Evelyn!

        3. Don’t bring them to cry , whine and scream. I have kids and wouldn’t burden the folks in line with my kids until they could learn how to behave properly. If your group is out of control, perhaps it’s you that’s the problem

      2. Richard

        I would prefer they wait in the line. If your kids can’t wait in the line without winning and screaming maybe you shouldn’t be bringing them to Disneyland. Everyone else shouldn’t have to suffer because you’re raising brats.

        1. Elke

          My kids did it. Twins 5 they behave

      3. Jep

        Keep your breeding mistakes home if they can’t wait quietly and patiently. Kids of that age aren’t going to remember squat anyway. What a waste of money for you and way to ruin others’ enjoyment of the Disney experience due to your selfishness and lack of foresight.

        1. Mike

          Maybe as an adult you should stay home. You 45 year olds really need a photo op with Buzz that bad?

      4. Richard

        I remember standing in line at WDW was I was 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, etc, and we played games as a family and talked with the people around us. Guess what, a child can be civil even when they don’t get immediate gratification.

      5. Keith

        How about you just discipline your rotten kids or else leave them alone?

      6. Dave

        You are the typical millennial. Do you want a trophy and special privileges for bringing kids to Walt Disney World, but you’re so self-absorbed you can’t realize that most families bring kids to Disney World. The problem is you’re so central focused you can’t realize that everyone else can manage to follow rules but they don’t apply to you.

      7. Gassy Bubba

        1. Your screaming children aren’t my problem. Bring them when you can control them or wait until they are older.
        2. You screaming children while in line usually get easily ignored now that we have earbuds.
        3. I’ve been known to crop dust crappy kids just to give them something to cry about.

        Have a magical day

      8. Jen

        Sorry, Ed, but if your kids are screaming and crying, then they certainly shouldn’t be disturbing the enjoyment of other people ON THE RIDE, either. That’s even worse than jumping the line.

        If your kids are in that bad a mood, they don’t belong on the ride at all. I’d suggest you take them on an ‘attitude adjustment’ break, then consider returning to the ride, and, if they’re too tired, then, take them home!

      9. Elke

        My kids did it. Twins 5 they behave

      10. Bret

        You could bring them when there old enough?

      11. David

        My son has been coming to Disney with me since he was a year old. We have never held spots in lines. If your kids can’t handle a line, maybe they shouldn’t go on that ride.

      12. Si

        Having one parent join the rest is different.

        And generally this is not a thing for the kiddie rides, but that’s bad too.

        However, if you are not ready as a group And you are missing a portion (Not just one parent) then you simply don’t get on the line. It’s selfish.

      13. Sandy

        Yes that cast member did the right thing. I only witnessed it one time on toy story mania, it was epic and those guests were not happy.. too bad wait in line like everyone.

      14. Sandy

        Entitled.. sounds like you’re teaching your kids if they are brats they don’t have to follow the rules. Great job

      15. Heidi

        Ed, we just took our granddaughter who just turned 5. She didn’t like waiting for 1 1/2 hours (neither did her grandparents,) but she didn’t scream, cry or misbehave. She knows how to behave in public. If your children can’t behave, maybe you should not bring them to Disney. It is the parents fault when kids can’t behave, it’s how they are brought up!

      16. Scott

        I’ve had years of annual passes in FL and Ca And actually it is pretty rare for people’s kids to be behaving like that in line. What are you doing wrong that it is a constant?

      17. Melissa

        Or, you could, I don’t know, teach your kids how to behave in public?

      18. Barb

        If they can’t handle it, don’t bring them then

      19. Kris

        If your 2,4 and 6 year olds are screaming and crying maybe they’ve had enough for the day and need a nap.

      20. W

        No one’s saying that an adult with 3 tiny kids can’t cut. So dramatic! We’re talking about adults cutting in line here.

        Also, I’m sure that the 6 year old can at least stay with you. I feel bad for your wife handling all 3 unruly kids. Keep the 6 year old with you and then call your wife if the kid needs a bathroom break.

  4. GuzDuz

    Why do celebrities get to line jump and/or have the ride shut down just for them? They are no better than anyone else, but some people seem to be alright with that.

    1. Algol

      What people? The last celebrity that did that got torn apart for it online.

    2. That is done for safety reasons, pal!!! Celebrities are mobbed by crazy and impolite fans, hounding them for pictures and autographs. Sometimes, there are demented people wanting to cause them harm. Celebrities are human beings too, and have the right to enjoy their time in a public place, in peace!!!

      1. Travis Weberling

        @Suzanne Taylor, I get what you’re saying about celebrities “being mobbed by fans, media & etc”, BUT #1 That’s the life & profession they chose, & #2, If theme parks are giving celebrities special treatment based on who they are & etc, then eventually restaurants & fast food places, malls & even the airlines will do the same thing. I mean, the last time I checked we’re all the same as human beings.

    3. Missy

      Actually…the celebrities are paying a very expensive VIP service. ANYONE can buy this service and it includes front of the line service.

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        1. drew

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  6. Walt would be turning over in his Grave lol.
    A lot of planning goes into moving Guest thru a Disney attraction line for many years that was the focus.
    The DISABILITY LINES ARE ABUSED VERY BADLY. ESPECIALLY BY ONE ETHNIC GROUP I SEEN MANY TIMES USING THE DISABILITY line and also Handing parking spaces without placard. Not just occasionally every time I am shopping or basic any event needing Handicap parking.
    I have noticed the city police are cracking down on these people parking without displaying placards or permanent license plate.
    Disney rules should be handing out any handicap information with only verification picture of current placard Copy of current handicap registration. Just having a placard is not the key to proof of handicap status. The placard is also used in conjunction with a registration card issued by DMV every State.

    1. Tee

      Wait, am confused. You sure about registration card/form? Am in MN, have used my placard for over 15 years, and I turned in the only registration form, I get nothing in envelope but the numbered and dated placard. Used in many states, too. Hmmmm… .

    2. Mary

      What about children? My brother is not handicapped but his children qualify for DAS. How are a 10 year old and a 7 year old supposed to have a handicap placard?

    3. Barb

      What “ethnic group”

  7. Wanda

    That’s why Disney needs to bring back the Fast Pass for free. I overheard a lot people talking and lines were so long. Parents with a lot kids can’t afford lightening lane. And lines were extremely long. Younger kids have needs more so than adults. When Fast Pass was offered I didn’t see the issue as much as do now. My opinion..

    1. Elaine

      It’s one thing to let in a single adult and single child. This is talking about groups where one person waits and holds the line for like 8-10 people, at least a few of whom are adults or children old enough to wait.

  8. Call you Brandon
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  10. It’s like when you have someone in a wheelchair and have a ton of people with you. I know that there was some one that advertised for a wheel chair bound person to go with a family to WDW to let them cut the line.

    1. Melissa

      People using wheelchaulirs go through the regular line at WDW. You should get your facts straight.

  11. Thank you to that cast member! I hope to have some just like them at DW when we go in September. I absolutely agree with emergency potty breaks: some folks would never get through the lines without them! But people who ‘hold places’ for the rest of their huge parties p*ss me off. Wait in the back of the line like the rest of us have to. And I won’t have any problem suggesting that to anyone who tries to cut on me.

    1. Theresa

      I totally support the cast members decision to say “No, not on my watch!”
      I personally qualify at Disneyland for a DAS pass and if I was ever asked to prove my disability, I would have no problem providing proof.
      Most people understand when a child has to leave the line to use the restroom then rejoin their family.
      However, so many do not understand the needs of a child or adult on the Spectrum!

    2. Melissa

      I wish more rules were strictly applied across the parks instead of leaving everything to the discretion of individual young, underpaid, understaffed, and overworked CMs.

  12. Jenn

    My family of 5 (3 teenagers) just went in May for our first family trip in 10 years. We were so frustrated with the numbers of teenagers that were line hopping (Grad nights). The kid would use “my mom is up there.” People would move and he would bring 5 friends behind him to get was up the line where other friends were. We had this happen no less than 6 times. 0 We even had teenagers hopping fences in the queue and not a single cast member to help. It was extremely frustrating and it felt like Knott’s when I went 20 years ago. DL used to take better care with this. My middle son is on the Spectrum and he had more patience than any of these groups.

    1. S

      Line cutters probably have autism too, just undiagnosed.

  13. Anon

    I once stopped a couple of obvious cutters from passing us at Disneyland. They kept “accidently” bumping into me, making rude comments, etc. It didn’t take long n to realize they have no morals, no shame, they’re just selfish scum. More than that though, I’d let them stop me from enjoying myself, so I gave up and let them past. I don’t try to stop them anymore, but I don’t step aside for them either.

    1. You are contradicting yourself here. First, you say that you gave up and let them pass. Then, your last sentence says that you don’t step aside for them. So, which is it? My family and I would stand firm, and block someone from cutting in front of us. If we were shoved aside, we’d call for security to handle the situation.

      1. Richard

        Hooray for the CM, just wish the policy was consistent across the parks…I’ve had 12 teenagers cut in line to join a party of 4 two-thirds toward the front and all CM said when we started yelling was that “Disney allows groups to meet up with their parties in line.” The fact that it was 12 fully mobile teenagers cutting in line to meet up with 4 others was not any concern of his. Regardless of how many people are in line “holding a place” for their friends, any more than 2 is too many. Ah, but from another generation…growing up, the amusement park I frequented would kick an entire party out of the park (not just off the ride) if even one person in the group cut the line. Took a lot of stress out of waiting in line.

  14. Better Call Saul

    Your website needs boatloads more editorial oversight. The racist, ethnocentric, and ableist comments on several of your articles really stand out. I for one don’t intend to find out how that’s going for you.

  15. Jill

    I think it’s great! We were at Disne World last week. My daughter and I were in line for the Lantern pictures after a long day (and week) – there were 3 people in front of us, and after about 20 minutes (maybe half of the line), 4 more joined them. We did comment about it, and they claimed that they had been there. One even called my daughter (college age) a b!t#h for saying anything.

  16. Hillary c

    Everyone at Disney has a 2 and six yr old. News flash Ed….you aren’t special.

  17. I absolutely agree. I understand 2 coming in but no more. everybody’s time is valuable. if you have someone who needs to sit because of a mobile issue they should see if there is a pass you can hold to let others know

  18. Tammy

    My opinion is that you must stand in line with your group. But if there is someone in your group that has to go to the bathroom, especially a child, I am perfectly fine with that person/parent/caretaker stepping out of line to go do their duty and stepping back in. Poop happens, you can’t control it, it comes when it wants so I’m understanding.

  19. Sandy

    Yes that cast member did the right thing. I only witnessed it one time on toy story mania, it was epic and those guest were not happy.. too bad wait in line like everyone.

  20. Denell

    This is a growing problem that Really needs to be addressed and watched for by cast members. I am sure everyone agrees that a parent taking a child to go use the restroom, or even and adult who needs to do the same is fine, but the big groups are outta control. We witnessed it on Pirates of the Caribbean a family of 10 came under the rope to cut in with 2 other people. They were obnoxious, rude, and loud. By the time we got inside the ride they got on a boat just their family, because everyone kept declining to be added to the boat with their party.

  21. John

    Good job. Keep it up.

  22. Yvonne

    This has been going on for years at WDW. In the late 70’s when there with our children, we would be standing in line for an hour plus. We would finally get close enough to see the actual entrance and at that point one adult ahead of us would raise a stick with a red flag on it and 20 plus children would come running from the shaded areas nearby and get into line ahead of us. Talk about disheartening! We learned that the group(s) were from Columbia on a summer trip.

  23. Dan

    I stood in line at Knott’s Berry Farm for three hours because of constant line cutters! All parks should have supervision against this practice!

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