Comments for Controversial ‘Lightyear’ “Flops” at Box Office, Pixar Fans Want Reboot

Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar


  1. Thomas

    Saw it today and it’s a brilliant movie, opens saying that it’s the movie Andy saw that prompted him to want a Buzz toy, and while it may be 1995 and therefore a lesbian couple probably wouldn’t have been in it, it’s literally just a 2 minute passage of time. They give each other the tiniest peck, which people do when they meet friends anyway. It’s not offensive, it’s not upsetting, and frankly it’s a non-moment. Just a shame people are saying they won’t see it and still giving it a bad review without actually any basis first. Obviously it’s not as good and ground breaking as the first three Toy Story movies, but a million times better than the pointless movie Toy Story 4

    1. Bob

      More to the point…. The vast majority of Americans don’t care. They don’t care about any of this. They care about jobs and they care about making ends meet and they care about providing just a little bit better for their family. A Majority support gay marriage and non discriminatory practices towards most queer concepts.

      1. cumminz

        Polls show that most people approve of not teaching this to kids, so there goes that argument.

        1. Sarah

          Because kids should not learn anything sexual. They are kids!!! Let kids be kids!! When their older (12-13) then yes you can teach them.

          The only people who want to teach kids anything sexual are more often than not pedofiles.

        2. SJ

          Not teaching what to kids? That there are people out there who have different family structures? They already get that from the Bible, etc., with polygamy.

          1. Misty

            This is where a lack of knowledge shines. Did polygamy happen in the Bible? Yes…Was it condemned by God? Absolutely.

      2. Julio

        Agreed. Most people don’t want their kids exposed to the indoctrination Disney is pushing.

    2. Kevin

      Saw it this weekend and There was nothing “brilliant” about it. You pretty much go on to say that yourself. It was decent but that’s about it.

    3. Dan the Man

      My family boycotted it we dont need to be forcefed wokeness

    4. BBaby

      Then maybe the people writing about the upcoming movie Lightyear, especially left leaning journos should have found ANY other topic to talk about RE: the movie besides the lesbian relationship. The hype for this movie was TERRIBLE. Like Disney preemptively calling Star Wars fans racist before releasing Obi-Wan.

  2. Victor Nazarian

    What on Earth are you talking about, “can’t be canceled.”

    No one tried to cancel Buzz. Some people may have objected to some content but that’s not like canceling Johnny Depp or Gina Carano and taking away their livelihoods.

    Buzz Lightyear is a solid Pixar movie that is apparently troubled by some controversy and reportedly sufferers from some less than exciting writing and plot.

    It’s somewhat Orwellian to try and spin the box office numbers as is they are good when they are, by nearly every measure, disappointing for a Disney/Pixar film. Adjusted for inflation, Buzz Lightyear appears to be the 2nd or 3rd lowest opening for any Pixar film ever. It’s on a par with the awful openings for Onward and Good Dinosaur, both of which were huge money losers for Disney and not particularly good stories.

    Whatever the case I hope Buzz makes lots of money and makes plenty of people happy. I also hope Disney focuses on excellent services and high quality products for its customers. Social politics does not seem to be a good recipe for success.

    1. Fair play

      It is always fun when leftists complain they’re being canceled when they invented cancellation. You know what they say about turnabout.

      1. Goheidigo

        Terrific movie. Nothing offensive to see here. People just want to complain about something.

        1. Misty

          The only reason Disney put this mess into the movie is because they bow to the LGBTQ and wanted to lash out due to the FL issue. It’s a child’s movie. Had it just been that it probably wouldn’t have flopped as bad as it has.

      2. Joel

        Wow, you missed out on all of the right wing book burnings and business burnings and all of that horrible right wing history. But, that’s okay. We forgive you.

        1. Nikki

          You have that confused with the left wing who burned books and started the kkk just saying….

          1. Wilson CharlesCw

            Lol. The kkk was started by southern conservatives who just lost the Civil War. Conservatives are Republicans. Maybe stop watching fox and read a history book.

            1. BG

              The confederacy was Democratic, and so was the KKK. I’m sorry that public education has so badly failed you.

            2. Emily

              The kkk was formed by democrats, you have your history wrong. Republicans were northerners who wanted to end slavery 😅

        2. Kevin

          If you Want to talk about business burnings I have a “Summer of Love” to educate you about.

      3. Jay

        Have you ever paid attention to any history? Modern cancel culture was created by conservative Christian women in the 70s. Have you ever heard of Harry Reams or the satanic panic? Where do you think liberals learned it from?

        1. zyklon b

          The left was boycotting stuff since the 60’s, so no. Nice try though.

        2. ElliotAlderson

          cancel culture was created by the left social justice warrior around 2017. You’re talking about in the 80s those were hippies.

      4. Jessie

        Yes! Agree with this comment ☝🏻 100%

      5. Jessie

        Fair Play-yes you are absolutely correct!

    2. Tom

      yea i cant believe they are trying to pretend the box office numbers were good, it flopped badly… this is utter propaganda to promote the movie because they didnt like that people didnt want to see it.

  3. Victor Nazarian

    I’m not sure where the author gets his numbers to claim “highest grossing animated film in history.”

    Here are some Pixar opening weekend numbers:

    Onward $39,119,861
    Toy Story 4 $120,908,065
    Incredibles 2 $182,687,905
    Coco $50,802,605
    Cars 3 $53,688,680
    Finding Dory $135,060,273
    The Good Dinosaur $39,155,217
    Inside Out $90,440,200

    1. Tori

      I noticed the same thing… It said that Frozen 2 and Incredibles 2 “previously” held the records… Um, pretty sure they still do since they got $130 million and $180 million respectively and Lightyear only did $83 million.

    2. Don

      They say that to fit Their narrative

    3. ElliotAlderson

      because the author is Disney lol. They’re never gonna admit woke goes broke.

  4. S1

    Go woke, get rich!

    1. Real S1

      No. Go woke go broke. Stay slept get rich. Shut your eyes to big leftist lies. It’s a flop. Congress says it’s a flop. Biden says it’s a flop.

      1. LockTrumpUp

        Reich wingers are such fascists.

        1. AH

          Fascism is a left wing ideology.

          1. LockTrumpUp

            Just because you declare it, doesn’t make it true. You support fascism.

            “Putin is a genius” – Donald J Trump

            “We fell in love.” – Donald J Trump on his relationship with Kim Jong Un

            “Can’t you just shoot them in the legs?” – Donald J Trump wanting legal American protestors shot so he could stage a photo op holding an upside-down bible at a church that did not want him there.

            1. Kevin

              Dude, you need some serious meds.

            2. ElliotAlderson

              dude fascism is the definition of the left. Do you not see the liberals in origin what they are doing ? The checkpoint ? The brutality? Those are all Antifa. Well guess what? Antifa are the real fascists. Wake up you have been indoctrinated by the liberal run media and their abundant hypocrisy. Are you just learning now that liberals create racism in the anti racism? They create chaos in the name of peace? They defund the police in the name of law and order? They cancel, silence and destroy freedom of speech? They act like fascists in the name of anti fascism ? Where have you been ? lol

      2. Tiffany

        Have you ever thought “go woke go broke” is a slogan and one that isn’t born out of reality but a manipulation of your emotions?

        1. Anonymous

          The thought is wrong, Tiffany.

    2. Oh really

      People who bought Disney stock certainly haven’t got rich.

    3. Tom

      except they failed to make a fraction of what they could have by going woke with this one lol

    4. Chris B

      They should have called this a review on la la Land cuz that’s clearly where the author of this article is living. It’s a lot like shining a turd in the end it’s still a turd

    5. Real S1

      I forgot to say, I think being white is awesome.

  5. Frank

    Are you nuts? This is a huge disappointment, a box office bomb of the highest degree. The movie needs $400 MILLION, just to BREAK EVEN! It will be lucky to grow half that, so take your BS spin and go home.

    1. Banned!

      Remember it has been banned by one of the largest movie-going countries (China) along with several others.

  6. Mitch

    That’s quite a spin article. The movie underperformed virtually all projections and will likely lose

    Get woke, go broke!

    1. LockTrumpUp

      Homophobic much? You know what you can do with that stupid little right wing slogan, right?

      1. James

        Where did they say something homophobic? Just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re homophobic. You sound like a child just spewing and calling someone names, grow up

        1. LockTrumpUp

          Equality is being equated to being woke here. “Get woke, go broke” is thinly veiled homophobia.

          Not very bright, are you?

          I could give a flying cow if they agree with me or not. Their comment is what it is. Desperate to ignore the subject much?

      2. Tom

        lol apparently LockTumpUp is a bigot that just shouts insults and anyone that doesnt like movies they like hah

        1. LockTrumpUp

          A bigot? How so? I don’t rail against gays, minorities or anyone else – except for haters, homophobes, and whiny, indignant right wingers who believe exclusion is the right thing to do.

          My reply has zero to do with “movies I like” genius. Go on Ebay and see if you can buy some reading comprehension or a clue.

          1. S1

            Exclusion absolutely is the right thing. Some aren’t worthy of enjoying Disney movies or theme parks just as Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic, only pure-bloods were. It’s called gatekeeping sweetheart.

  7. Inside the fix

    The person posting this must own Disney stock. Poor sod!

  8. Joshua

    There is more fantasy in this article than in Disneyland itself. It one of the worst Pixar opening s in history, the movie will certainly lose money, and it couldn’t even surpass the crappy Jurassic movie. This article is a pathetic spin attempt. Tim Allen couldn’t have even saved this movie

  9. Derek

    Wow this article is a joke. Movie doesn’t even open number 1 in us with $20 million below estimates. Usa families saying no to Disneys wokeness.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      Only right wing oldass fools who cry whenever someone isn”t just like them. Boohoo!

      1. Tom

        as a moderate millennial, not interested in propaganda and politics in my family animation movies.

      2. Sean

        You mean like you have through out this whole comment thread?

      3. Kevin

        You do realize you are doing the exact same thing you are accusing Derek of right? I mean you can’t be that dense can you?

  10. You forgot to mention Disney budgeted it would $80million opening week. The results are horrible and it is all there doing:
    1. Not supporting parental rights
    2. Pulling Tim Allen out
    3. Announcement all there movies go Disney+ 45 days.

    Just a poorly managed company right now.

    1. LockTrumpUp


      1. Anonymous

        Compelling argument you have there. Surely that reverses the misfortunes for Disney that James states!

  11. Julian H

    It seems the opening weekend went OK, but so many countries have refused to take the film because of the same sex kiss. I’m not against anyone be LGBT, but why oh why is Disney being hell bent on ramming it down our throats, for goodness sake can they just not make a film that is just a good film without having to bring sex into it.

    It serves Disney right that the film could have been massive if they just did not show that kiss? For goodness sake the Disney Board do not have a clue and kids do not need to see this, they have plenty of time to see this stuff when they are older, let them just be kids for now.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      And showing straight people kissing isn’t shoving that down gay people’s throats? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Funny how you take no issue with that, nor do other straight people. Imagine if gays complained like straight people do about others’ sexuality.

      “Disney Board do not have a clue and kids do not need to see this, they have plenty of time to see this stuff when they are older, let them just be kids for now.”

      They aren’t letting them be kids? What “stuff” is that? People expressing love that isn’t your type of love? You sound like you don’t have a clue…not about reality, love, or human nature. Why don’t you get a clue instead?

      1. AH

        You are obviously filled with hate.

      2. Bob

        There’s a lot getting shoved down gay people’s throats. Relax.

      3. drateR The biL


        Gay people have no right to get mad at straight people showing affection. It’s natural and normal. You wouldn’t be born if not for it being normal. Butt babies are not a thing and won’t populate the world. As much as you try it won’t work. Go woke go broke… Or get an STD.

        1. LockTrumpUp

          LMAO What a tragic, homophobic POS you are. You and everyone like you is a cancer on humanity. What a repulsive idiotic lowlife!

          1. Anonymous

            Seek Jesus.

      4. Chris B

        Lock up trump needs a hug

      5. truthpilled

        It’s normal when straight people do it. You are lesser.

        1. Dawn

          That was rude and uncalled for. Nobody is any less of a person than anyone else.

        2. LockTrumpUp

          Show your true hatred and fascism, truthpilled. Atta boy!

      6. Kevin

        Straight people kissing is NORMAL!
        Gay, Trans, Etc. is a mental state …. sorry.. call me a dinosaur if you like, just remember Dinosaurs beat Lightyear on its opening weekend 😉

    2. Annie

      Thank you! Amen to that. Why is Disney obsessed with offending those who don’t want to see any representation of sex, regardless of orientation in a kids’ movie!

      1. Joel

        A kiss isn’t “sex” You all never got upset when other parents showed affection in a Disney movie.

        1. LockTrumpUp

          Exactly, Joel.

          1. Anonymous

            Actually, it is. Kids should not deal with romance during their first decade of their lives.

        2. Kevin

          They pandered to the 5% minority who wanted or didn’t mind seeing this…. they payed the price for that. Should have been a PG13 for that and other reasons. Not many “normal” people want to explain to their five year olds how two women can have a baby without a man and why that is normal…. cause its not.

  12. LOL

    I wanted to take my children to see the movie until I heard about the controversy. I read about it and decided that I will not support them with my money anymore. Plain and simple.

    Gay people make up roughly 7% of the population. If you think turning your back on the other 93% of the population is good business then I have news for you lol

    1. DeLaunhardt

      …actually 7% is better than THREE TIMES the ACTUAL demographic make up of LGBTQMOUSE people in this country:

      …the ACTUAL NUMBER is 1.8% and shrinking-They die younger (aids and suicide) and do not reproduce-ergo they need to GROOM…

      I believe that they are hurting, hence the alternate unnatural lifestyle, but Disney should not at all be injecting this into kids and “family” movies as they did with this and Dr. Strange 2…

      1. BiggotsNeedToGo

        So…. a Lesbian can’t have a kid? I see fallacy in your statement. I know a lot of Gay/Lesbian couples that have biological children. It’s no different than a single female going and getting IVF or couples using a surrogate.

        I don’t like seeing anyone making out on screen or off, but this argument is old and really ignorant. They are animated characters doing what people do every day. Live your sheltered life and don’t open your eyes to the world we live in.

        1. Anonymous

          “So…. a Lesbian can’t have a kid?”

          Yep. It’s straight up biology. Nothing bigoted about facts.

        2. Kevin

          Have fun living in that world with your two dads or two moms, just don’t call it normal because it isn’t and never will be. Just like a women will never be a man or vice versa…. no matter what you “think” in your la la land you live in.

    2. LockTrumpUp

      So exclude them because they’re somehow less important that you are? Foff with that shullbit.

  13. Deb

    What planet are you on? The last projection was $70-80 million. This was a revised projection downward. Only making $51 million means that the movie BOMBED. Now we see the spin of the reasons that the movie bombed. Bottom line is that the movie had some content in it that people didn’t want to see. Add in the fact that a 1995 movie would never have this content, then you get your answer. That content served no purpose the the premise of the movie.

  14. LockTrumpUp

    This is a huge opening post-pandemic.

    All the haters on the right can’t stand anything that’s not about them or what they personally approve of. They love draconian fascism and cry about Disney every day of their miserable little lives.

    1. AH

      From all your comments you are a fascist. Fascism is a leftist ideology. My family will not see the movie even on Dusney+.

    2. Jason

      You were saying?

    3. Tom

      lol completely delusional spin

    4. VoiceOfReason

      It’s weird, you think you’re helping, but you’re not! You’re only creating further division and hate. I don’t get your ideology here. Call people names and insult them, that really works… 🙄

    5. Get Bent

      Jurassic Park made more than $100 million opening, so no. That’s just your asspain speaking and coping.

    6. S1

      You need a good spanking

    7. Anonymous

      “The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?” – Obadiah 1:3

  15. Damon

    Obviously ITM are a part of the leftist mentally ill cult. Learning the liberal bias reporting, try to not be so obvious. The movie is a flop, go woke go broke.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      Don’t you have a democracy to destroy or something? Miserable fake patriots are all traitors.

  16. Jason

    The final estimates are nearly in and it may actually finish BELOW $50 MILL! The initial estimate was $100 MILL then down to $80 MILL! At BEST if finished at $51 MILL! Yeah, the indoctrination that PIXAR inserted cost them dearly. There’s no way in hell I’d take my kid to see this movie and there’s millions of others just like me!

    1. Dawn

      The movie took in $85.6 million worldwide, according to Disney

  17. JBird

    The movie failed for 2 reasons. 1. People are tired of being indoctrinated(which this wildly false article is part of). 2. The movie isn’t very good. It gets a 5.3 on IMDB and the negative reviews that I just read were thoughtful and had nothing to do with the kiss.

  18. Bill

    It was the second place film in the U .S. Behind the latest Jurassic World. The industry noticed. You need to be more objective in your reporting.

  19. Tom

    is this article out of touch or what? are you trying to spin a horribly underwhelming box office showing as if it were a success story? haha reality shows that lightyear was indeed cancelled, people arent interested in propaganda and politics in their kids movies. trash this and try again with a bit more reality.

  20. Dim

    This article is complete trash.

    The movie is doing WAY under projection, and the only reason it is doing so « well » is because it is being launched at the time where things are going back pre-pandemic.

    Critics are trashing this movie left and right and yet this article talks like it is one of Pixar’s biggest success.

    Movie is plain bad and the gay scene was completely irrelevant to the movie and could have easily been left off without changing anything to the story.

    Bad, biased article from start to finish.

    1. Kevin

      You are 100% correct in every point of your comment, Dim

  21. Kathie

    Regardless of which side of the fence you are on regarding the controversial scene, if the majority of your target audience wishes not to see that type of content why would you keep it in your film? Are you in business to push an agenda or are you in business to make money? We all have a choice to watch or not to watch. No amount of bullying will force me to pay to watch a movie with content I dont wish to see. So all sjw propaganda aside, Disney is going to have to decide who their audience is and make films pleasing to that audience.

    1. Tom

      Disney does not care what a majority of its consumers think, they believe it is their responsibility to influence and guide kids to follow their left leaning world view. Unless its China then Disney will bend over backwards to appease them to make a profit. perhaps with no profit from china and loss of sales in the us as they continue down this propaganda path it will eventually make them go back to their roots of creating family content free of politics that doesnt offend its viewers.

  22. Tom

    Also, pretty sure this author is commenting as LockTrumpUP to defend itself haha

    1. LockTrumpUp

      I’m not the author, and haven’t made a single comment regarding box office gross receipts.

      If you read my comments closely, they’re about inclusion and love – and chastising the people who hate and deny inclusion to other Americans based on sexual orientation. Not coincidentally, they’re all on the right.

      1. Anonymous

        On the contrary, you’re actually just throwing insults at those who disagree with your ideology. That’s wicked thinking from you.

  23. Who,me?

    Tolerance is a great virtue to have and expect out of anyone.
    That being said, expecting and saying that the majority accept Homosexuality and Gay marriage is not nor ever will be the truth.
    This is all about pushing for normalcy in something that is not. I do not hate the lifestyle, I just know that it is not the norm. Maybe the norm for those that are in it, but this Social Engineering of our kids perceptions is just wrong.


    ADAM AND EVE; if you don’t agree you’ll end up in HELL.
    Even animals know that male and female go together. SMDH.

    1. Dawn

      Johnny would not like you. He doesn’t like bigots.

    2. LockTrumpUp

      Yay! Massive corruption, conspiracies to cheat millions of Americans out of their vote and stage a coup to keep America from allowing it’s elected president from taking office, dismantling our democracy, and giving trillions to the rich every day!!! Gotta keep those AR-15s legal to murder little children at school, right buddy? You must be SO PROUD!


  25. DeLaunhardt

    …more idiotic liberal logic:
    Early projections for this WOKE idiocy said it would make $100 million in domestic ticket sales….killing the box office? It finished 2nd in US ticket sales-and barely did that as a GREAT FILM Top Gun 2 was right behind it with 45 Million in ticket sales (835 million world wide) and its in its 4th week…

    But to WOKE LIBERALS its a “success” if it only made HALF of its initial projections! Only 51 million domestic in its first weekend and only a paltry 36 million from the rest of the world….it needs 500 Million in world wide box office just to break even!

    My Math: This WOKE turd costs 200 Million to make, another reported 200 million to promote. That’s 400 million right there. But remember, Disney has to SHARE the box office with the theaters, so even 400 million in box office is NOT break even!! Even another 100 million may not cut it for ANY profit…

    This dud will flop and lay on the same trash heap of other woke movies! Its not the kiss but the FACT that this ENTIRE movie is FOCUSED on the lesbian relationship-Buzz is the bad guy of he “wins” because it will end the lesbian relationship if he does.

    This movie-aimed at little kids-is nothing more than more Disney grooming and MANY parents have caught on!

  26. David

    People don’t want grooming in kids movies. Simple.

  27. Bob

    Nice spin.. The movie “reported” budget was $200 million. Not sure if that includes advertising. That total means they still have $115 million to go, just to break even.. By Sunday, it had dropped to 3rd place behind Jurassic World, and Maverick, in ticket sales. It is being declared a flop by even Liberal MSM!!

    1. bluecollarcritic

      This is probably a Disney paid for puff piece to prop up the film. That or it could be a woke journalist who’s happy to prop up the agenda without being bribed to do it.

    2. Get Bent

      It does not include advertising. The break-even point (after factoring in cuts given to the theaters) is about $500 million.

  28. bluecollarcritic

    85 Million is HARDLY the WIN the author is making it out to be. TOY STORY 3 released 12 years ago and had a DOMSETIC opening on 110Million. Lightyears GLOBAL of 85Millioncompared to a 12 year old Toy Story 3’s DOMESTIC only of 110Million does not paint a positive picture for the Light Year film. Its clear that the film’s box office take WILL be impacted by the negative response to its “gay kiss” and it’s because people are sick & tired of having homosexuality shoved into all Disney content. It’s not wanted and Disney will continue to loose money if they keep pushing it.

    Buzz Light Year is going o be profitable but not anything like it should have been and it’s because of Disney’s WOKE ideological push.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      Buh-bye old hater! We won’t miss you!

      BTW – It’s spelled “LOSE” Why do Republicans all spell worse than most 4th graders? LMAO

      1. Anonymous

        Disney will come begging for him back when they see profits fall. Your spelling “argument” won’t change that.

  29. Chicken Wing

    Anyways, see Jurassic World: Dominion and/or Top Gun: Maverick in theaters because some companies need more love than Disney these days.

    **Insert ppl calling me right-wing just for the hell of it**

  30. Kevin

    Key (cherry-picked) word from this article “worldwide” box office. I would love to see what the US domestic box office receipts this article conveniently doesn’t mention were and how they match up to other animated movies domestic opening weekends.

    1. Dawn

      The latest film from Disney’s Pixar — which features the voice work of Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear — opened to an estimated $51 million at the North American box office this weekend.

      That number came in way under industry expectations, which projected the film to make around $70 million. The movie took in $85.6 million worldwide, according to Disney.

  31. JCAT

    What stats are you using? It didn’t even come close. Frozen II opening weekend was $358m worldwide. It didn’t come close to the top 23.

    Rank Film Worldwide opening ($ million) Year Ref[1]
    1 Frozen II 358.5 2019 [2]
    2 The Lion King 245.9 2019 [3]
    3 Toy Story 4 244.5 2019 [4]
    4 Incredibles 2 235.8 2018 [5]
    5 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 218.4 2009 [6]
    6 Finding Dory 185.7 2016 [7]
    7 The Simpsons Movie 170.9 2007 [8]
    8 Jiang Ziya: Legend of Deification 151.7 2020 [9]
    9 Despicable Me 2 147.4 2013 [10]
    10 Toy Story 3 145.3 2010 [11]
    11 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted 137.6 2012 [12]
    12 Monsters University 136.9 2013 [13]
    13 Shrek the Third 136.8 2007 [14]
    14 Shrek 2 131.1 2004 [15]
    15 Minions 128.3 2015 [16]
    16 Ice Age: Continental Drift 126.9 2012 [17]
    17 Ralph Breaks the Internet 127 2018 [18]
    18 The Secret Life of Pets 118.6 2016 [19]
    19 Ice Age: The Meltdown 115.4 2006 [20]
    20 Frozen 110.6 2013 [21]
    21 Cars 2 109.0 2011 [22]
    22 Kung Fu Panda 2 108.9 2011 [23]
    23 The Croods 106.0 2013 [24]

  32. Romyeaux

    This is an attempt to recover production costs when mainstream Americans will not take their kids to see this movie. I know exactly how Disney is doing. I am a stockholder. Pixar has not been doing well. It needs a fresh injection of John Lassiter.

  33. Notgettingmyname

    You know this movie hasn’t made any money yet right? 85 mil doesn’t cover the marketing budget of this movie. They didn’t trump the box office they bombed. This despite the fact that no one was even trying to “cancel” this movie. It’s just… only an ok movie and the people who saw it Friday told their friends so.

  34. Wokenbroke

    Wow. Talk about propaganda…


  35. Dawn

    This site has so many Bigots, rude, and insecure people that post in the comments. Would be nice if they allowed us to report the hate speech.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      Let the bigots post. Let the decent human beings lecture and ridicule them for who they are. It’s both freedom of speech, and checks and balances.

      At least it’s a level playfield as it stand.

      1. Anonymous

        On the contrary, you and Dawn just can’t handle the truth. Both of you need Jesus.

      2. S1

        You two are communist sympathizers who would’ve been ratted out by Walt Disney on Capitol Hill. The only guests who matter are the purists. Were you going during Walt’s lifetime? Are you descendant of those guests? Are you thoroughly educated in the way Disney was ran before Eisner? Do you believe all decisions should be made by asking “what would Walt do?” If not you’re an undesirable. Disney is not for everyone and everyone isn’t welcome. Disney parks are private clubs for members only.

  36. Rick

    Terrible movie. One of the many reasons Trump will win in 2024 🙂

  37. Movie was a HUGE FLOP and BOMBED………

    Disney got what it deserves

    Company is terrible and we wont give them any of our money

  38. S1

    This is why when I seize Disney in a hostile takeover, I will be the Trump it needs and will initiate the Make Disney Great Again movement because that’s the answer to the question “What Would Walt Do?” The same mantra that once governed all decisions made at Disney for decades after Walt’s death and what will govern all decisions again under my rule even if that means Disney stays stuck in the 1960s. I will cater only to Disney purists, the only guests who matter and have a no-hire policy against anyone woke and not allow them into the parks. The parks will be treated as what they should be: private members-only clubs.

  39. Mason

    Terrible movie.

  40. Mario

    Locally and internationally it bombed because of the grooming. Go woke go broke.

  41. Jeanine Porter

    What a joke…:this movie is a bomb!
    When you cancel Tim Allen and your fan base, it show the world you’re clueless !!!!

  42. Toby

    My wife and I are big movie goers- sometimes twice a weekend.
    It wasn’t just the kiss. Too many unanswered questions- who got her pregnant, as it was shown. Another longer kiss on their 40th anniversary?
    The LGBTQ+ infusion had NOTHING to do with the very lame story line.
    We won’t return as we did for Maverick.
    Huge disappointment.

  43. Norad

    OMG some people are born gay and struggle with suicide and you Christians just spit on them. You all sicken me.

  44. Sid

    I want to lodge a complaint with star command. This film is a mockery of space rangers throughout the entire universe!

  45. Marie

    Not rushing out to see it I’ll wait until it’s free. Disney has priced out middle class in their parks, and taken a stance on teaching gender identity to kids under 8 in school? Why? I could care less about the brief female peck, not offended by gay but I respect peoples opinions for not wanting that pushed into kids films. They don’t need to push relationships gay or straight in kids movies period.

  46. Sam

    So people who voice there concern about lgbtq content in kids movies basically just need to stop complaining and stop being so bigoted.
    Ok so people who are happy with lgbtq content would be fine with Christian content in kids movies too right?
    Let’s say Pixar/Disney decided to make an Incredibles prequel. And in the movie the hero, who might be down on their luck, meets a humble Christian man who preaches to him about the strength and love of Christ. It’s not too long just maybe 30seconds. That would be ok right? No one would lose their minds right?

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