Comments for Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Given “Severe Nudity” Warning for Same-Sex Scene

Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Victor Nazarian

    This is wrong of people to misuse ratings tags. Some people may object to some content but that’s not a good reason to do more than simply say so.

    Disney is obviously not profiting from putting social politics ahead of story and good business but even so, people who disagree with Disney management’s mistakes should not carry things to dishonest extremes.

  2. Turnabout

    It’s not a “new craze” it’s just that using it against the left, as opposed to the left using it to control others, is new. Should people lie about stuff? No, but let’s not pretend this was started by “the right” when it has been going on for decades in various forms.

  3. Mark

    Honest & objective ratings are what is needed. Personally, won’t waste my time or money seeing it & definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone either.

    1. Peek behing the curtain

      The problem is that we never get honest and objective reviews with so much of the review business owned by or getting kickbacks from the media companies.

      Most Disney news sites get kickbacks from Disney or travel agencies for Disney; RT is owned by Comcast (Universal); IMDB is owned by Amazon; practically every TV channel is owned by Disney/Comcast/Warner/Amazon; most independent movie sites get paid to run ads for movies.

      There isn’t even real competition between those media giants because of all the shared ultra-rich board members and investment firms. We truly have a media monopoly hidden behind endless trees of subsidiaries and boardroom doors. That monopoly is dead set on telling you what to think and destroying you if you refuse.

      1. brian

        you are not being honest with your audience. This movie is tanking in a big way. We can discuss why and if its fair but to lie and say its breaking records is some crazy spin

    2. Ed

      Funny. You call for honest and objective ratings but yet have judged it without seeing it. Is that honest and objective? Rather hypocritical don’t you think to avoid seeing a movie because of a peck on the cheek by two women, don’t you think.

      A lesbian kiss in a movie is ONLY a bad thing for those who view homosexuality as wrong and a choice. For those who think that way, you’re lost in the woods and nullifies your ability to be objective about the movie.

      Love how we talk about moral depravity but the people objecting to this “kiss” are likely spending money watching movies like Wolf of Wall Street or American Psycho and thinking of it as just fun entertainment and not a threat to the moral breakdown of society (and those films had far more objectionable things in it then a lesbian kiss).

  4. EricJ

    Uh, boy, Andy must have enjoyed THAT scene when he “saw this movie in 1995″…

  5. Paul Simon

    This is fake… Look at IMDb. It is green for sex and nudity.

    1. Paddy

      This is not fake, I have a screenshot of IMDb from last night (Monday) If it would let me post it in this reply I would.

  6. Sandy

    The people who ruining Walt’s company need to get out of his company and start their own disgusting company.
    Unfortunately I’m sure there are plenty of disgusting, sick people out there to have whatever evil type of business they want.
    Apparently they are not very intelligent because they are going through a corporation that stood for decency.
    As much as I love what Walt gave the world, I would rather see it end, than have the sick perverts
    profit under Walt’s dream!
    I’m so sick of them.


      @ SANDY,
      WE AGREE 100%

    2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Wait, what perverts? Where are they? Where is the perversion.
      All I see here is a bunch of bigotry. Yes, that would be you Sandy. At least where the title with pride.

    3. AJ

      So you don’t consider anti semitism depraved? Because that’s pretty much what Walt Disney stood for.

      1. S

        Walt was not anti semitic. That is a myth and a lie that has been debunked and people have been sued for espousing.

    4. Kim

      Absolutely agree.

  7. Dudey

    Spouting nonsense and gaslighting again, huh, Alex? This film is NOT breaking records, except maybe by how much it has underperformed.

    It is interesting how you are really trying hard to spin this. I guess you have your own agenda, huh?

  8. Noel

    Imagine thinking a lesbian kiss is ruining Disney lol. It’s not evil, it’s not wrong. You people are insane and deluded. I expected a more positive comment section here, but apparently not.

  9. John Bell

    Try as some will, the LGBTQ agenda is not, and never will be, “main stream”. We are slowly seeing Americans recognize that the “old school” moral code, far from being outdated, is what we need to teach our children to avoid the moral decay we have witnessed over the past 20 years.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      No, actually what is ‘old school’ is your blatant bigotry. Where your badge with honor.
      If you question the badge, check the defitition: a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

  10. Casey

    Disney and Pixar have shown in this movie and in the state of Florida with their moves against children being taught this kind of crap that they are no longer the company that Mr Walt Disney started and built. Buzz Lightyear is supposed to be a childrens cartoon. I will not waste anymore of my dollars to support this type of agenda.

    1. AJ

      Mr. Walt Disney was an anti semite, so maybe everyone in these comments should stop acting like he is the paragon of morality…

      Unless you also hate Jewish people, in which case thank you for outing yourself as a bigot.

      1. S

        Walt was not anti semitic you liar. That is an urban legend that has been disproved and that people have faced legal consequences for espousing. Walt’s daughter married into a Jewish family and Walt hired many Jews like the Sherman brothers, Marty Sklar, and Kay Kamen who once said Walt had “more Jews than the Book of Leviticus.” Walt was also honored by B’nai Brith in 1955 as their Man of the Year. Anyone who says Walt was anti semitic should be subjected to Room 101 style torture with rats until they admit he wasn’t.

  11. Greg

    We can’t take you seriously as a journalist since your lying to readers about the movies performance as it is absolutely tanking at the box office. You have your own agenda, just like Disney and if they keep trying to cram it down our throats it will be vomited out.

  12. DRT

    Did you seriously type this?? LOL

    “Nonetheless, Pixar’s latest feature film is demolishing the box office and breaking animated movie records.

    While not every Pixar fan is thrilled to see the new movie, Lightyear is proving to be one of the most profitable hits to come out of Emeryville, California, in a long while.”

    I mean, give us a break. It’s a Pixar movie, released during the prime summer months, on a Father’s day weekend, based on a BILLION dollar franchise, supported by multiple attractions at the theme parks – and it didnt even finish in first at the box office on opening weekend! It came in second to a Jurassic World movie that the critics have destroyed, that was playing in it’s second week. Worse, it only beat Top Gun Maverick by seven million dollars and that movie has been out for 4 weeks!
    Absolutely regardless of where you stand on the homosexual kiss, the opening can’t be seen as anything but a disaster for Disney. It’s embarrassing that you could try and spin it any other way. A 200 Million production budget plus a rumored 75-100 million advertising budget with a domestic opening weekend haul of 51 million? It’s very possible this movie won’t even break even. And you think it’s “breaking records and demolishing the box office”?

    If you want to push the movie, then by all means. Talk about the beautiful animation, the story and plot, the funny little robot cat, or whatever else you liked about it. But don’t insult people’s intelligence. To this point, Lightyear has been a huge disappointment for the box office.

  13. Denise

    Bottom line, most are sick of Disney’s wokeness and pushing an agenda in everyone’s face. I’m done with Disney as are most.

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