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Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar Animation / Disney


  1. EricJ

    The politically (ahemdesantis) motivated “Review bombs”, trying to artificially push down the reviews to Lightyear’s bad in-house demographic pandering, are doing a shameful disservice to the bad reviews that “The Good Dinosaur”, “Incredibles 2” and “Toy Story 4” worked so hard to get all on their own.

    1. Roc


      1. The Gent

        No hate or politics, just people tired of being force fed an agenda. Leave our kids alone and your progression will flourish. Invoke our kids and you will be met with exactly what you are getting now.

        1. Michael

          Children’s movies are not a place to push wokism.

          1. Aaron

            Wokism isnt a thing. Quit pushing christian values on normal humans thanks.

          2. Terry Sylvester

            Homosexuality is a perversion of adults. It confuses kids and leads to depression and worse. Christianity is the secret to a peaceful mind. Our kids are dying without Christ. Fact because I work with them.

          3. Tom Dini

            Fact, huh? I’m in ministry and also work with kids. I got a good 60 years left in me and I look forward to combatting your ass-backwards bigotry til the day I die.

          4. JCS

            Then you are not teaching the Bible if you believe homosexuality is ok.

          5. Opinion

            Actually, the main reason I won’t watch it is that they wouldn’t let Tim Allen do Buzz, most likely due to his political beliefs.
            It is intolerant and ridiculous. Just like firing Gina Carano. I did not agree with everything she said, but I agree with almost nothing Mark Ruffalo says and I don’t think he should be fired. He is a man paid to pretend for a living.
            If Christians were as intolerant as people make us out to be, we would watch practically NO movies due to the actor’s beliefs. Disney is literally punishing people for not falling into line. That is fascist period (not that anyone actually knows what that means anymore).

        2. Boba Fatt

          That’s exactly hate and politics. No one is being “force fed” any kind of “agenda.”

          1. Oblivious

            A Disney executive is literally on official record saying she is forcing a gay agenda into their content.

          2. Ron James

            Yes we are being forced fed an agenda. It’s on every tv show we watch and every commercial. Their making it seem that every work place in America has 3 gay couples and 2 transgender workers with 1 guy transitioning. As a parent I don’t think my young children need to be exposed to this untill their a little older to understand, but that’s just me. If your gay, a cross dresser or a transgender thats transitioning, have at it and I applaud you, just dont shove down our throats. We’re choking here and getting tired of listening to it. Why do they need all this attention? We get it. Have at it. On another note Disney stocks are plummeting.

          3. Shell

            Then ANY couple showing affection should be banned on anything children can see, we wouldn’t want them exposed to adults showing affection until they are older .🙄 I tottally get not wanting my children to see sexual acts in a family show but a simple kiss goodbye ,come on that’s nothing and if which probably won’t happen If the kid asks about it ,simply say they care for each other and are giving a kiss .There is nothing sexual about this at all.

        3. Gina

          Exactly! Well said!!! Stop pushing YOUR bedroom on our kids. They are innocent and don’t CARE OR NEED TO SEE this stuff that we as the parents did not Pay MONEY to see. Smh. I would’ve never spent a dime to see this crap film that’s nothing but an agenda.

          1. Phillip

            Please, dear God, show us this “sex scene you are heavily implying exists in a kid’s movie. I’ll wait. Oh wait, there isn’t one? It’s just two people showing they love each other? THE END OF THE WORLD . 😂

          2. Ron James

            Not the end of the world but It’s 2 same sex people showing they love each other. My 7 year old doesn’t understand this and I don’t feel I should have to explain this to her untill shes a little older. If they want to show this on night time television fine, my kids are in bed, but I don’t expect to see this watching a cartoon at my local theater. But that’s just me.

          3. Terry Sylvester

            Ron, be a man. Protect your child’s mind from the invasion of perversion. It will confuse them, lead to depression or worse. Then you will have to deal with something that is infinitely worse than anything you have ever experienced….child depression.

          4. Terry Sylvester

            Homosexuality presented to our kids causes confusion and depression. Stop trying to teach biologically incorrect lifestyles to our young. It is killing them.

          5. Eric

            So since it’s two people of the same sex sharing a kiss you believe “their bedroom ” is being forced on your kids?! Would you feel the same if they were watching a man and wife kissing?

          6. Ron James

            No because its the norm at our house and at 96% of all other American households. It’s like walking around the house nude in front of your kids. If that’s your thing have at it, it’s just not mine.

          7. Shell

            Soo you do not want a couple kissing on the screen and think it should be private and not shown to kids? So you make sure to not let your kids see and you get upset at any show that shows two people kissing goodbye? Cause that’s all the scene shows.

        4. GM

          Amen brother! Take your left wing politics elsewhere. I hope this loses $$

        5. peopleewoke of Tired

          Just admit gays think there so special.. Your not different you just have sex different.. Why make it seem like your special.. I love how gays call it pride as they hide in there closet and pretend.. Real people don’t play pretend so we don’t have to follow your fantasy beliefs..

          1. A

            If we aren’t different then you need to stop acting like we are

          2. Donald Quarnstrom

            Moronbigoted moron

          3. Terry Sylvester

            Donald, Be a real man. Stop supporting perversion. Perversion leads to confusion in youth followed by depression. Stand up and be strong about the truth.

          4. Tom Dini

            Yeah, wrong. Spiritual abuse and the perversion of Scripture for your fear-powered agenda cause lots and lots of depression amongst kids. I’ve spent a decade counseling and teaching and have helped many escape. The evangelical movements’ days are numbered.

        6. Phill


        7. Phillip


        8. Dawn

          Then, you want all scenes showing hetero couples removed from movies too? No? Well……

          1. Jen

            I dont support it. I also don’t support any kind of kissing in cartoons. Gay or straight. Cartoons are for hijinks and entertainment not for intimacy.

          2. Ron

            Big difference Dawn. One is normal and is acceptable to God, the other is an unnatural act that God calls an abomination.

          3. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

            @Ron, big difference, one is normal and part of life and the other, oh yeah is normal and part of life. But perhaps we should be more concerned with what why are you so bigotted? And yes, bigot is the correct word.

          4. C

            The bible said nothing about gays being “against god”. Funny how mistranslations work.

          5. Go

            Yeah, that need to removed too, from KIDS movies ofc
            I dont support any gay/straight on kids movies.

            If the movie make for adult, then yeah just put everything, i dont care lmao

          6. James Jackson

            They already have been removed, Dawn. Look at all of the movies where the parents are divorced and the protagonist is raised by a single mother.

        9. Brandon

          So you and your kids are forced to see the movie. Didn’t know it was required for school children.

        10. Jon

          That’s politics.

          Disney doesn’t need small-minded people like you.

          1. Steven Brengard

            Perhaps you have not seen its stock as of late. Yeah … it kind of needs us too.

        11. AmandaAm

          So what should you suggest i tell my daughter who has 2 moms? So the hate is not an agenda its a life.

          1. Milky

            That her parents are mentally ill

        12. Mort

          Isn’t that your political agenda? As this growingly becomes part of the norm, it’s not agenda based. It’s no longer about teaching kids that Men and women should be together. That’s your agenda

        13. Lala

          100% Agree!

        14. A

          The only thing that’s being force fed is your belief that a family can’t have two of the same sex parents and be happy at the same time That’s a family in the picture. A child with two moms.

          1. James

            Sorry you know in your heart that a family has a mother and a father. Male and female. There is no family without that because it takes make and female to procreate not two confused and sexually perverted people

          2. Ron

            Two same sex parents is not a normal family and not a family that God recognises. God says a man and woman shall come together.

          3. Jojopinionator

            Screw your idea of God. It’s outdated and absolute BS at this point. Backed by customs unable to age with the changing times.

          4. kurt

            Well written!!
            Please keep your god to yourself.

          5. Sharon

            You will see there is a real God. Homosexuality is an abomination and is NOT natural. Apparently you need a lesson in science.To make it even more simple take a plug (male) plug it into the wall (female). You can’t put 2 plugs together or to plug ins together, it’s NOT natural.

          6. James Jackson

            Of course it’s not natural; in their recognition of this they have to have one partner larp as a female and the other to larp as a male. They can never escape the natural, only attempt to simulate and degrade it by turning the male member into silicon and the female member into an anus.

            They can’t escape the fact that it’s not sex, it’s not real – it’s just disgusting larping with feces.

          7. James Jackson

            The lessons of the Law were borne out of the “changing times” that you are promoting as fresh and new right now. Being a primitive degenerate has already been tried and we’ve seen what it resulted in – a decadent culture on the verge of complete collapse.

          8. Terry Sylvester

            I can guarantee that if you don’t believe in God you will be depressed or have anxiety.

          9. Ron James

            And the cycle continues: The children of lesbian parents are less likely to identify as heterosexual as adults and much more likely to report same-sex attraction, according to a long-term study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, a think tank focused on sexual orientation and gender.

          10. Terry Sylvester

            Its as though we are creating teams and using our children as pawns. The result is depressed and suicidal kids. So sad. Homosexuality is destroying society with mental illness.

        15. Steven Blue

          True! Kids don’t care! It’s the parents!

          1. Steven Brengard

            Well the parents are the ones that pay for the movie so …

        16. David

          An agenda? If showing a cross-section of real people in real life, having representation for all people is an agenda then thank God.

        17. Donald Quarnstrom


        18. Donald Quarnstrom

          Typical con: scared and stupid.

          1. Chrid

            Typical liberal: Intolerant and inaccurate

          2. Terry Sylvester

            You libs are blind to the fact that introducing adult concepts like abnormal relationships, is a good thing. Most libs are emotionally impaired and abused so they pass it on.

        19. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

          Actually, the correct word to use here is bigot.

        20. Shiv

          Wait so a straight couple kissing is “normal” and a gay couple is an “agenda”… Got it

        21. Greg

          Right on the money

        22. Bob


        23. W. Shurtleff


        24. GUY ROULEAU

          The Gent put it in as succinct and coherent a fashion as any truth could be stated.

        25. parent of four

          agreed as well…had to ruin a perfectly good movie with a not so secret agenda… booo

        26. Terry Sylvester

          Nothing wrong with homophobia. You are heterophobic and in America, you can be what you want to be.

        27. Terry Sylvester

          Be a real man Ed. Stop the lies out there that both reproductive parts together is normal. Those that go with the homosexual agenda most likely have a mental problem.

        28. Terry Sylvester

          It is 100% agenda. The agenda is that if you can convince people that homosexuality is normal then the gays will stop killing themselves. But is the promotion of the perversion that is actually causing the confusion and depression. Wake up!!!

      2. George

        Like Disney or Pixar care about the loss of box-office sales in the Middle East, a miniscule fraction of the world movie market, or bigots review bombing a movie that hasn’t even opened yet. Get real. This movie will probably another smash success.

        1. Really

          Like Solo?

        2. Ron James

          But it wasn’t.

      3. Joe Money

        Pushing an agenda in a kids’ movie is sad, shows desperation and hopefully will drag ticket sales down where they belong.

        1. Amused onlooker

          A kiss is not an agenda

          1. Steven Brengard

            It is when the left ensures it is in every movie, every TV show, every computer game, every book, etc. Wake up.

          2. Travis

            LOL “Computer Game”, how old are you? 60? 70? Crawl back into your cave, Disney definitely doesn’t care what you think anymore.

          3. Gre

            It is when it is between2 guys

        2. Eric

          I’m still waiting for someone to explain this “agenda” they think is being forced on them. What is this agenda and what is the goal? How many are so weak that they can be corrupted by a kids movie?

      4. James

        Ousting Tom Allen for his personal views that don’t line up with Hollow Wood, putting inappropriate scenes to normalize and indoctrinate perverted acts and lifestyles, and doing it in a kids movie is not only disgusting but immoral and if they were being responsible in American theaters the whole country would ban any Disney movie until they stop trying to sexualize and indoctrinate small children into perversion. Disney and allentertainment companies that insist on perverting the country through these immoral scenes and Marxist styled rhetoric.

        1. billnyenotascienceguy

          Well stated.

    2. Ken

      What do you mean not out yet? I had 3 out 4 local theaters playing it at the time of this article publishing? Was really looking forward to the movie and it was a total disappointment, which has nothing to do with it’s night and day representation of equality between a straight white male lead and a black lesbian side character. If you look at the vast majority of IMDb reviews from users you will see that it’s just because the movie sucks.

      1. Steve-O

        Not true and you know it. Where is this mythical theater that was allowed to show a movie days before it’s released???

        1. Mike Wazowski

          Saw it on Thursday. It was kinda dark. The cat was cool and the imagery was really something, but I would t take a kid to see it, at least not young children (and the kissing scene is quick so I’m gonna ignore this topic all together). I will say the movie was a 3/5 for me. Just really not up to par. I live in the Disney bubble (just outside of Disney springs) and was disappointed in it. Bring back the days of Monsters Inc.

        2. Harry

          My theater had showings on Tuesday

        3. Jenifer

          It’s out in most theaters. I just googled my theater Starz cenima Hillsboro Ohio and Chillicothe Ohio and GroveCity Ohio. Better investigate better before making yourself a fool.

        4. Go

          Bro, the pirate version already in HD 1080p lmao

          1. Shell

            But most of the commenters on this post are “Christian” and would never stoop to pirating/stealing as that’s against god. And would be a worse sin than the scene they’re all upset about.

      2. Paul

        Ken, go read the 1 star user reviews.. it’s blatantly obvious these “reviewers” didn’t spend a second watching the movie. They are all itchy bigots who couldn’t resist spreading the hate by creating 1 star hate messages. I’m not saying the movie is great.. but a normal person isn’t going to go on there and put out a parragraph about “agendas” and “forced narratives” over a 1 second kiss. I’m ashamed of my own country right now.

        1. Bruh

          Good. Stay ashamed. The movie is ass. And there was no need for a same sex scene. What’s the point of it? And if they did watch the movie and you’re talking for them or against THEIR opinion. You’re part of the disappointment keyboard warrior.

          1. Xoom

            If there’s no need for a same sex scene there’s no need for a straight scene and a s a bi, I say why not have both

          2. Mark L Sheldon

            Boo hooo

          3. Mark L Sheldon

            The only shame is your insistence

        2. Linda

          Having a different ideology does not make someone a bigot. Isn’t it time the name calling stopped and we all agreed to be tolerant of different opinions?

          1. WokeIsForPaedos

            Yeah the bigots are the woke paedo’s that refuse to let anyone have a valid opinion. They are too stupid to see the irony

          2. Ed

            Yes it does. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

          3. Aaron

            No, but believing that chastely depicting the existence of gay people is obscene makes you a bigot. I don’t see how “gay people are people” is an ideology.

          4. Mark L Sheldon

            Yes it dose stop your homophobia gross

          5. Karimah

            How does it feel that human life can only come into this world through a heterosexual relationship. If everyone was gay the human race would become extinct if they really stuck to their natural relationship.

          6. John

            Honestly would rather have the human race go extinct than have to read comments like yours, Karimah.

          7. Korra

            Not everyone is in a relationship to have kids. There are same-sex couples even with other animal species. If anything it could help us not overpopulate. God knows some hetero couples sure seem to not have heard of contraceptives.

        3. Michael

          Then leave.

        4. What they say about turnabout

          Disney has an official video where one of their executives is discussing how she is forcing a gay agenda into their content. You’re either obliviously or intentionally ignoring facts.

          For many people, the pandering actually would damage their appreciation of the content. It is fairly often I am completely taken out of modern media due to excessive pandering. If I know ahead of time it’s in there, I don’t need to consume it to know what my reaction is.

          Besides, you never once cared when leftists review bombed anything for offending them. If it’s fine to negatively review something you didn’t watch/finish because you were offended, then it’s also OK for people you dislike to do it.

          1. Mark L Sheldon

            Nothjng is force feal with it it is reality

        5. Miles.jamell@stores.kroger.com

          Oh yes they absolutely are.

        6. Terry Sylvester

          It is sad to see men like you become so weak to not stand up for what is right. You know homosexuality is a perversion of nature yet you wimp out and take the easy way out and pretend that both reproductive organs together is okay. This perversion leads to confusion in kids whose parents do not teach them proper sexuality. This depression leads to suicide. Be strong and don’t contribute to it. Be a real man.

      3. Joe

        My kid & seemingly every other kid in the theater I was in loved it & were virtually bouncing out their seats with excitement throughout the entire movie.

        1. Gil

          I know Joe, because that’s the real world. These troIIs just stayed at home and fumed because someone that doesn’t look like them was shown on screen. Gasp!!

    3. Woody wouldn't leave

      You have a point. Toy Story 4 doesn’t have nearly enough bad reviews for how thoroughly it butchered a perfect trilogy. This is a low-effort cashgrab trying to use controversy marketing.

    4. Roz

      It is 2022 FFS, why is a same sex kiss even an issue still? This is absurd. I’m so glad I’m raising my kids in a community where seeing a woman giving her wife a kiss goodbye or seeing same sex couples walking around holding hands is just as mundane as seeing hetero couples doing the same thing. Stop being so worried about what other people are up to if it doesn’t hurt or affect you.

      1. Mark L Sheldon

        Ill say that once the show a man on man for once

      2. Milky

        Cps should take your kids

    5. D S

      The same is true when Disney tries to force its woke politics onto people who are fed up with it all. So, when you talk about politics being the reason for this backlash, it was politics, woke politics, that started it.

      1. Jon

        How is showing a heterosexual kiss, “forcing woke politics” into anyone?

        Gay people exist, they’re everywhere. Never having gay people on television would be “having an agenda”. Showing normal life is not.

        1. Tired of it

          Why do you think it must be shoved in front of children? What goal do you hope that accomplishes? There’s your agenda.

        2. Ron

          Homosexuality is not normal, it is an abomination to God according to my Bible.

          1. Eric

            I hate when people of low IQ use their imaginary friend and his diary of fictional stories to rationalize their own fear and hatred. Keep in mind that your Christian values align with whole countries of your enemies in faith. Yep, you are in total agreement with Muslims hating the same love as you. You think Allah hates fags more than Jesus’ dad?

    6. General Ocsic

      This article fails to mention all the fa ts. It’s not the kiss that troubles many people. It’s the using of a kids movie to push a political agenda. The kiss had been removed (Disney wanted the movie shown in China), then inserted back as a way to get back at DeSantis.
      I won’t review the movie because I won’t see the movie because it is a political film, not entertainment.

      1. Eric

        You do know that showing a married couple kissing has nothing to do with politics. Also you can’t consider it an agenda because they decided to keep an original scene in the movie after considering cutting it for a broader market. It was part of the movie to begin with an removing it sounds more like an agenda to me

    7. Jimmy

      Don’t need desantis to think for me. Clear as glass. Raunchy

      1. Dale

        Lol, I guess Cinderella, Snow White and Belle were some raunchy bit€hes then. And ARIEL.. 16 with a 21 year old. But I bet your bigoted a$$ had no issues with any of THAT.

    8. Ben

      Love this!!!!

    9. GregP

      ErucJ – were you disturbed about the political “Review Bombers” regarding Van Morrison and Eric Clapton album releases during covid? I believe that the art (film, music, interpretations, etc..) should study or fall on its own merit, but sadly, that is not the world we live in.

    10. Nicole

      The Good Dinosaur is a wonderful movie with great morals It is actually a kid appropriate movie that was geared towards children… you know, the way kid movies should be…

  2. Disney removes homosexual scenes from their movies for world wide distribution. Perhaps, Americans would like to watch an ANIMATED film without homosexual scenes. What kind of rating will Lightyear carry with homosexual scenes?

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      @Beautiful Gorgeous
      Did you not even read the article or just jump to making these comments. Disney is not removing these same sex kiss scenes. That is the whole point of the article.

    2. Tom

      Seeing enough LBGTQ Pride already. Why pay to see something I don’t care to see, especially my kids? …And it’s not about hate! It’s about an agenda, politics and a life style that if one doesn’t accept and agree with then one is automatically a hate monger. With these other countries saying no to this movie and others promoting the gay issue, which it is, I agree with them. With the majority of the world being straight vs 5% or less not, for my convictions and spending my money where I will enjoy entertainment Buzz is also a thumbs down on the growing list of things we dont need to see. Its seen on the street for free, I’ll get off my soap box now but enough of this on “family” shows, they are not.

      1. Debby Rusovick

        That was well said and I agree, these types of scenes are not ok to show in a children’s movie.

        1. Xoom

          If lesbians kissing is inappropriate then so is a man and woman kissing

          1. D S

            You’re logic escapes me.

          2. F

            Get an education then.

          3. Dawn

            How?!?! Love is love… skin is skin….. lips are lips. Why is it okay for a man and woman to kiss but not anyone else? It’s the same thing,

          4. pope francis


            Sexual deviants are not normal.

          5. Korra

            Says a Pope..🤣 Oh the irony..

          6. Ron

            That’s not what GOD says. You are delusional.

          7. Mary

            God also gave actual commandments to not steal, lie, be glutenous etc. So seeing as how those were important enough to write down on tablets and make commandments of,you would think Christians would be more upset of people doing those things but no little lies and overeating are tolerated. The only “sins” you care about are ones you don’t agree with or do yourselves.

          8. Ben

            Did your auntie tell you that between kisses?

      2. Mac

        First: Reviewing a movie you have not seen is just wrong. And hating on a movie that is inclusive of everyone is just hateful. The tired excuse of” but this is a family film” won’t fly. Gay have families too. Sad so many people have to hate on others. Disney did the right thing by this movie,(and it is long overdue), and I got one look forward to it.

        1. Mike

          Naturally gay people are not meant to have families (kids) it’s in their DNA.

          1. Pail

            Lol,Mike, my dog is more intelligent than you. Unbelievable

          2. George

            Like Disney or Pixar care about the loss of box-office sales in the Middle East, a miniscule fraction of the world movie market, or bigots review bombing a movie that hasn’t even opened yet. Get real. This movie will probably another smash success.

          3. Anti-racist

            Why are you so quick to dismiss the beliefs and importance of brown people? Racist.

          4. BigotsNeedToGo

            Really?!?! I know a number of Gay males that have BIOLOGICAL children. They still have sperm and can still get someone pregnant. You just have issues thinking that everyone is equal.

          5. Mo

            They had to be heterosexuals when they made the baby.

          6. Biology

            They definitely didn’t make that child with their gay friend, unless someone didn’t tell someone something.

        2. Bruh

          Gays technically don’t have a family. As you CANNOT Biologically reproduce with same sex. Anyways, that aside. Everyone is just speaking their mind. Don’t get all upset.

          1. WokeIsForPaedos

            Science is hard for woke paedo’s that buy kids to pervert them

          2. Mary

            Sooo my Aunt and Uncle who couldn’t have children and adopted, aren’t technically a family because they couldn’t reproduce themselves? They are just as much a family as any other.

        3. Double standards or none at all

          The left does it literally all the time and you don’t care. People can also judge a movie on its trailers and promotional content.

        4. F u retard

          Okay I want to point out your stupidity Tim Allen would have been buzz if everybody was included not Chris Evans so f*** you

      3. Jesus: Way, Truth, Life

        Machiavellian Disney only included the gay kissing scene only to get more eyeballs on their stupid film. Why waste your time with this crap?

        1. Lies all around

          It doesn’t matter if anyone actually cares. There have been many situations where controversies were completely fabricated for PR purposes, to the point of PR teams getting caught posting negative comments and reviews. You might as well speak your mind since the public will be fed the same story regardless of reality.

      4. Michael

        That’s what makes it an agenda.

        I VERY small minority forcing others to accept, ingest and agree otherwise be shamed to ideas, concepts and lifestyles.

        Think I heard of another movement that did this is the 1930’s and 40’s.

        1. Bob

          Yup, and DONT GET ME STARTED on those coIored folks still trying to persuade us that they’re equals and not made to serve us! When will civilization realize that these “moves for equality” are immoral and unnatural! White and straight! Everyone else can go to heII!

      5. Roz

        There is no “gay agenda” beyond normalizing homosexuality, and there is nothing radical about this. They are not trying to make your kids gay, they are trying to save gay kids.

        1. F u retard

          Then what’s going on in school where they are hiding gender affirming B’s and teaching the kids that don’t know any better that they are trans when they really ain’t? Why are people being targeted for not supporting the gay movement? If you notice you are wrong then good. If you still think you are right then I’m sorry you ain’t bright. But the world would be a better place if you and people like you left the usa

      6. Kara

        Totally Agree with you Tom!

    3. Jon


      Wow. You think two people of the same sex kissing requires a rating?

      You people are sick in the head.

    4. Mark L Sheldon

      To bad

  3. BJC

    The people who base their opinion on the same sex scenes are the type of people who don’t deserve the magic of Disney. I really wish that they would stick to watching Kid Rock videos and movies made by Kirk Cameron.

    1. L. Jen

      The founder of Disney is the son of a pastor. Think he would support animated sexualized mental illness in kids movies?

      1. Reperio Vita

        Not sure we’re talking about the same movie here. This is about a very brief same-sex kiss in Lightyear. What Disney movie has animated sexualized mental illness in it?

        1. Jon

          I think he’s the one who is mentally ill if he thinks a same sex kiss is a problem.

          Probably a Christian. Anyone who believes in a made up God has a mental illness.

      2. CalledIt

        He also was a bigot.

        1. walt

          your ignornace is bliss for you isn’t it. Just becuase you lie does not make your lie true. But I would expect that

        2. F u retard

          Since he was a bigot then the gays should not support Disney at all in fact the should try to have it shut down unless they are hypocrites.

      3. So you are calling a gay/lesbians a mental illness??? Oh what will you do when the ‘illness’ shows up in your house or church.

        1. Mike

          I think the mental illness is that they think they should have kids

          1. Lily

            Mike take your medication and go to bed.

        2. DeLaunhardt

          ….actually the mental illness guidebook-The DSM 3 DID call it a mental illness.

          Also-study after study shows that homosexuality is a symptom of sexual abuse! Google it…..

          1. Jon


            This guy wins the award for biggest moron on a page full of comments from morons.

            Bring a Christian is the only mental illness in display here.

          2. Mark L Sheldon


          3. Vince

            I was not abused and have 2 great parents. I’m gay. Explain?

    2. Lynn

      Or maybe they are people whose religion doesn’t jive with your beliefs. And maybe it’s Chris Evans political arrogance is more of the reason people raised a stink. People have the right to say “not for my kids” without being called names.

      1. Lynn

        I should have proof read before sending my comment but there is an add blocking my view. Couldn’t correct grammar if I wanted to. But you get my point.

      2. Terra

        I feel the same way about my kids seeing straight couples and homes with a mom & dad. 😯

        1. Ssm

          And thats your choice to not let your kid see that. See how this works?

        2. RoC

          So, you kids ask “where do babies come from?” Your reply would be about non binary, genderless unicorns?

          1. Hillart

            Hey, bag of RoCks, no one’s denying biology, you brick! My kid is bright enough for me to tell him where babies come from.. he’s also bright enough to understand that a same sex couple can be in love just like a straight couple! It’s not that hard to understand unless you don’t understand what LOVE IS!

        3. Mike

          But without straight couples there wouldn’t be kids lol

          1. Ella

            Congrats! You’re smarter than a brick!

        4. Not a doctor but

          Sounds like a mental illness.

          1. Cince

            I agree, ignorant bigots are definitely mentally sick

        5. F u retard

          So you clearly hate your parents and the kids never see their grandparents. Hmmm parent of the year for being such a mental patient

      3. Mark L Sheldon

        Bs keep your kid home no one needs to hear about it i wish mine didnt have to deal with people like you but here we are

    3. Steve-O

      Haha thanks for the laugh. Agree 100%

    4. Still5150

      Is that how you promote inclusion? Your way or no way?

      1. Geno Pontecorvo

        Disney and Pixar are now openly grooming children fir the lgbtq lmnop radicals. Its perverted and wrong. Leave your adults sexual relationships out of childrens films and parks.

        1. CC

          There is absolutely nothing sexual about two men or woman kissing. Why are straight couples allowed to kiss on screen and that’s not considered sexual?

      2. WokeIsForPaedos

        Exactly. Woke is code for bigotry and hate

      3. Mark L Sheldon

        Thats how breeders have for thousands of years …i try pretending you do not exist but it dosnt work

    5. Roz


    6. History

      More like the modern leftists, who descended from the ilk who tried to destroy Disney’s company in its early days, don’t deserve the magic of Disney.

  4. Rachel

    Nah. A same sex kiss not appropriate for a kids movie my kids won’t be watching it ages 11, 7

    1. CalledIt

      But a man and a woman kissing is fine right? My God you know their classmates have gay parents and *gasps* even their classmates are gay!

      1. goaliemom

        Actually you have no way of knowing that….

        1. CalledIt

          Yes we do.

        2. Brad D

          Anyone else tired of the political gamesmanship? Both sides suck. The left and the right. To quote Starlord “everybody just chill the f out”!!!!

          1. Tired of it

            Typical centrist who thinks they are above everything because they stand for nothing.

        3. walt

          “Normal” is what is the most occuring – therefore a man and a woman kissing is normal, men kissing men, women kissing women, men kissing children (yes its coming) is not normal. I decide as a parent – I am done as a consumer of such crap.

      2. L. Jen

        A husband and a wife kissing is natural. It is how humans are made and designed to fit each other also the only way to have children.

        The mental illness on the other hand is hyper sexual, mentally damaging, children abusing and against the natural law of the human species.

        1. Reperio Vita

          1. There are no natural “laws” of the human species. If so, please site sources with empirical data.

          2. Who in the world got you to believe that a husband and a wife kissing is not only one way to have children, but THE ONLY way on top of that? No…. just no. Children are not the product of a kiss between a husband his wife. There’s a lot more that has to happen there, but that’s a discussion you should have with your parents when they think you’re ready.

          1. Mike

            Such an idiot. All species ‘natural law’ is to procreate.

        2. Cindy

          You’re an embarrassment. Thank God you’re most likely an old fashioned B00mer who doesn’t have long left. I’m sure you also have some pretty strong opinions about “coloreds” as well, right?

      3. Terra

        You know what they say about those who protest too much 🤦🏽‍♀️

      4. Check out Polk County

        Why do you think children need to be shown it? Disney didn’t think it needed to be there, until the woke e-suite forced its inclusion and greatly limited its global reach. Why do you feel the need to push this kind of thing on children so intently? Creep.

      5. Roz

        I know, right? Do these people need to be told that there are gay people all around them? It’s not some exotic rare thing!

    2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      So, are you equally against opposite sex kisses for your children? If not, then that is bigotry. You are making a negative decision based on the fact that they are LGBT. The definition of bigotry

      1. Mike

        There is no need for any coupes to be kissing in a childrens movie

        1. Roz

          I hate to break it to you, but adults kiss in like every kids movie. Especially the classics, probably moreso in those. Snow white? Cinderella? The little mermaid? Beauty and the beast? …..yeah, I could keep going. Better ban everything just to be safe.

        2. Eric

          But then how would Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have ever regained consciousness?

      2. Roz


    3. Melissa

      I agree! Our grands 8 & 6 won’t be watching.

      1. People on both sides of this issue are arguing about it, as we’ve seen in this thread, but y’all do realize they’re going to include this scene for brownie points here in America and then write it out to get that sweet Chinese dough, right?

        Come on guys, Disney has done it for years and they’ll do it in this movie too.

        1. I did not mean to post this as a reply, but this website’s comment section sucks

    4. Eric

      So what do parents like you do when you encounter this same scenario while you’re out in the real world with your kid?

  5. Snoop

    Agreed. Kids movie. Disney/Pixar working to hard to be politically correct. No one anywhere would have ever walked out of the movie saying ( wish there was a same sex relationship in that movie) or ( I didn’t feel I was represented in this film). It’s animated!!!

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      There are many Americans and persons around the world that walk out unhappy because they are not represented. They truly wish there were more same sex kisses in movies, animated or not.

      1. Reperio Vita


      2. John

        Where’s the empirical evidence to that?

      3. lovesdisney

        Mommies with mommies and Daddies with daddies can watch movies on special channels that show lots of togetherness between same sex.Children don’t anticipate love scenes in any movie they just want to experience fun.I personally don’t mind ,however I do have a little one that is disturbed with it so it’s not for everyone.

      4. Roz

        Yes!! Minorities are actually super excited to see themselves represented!! What a privileged point of view to just take representation for granted.

    2. Roz

      You couldn’t possibly know that. What a tiny world you must live in.

  6. EricJ

    Whenever someone argues about “Representation…There aren’t enough people like ME in the movies!”, I always tell them the quote I heard when I was writing children’s books:

    There was the YA novel myth that “Teens want to read books where they can see themselves in their own lives and experiences”–
    Until authors and some editors pointed out “What teen wants to read about his own life?–They’re the first to point out, their own lives SUCK! That’s why they read about vampires, historical romance, terminal patients, girls with crossbows, and other escapes!”

    It’s not so much that Disney execs think they “have” to put same-sex characters in their movies to keep everyone happy–They have LGBT animators who think they’re chosen warriors on the front lines to put “representative” characters in to show the world they exist, or other LGBT audiences would feel sad that they paid fifteen dollars to see a movie about someone besides their own selves.
    And I would respond with the same YA observation that if you wanted to see “yourself”, you could stay home and stare at the mirror for free, rather than a movie about Buzz freakin’ LIGHTYEAR.

    1. CalledIt

      Word salad.

      1. EricJ

        Okay, well, then let’s toss some vinaigrette on it:

        Who wants to see “themselves” in a movie? I don’t.
        That’s one of the things I go to big space hero epics or animated adventures to get away from for two hours. It’s called using your imagination.

        Are there actually people so narcissistically self-absorbed that if there’s an ethnic, or female, or, heavens, LGBT character just like them in the movie, they can create Mary-Sue fantasies for themselves that “they’ve” just played a part in the story? And who actually feel personally insulted or betrayed by the filmmakers if there isn’t?
        Well, apparently, yes. As for who, let’s not unfairly single out any ONE social group in particular…

        1. CalledIt

          Again more word salad. Please stop being such a bigot.

        2. Eric

          I think I would respond to this absolute guess about what people would like to see in the movies they watch; if so many can complain about seeing minority groups represented in movies(as is obvious from this thread) then why is it so ridiculous to believe these people want to be represented?

      2. Laurie

        Not word salad. You just don’t agree.

    2. Roz

      …so, were you a successful YA writer then?

  7. Michael

    A film that show like what, about 5 seconds of a “kiss” between two girls has a low rating? But a film about “heterosexual” men killing each other is super O.K?

    1. CalledIt

      Remember these people who think doors will solve the gun violence epidemic or “prayer in school” aka indoctrinate though many countries have unlocked doors and no school prayer but hardly any gun violence. It isn’t supposed to make sense for them to say it.

      1. Drew

        Right, the gun is the problem. It ran into the school on it’s own and started shooting by itself. We’ve had guns for decades but our recent problems have happened after liberal/socialist indoctrination have been normalized.
        So prayer is indoctrination yet 12 years of liberal education is not?

        1. CalledIt

          America has more guns then people. Has that made it safer? Tell me which countires in the developed world deal with this issue of mass shootings everywhere? I will wait for your answer especially considering they every single one of your cop opt issues. Every single one yet no gun epidemic. Again will wait.

          1. Mike

            He just said it was the liberal agenda

        2. Katy

          Lol. Please quit watching fox news.

  8. Snel

    Lesbians are fine, the world needs more lesbians.

    1. EricJ

      Ellen DeGeneres says hi.

    2. Mike

      I am a man identifying as a lesbian

      1. SJW

        Brave and strong, I applaud you. 👏👏👏👏

  9. L. Jen

    Glorifying a dangerous mental illness isn’t really for children’s movies or for any movies in that matter. Unless it is a documentary showing the rise in mental illness, STDS, and physical harm and how it can be prevented.

    1. Reperio Vita

      What is this danger you keep referring to? And, how has it been glorified in any children’s movie? So many questions.

      1. CalledIt

        It’s projection that all it is since I’m middle aged and never been had a gay person like to “groom” but I cannot tell you how many religious zealots like her who have tried to make me join their cult.

    2. Roz

      Lesbians actually have the lowest STD rates! Did that help resolve your confusion? No? Then stop trying to point to stats and just admit you’re a biggot.

  10. Brandon Madigan

    Just saw this movie.
    I thought it was good. Better than Jurassic World; Dominion.
    To be honest I had to think back to even remember that they kissed. Which is how it should be. It wasn’t exploitative. It wasn’t a huge deal. It was a single moment in a movie that wasn’t about that relationship.
    It was normalized. Which is great.

    1. You are the sanest person here Brandon. Keep on keeping on.

      1. CalledIt

        That is because a lot of these people are bots or bigots who wonder in from the stories posted on yahoo.

        1. Laurie

          You seem like a bot because you’re responding to every comment. We get it. You think everyone is a bigot who doesn’t agree with you. Have a great day!

    2. Mary Long


    3. Paul

      Thanks Brandon. 👏👏

    4. Roz

      Brandon you rock!

  11. Bob bob

    People here calling homosexuality a mental illness clearly aren’t qualified to make that claim. Further, you are ignoring the fact that homosexuality has existed for thousands of years. In addition, nature itself is at question: you believe life goes on only with a man and a woman, but what of the billions of those males/females who have been and are unable to produce what’s necessary to conceive a child? Are they mentally ill? Are they wrong? Science would call them normal. Normal is what’s in question, and the human race has enjoyed hetero and homo relationships since the dawn of our species.

    Lightyear: Buzz wasn’t gay in the previous films. Why make him that now?

    Trans: since when has that been normal? Since we had technology to make it so.

    Two men kissing has never required anything of science = normal.

    Just not Buzz Lightyear. That is virtue signalling.

    1. drew who

      Its not a mental illness but it is a genetic abnormality . People are born gay . Its entirely possible that it might be curable in Utero like other genetic abnormalities . It will be for the parent to decide if that is the case if they want a gay child or not . My guess is once that happens there will a lot less gay people in the world and eventually they will all but cease to exist .

      1. Delia

        Lol are you seriously suggesting aborting your child because they might come out gay?? On another level dude.. you’re on another level. Get help. Someone really needs to get you some support.

  12. G

    Really, Disney needs to just take kissing in general out of their animated movies. Let’s not forget how cringy it was for the Prince to kiss a completely comatose Snow White, unbeknownst to her. We can’t forget these are kids movies. I know we have all these “Disney adults” now, but they’re not the demographic. Before anyone says I’m homophonic, I’m not. My nephew, cousin and several of my best friends are gay. So to reiterate, no kissing at all. Not between hetero or same sex couples. Despite what anyone says, kissing is a sexual gesture, no matter what couples are doing it. If people are going to play the “it’s just affection” card, leave hugs then, that’s fine. Take a page from Brave, Encanto or Moana. Give children stories to inspire them and leave romance in general, out. It’s outdated.

    1. JD

      This is the first comment that makes sense. You have neutralized the arguments

    2. Katy

      Don’t give me the I’m not (insert whatever bigot thing you are) because my (insert whatever family, friend, coworker) is (insert a minority). That’s the classic warning sign a bigot is in the house. So basically you wanna take people rights away?

      1. G

        Katy, you’re a classic example of someone who only read one part of a response and twists the interpretion, getting yourself unnecessarily bent out of shape. Where in any of my response does it indicate I want to take anyones rights away? I was being neutral and suggesting a solution that placates all. At least I’m proposing solutions. You’re just attacking people. Maybe read something twice before spewing baseless accusations. Did you not see that I was advocating for no kissing period? Not just from gay couples, from anyone! Take kissing out of animated movies completely. I even used Snow White as an example. Sheesh. People like you worry me about our future, since you lack comprehension skills.

        1. Katy

          No G I got that. But so you don’t have to see two people kissing from the same sex you suggestion is to take away people right to kiss. Get it together. I’m afraid for this country and the alt right telling everyone what they can do and who they can love.

      2. Dawn

        “G” isn’t saying to take anyone’s rights away…. they are saying that all kisses should be left out of animated (children’s) movies. As to make it a “non-issue” and keep everyone on an equal level.

    3. Gen

      To be fair, she’d still be asleep if he didn’t kiss her. Just saying. Cringe better than eternal slumber

  13. Derek

    “While the motives behind these “review bombs” are unclear…”
    You’re kidding right?! The beginning of your article explains the motive. Audiences are sick and tired of having an agenda shoved down their throat. Not to mention it’s a kids movie. Do I want my 5 year old asking me why two female characters on screen briefly kissed. Absolutely not. And even if she doesn’t ask about it, that just means it’s being normalized, which many parents clearly disagree with. Let’s not act like this is rocket science. It doesn’t make false reviews right in any way, but even if someone who actually does see it gives a 1-star review purely based on that one scene then its entirely justified. Audiences go to movies to be entertained, not to have a third party lecture or indoctrinate their children on a particular viewpoint. Disney was asking for this and I have zero sympathy for them.

    1. Vince

      The problem with this, Derek.. is that these 1 star “reviewers” DIDNT go watch the movie. They are spreading their hate by creating fake accounts to give this movie a 1 star WITHOUT MERIT. Until the site begins somehow verifying that a ticket was actually purchased, this is just a bunch of immature children who can’t stand that something that they don’t agree with is shown on screen even to people who completely agree with it.

      1. You're oblivious

        Meanwhile, the video game industry has to kow-tow to leftist game “journalists” who literally never play more than an hour of the games they bash for not having the correct pandering or, woe to the developer, offends them in that hour.

    2. Devilcore

      Then people like you shouldn’t shove religion down our throats then.

      1. Tired of it

        I’m an atheist. Why don’t you stop shoving progressivism down my throat?

  14. Me

    Will not be seeing. I am 100% against pushing gay sexuality on children. It is wrong and these people should not be allowed to do such a thing.

    1. Casper

      Lol, really with that? Original.
      You’ve convinced me with that catchy phrase. All gays should be vioIently eliminated. 👍👏👏👏

  15. Tony

    Oh dear. Another movie victim of trying to be Woke rather than making a good movie. It’s about time viewers realise that this isn’t about inclusion etc, it’s just ticking boxes to make sure they’ve met some quota. That’s why it feels forced and unnatural.

    By the way, Cars 2 was an amazingly hilarious film.

  16. Thomas

    I’m a gay man, I don’t have a mental illness, I just have one preference to another. The fact there’s a same sex kiss in this movie being a modern movie doesn’t bother me HOWEVER if this is supposed to be the movie Andy watched as a kid to make him want a Buzz Lightyear doll, ‘Toy Story’ was released in 1995 so for Andy ‘Lightyear’ was released in 1994/1995, there wouldn’t be same sex kisses in it, or less likely to be without there being outrage. That being said it isn’t hurting anyone, and pushing bigoted my way or no way train of thought is damaging for a world where equality should be embraced rather than looked down on. We’re in 2022 people, not 1950. Oh, and a kiss isn’t sex, if there was a same sex SEX scene in the movie absolutely, it shouldn’t be in a movie aimed for families and kids, but a kiss? Women kiss each other all the time! I’m from Europe and throughout Europe men kiss men, not in a sexual way but in a way of greeting a friend, so you know what all you ‘Adam and Eve not Steve’ people, get a grip, get a life, and good luck because your kids will one day come out as gay, bi, pan, and everything in between so good luck with that – and I’ve spoken to people like you on gay dating apps who live a double life.

    1. Too old for this

      I’m bisexual and I’m tired of being demanded to get on the progressive bandwagon for that reason alone. No, I will not accept a man is a woman or vice-versa just because they woke up today feeling that way today. No, I will not change my mind that putting a child on hormone blockers or having them undergo irreversible sex surgery is child abuse and should be a felony for all involved. No, I will not ask your pronouns. No, I will not hate myself or my ancestors because of things they didn’t even benefit from. No, I will not be excited like Pavlov’s Dog because a company put SoMeOnE lIkE mE into a movie/game/series/ride, doubly so if it’s clearly only there to score points among the wealthy elites who don’t even hide how much they actually hate me.

      Literally the only value I share with the modern left is that I think adults should be allowed to do what they like with each other. The problem is, the left doesn’t even really believe that, which is obvious from how commonly demanded it is that gays/lesbians accept “trans” people as the gender they prefer when they are not.

      The left never did anything for me and most of the political elites on the modern left were just as “bigoted” or worse 20 years ago as the people they complain about today. Again, they don’t actually believe any of it, and they never did anything for me to warrant any kind of loyalty or sympathy.

  17. Tonya

    I really wanted to believe it was just rumor that it had a homosexual scene. Unfortunately, I will not be seeing this movie. Ever. Walt would roll over in his grave.

    1. Totally true stories

      I hear Reedy Creek has his frozen head hooked up to a generator to reduce power consumption. It’s a green initiative.

  18. Cindy

    What an embarrassment of a time to live in where “Americans” are more triggered by a same sex couple with a good story line written into a movie than our own children not making it home alive from school. I’m absolutely ashamed to see that people are so full of hate and negativity towards others simply because they’re not a mirror reflection of themselves. We don’t deserve this earth.

    1. Katy

      Absolutely this!!!! Refuse to give up their guns, “NEVER!!!” Same sex kiss, “Get out the torches, axes and GUNS!!!”

  19. Jose

    How about no sex scenes!!!!

    Anybody that puts any sex scenes in a movie for children is morally bankrupt. PERIOD!!

    1. Katy

      Where are these sex scenes you speak of?

  20. Diana

    I won’t be watching it since it won’t be the same without Tim Allen. Also, who needs any kinds of sex scenes for a kids movie. This is an animated movie that should be just entertainment for kids.

    1. Katy

      What sex scene? Maybe you were lost on p*rnhub? This is Disney we’re speaking about.

      1. Kehk in a MiG

        If they want to add this to a Pixar movie, that’s fine. But they lived the worst fun to add that kiss to. Why? Not for any direct sociopolitical reasons, but simply because In-universe, this is supposed to be one of those 1980s sci-fi action flick, we all know the ones, and a same sex kiss is just something that wouldn’t have been seen back then unless it was for comedic purposes. My grip is that they messed up the realism of it being an 80s flick that Andy saw as a child, nothing more.

  21. Bk

    While the motives behind these “review bombs” are unclear


  22. Joyce

    I’ve seen enough Toy Story to last a lifetime. The last one was barely gasping. I’ll skip this one.

  23. Marcus

    Conservatives accuse the left of cancel culture then they do the very same thing. If your religious views conflict with the film you have the right to not take your family to see it. But I am not interested in your religious views and I will not live my life by your religious conviction. I’m seeing the film. You should keep your religion to yourself.

    1. Mark

      Exactly!! And they’re even WORSE!
      They don’t agree with a same sex couple being shown on screen? Not only are they going to bring out the torches and pitchforks, but they’ll make sure no one else enjoys the movie either! Unbelievable

      1. Been around long enough

        You have some severe tunnel vision if you think this is in any way “worse” than what the left has been doing to media for the last several decades. A better way to put it is that the left cannot stand their own tactics being used against them.

    2. Terry Sylvester

      Marcus, are you aware that the men in this country are becoming weak, like yourself. When you promote perversion and not the truth, that is taking the easy way out. This perversion leads to confusion followed by depression in youth. Be a man and stand strong and protect our youth. Don’t contribute to their depression.

  24. Terra

    I told my sons and still tell them that families are made in many different ways. Surrogate, adoption, IVF
    And I also teach the science that the chemical/biological act is a sperm and egg joining (which can be done in a variety of ways.) I tell them that people follow many different paths. Some choose societal tradition, some are same sex, non binary, etc.
    Our world is a beautiful world with many types of families and people.
    I don’t live in a narrow world.

    1. Cindy

      Thank you Terra, for showing us what a good parent sounds like. 👏

  25. Rachel

    The thing about children is they won’t even notice or care. They will see it as a family and that they love each other. All of you have learned so much hate and bigotry throughout your lives that you forget what it’s like to be a child. Children see good and bad, they don’t care about the rest. They don’t care who you’re kissing or what color your skin is. If you are a good person, great. If you are a bad person, they want nothing to do with you. Children will judge this movie and I guarantee you they won’t care or even ask about some small kiss between two women characters. They will care about Buzz and the story. This article and all the backlash so far has made me decide we are seeing it this weekend. Me and my boys have tickets and will enjoy this movie which I am positive contains so much more than a lesbian kiss.

    1. Dawn

      Exactly! Enjoy the movie 🙂

  26. Backcountry164

    Presumably the LGTBQ community will eventually get tired of being used as a shield against criticism. Because that all this is. Lots of people are upset that Tim Allen isn’t in the movie. But we’ll just ignore any legitimate criticism and while we stomp our feet are cry bigotry.
    Finally, calling out the BS one star reviews while ignoring the BS five star reviews fools no one…

    1. Michael

      Did you have your eyes closed while you read these hateful reviews?? They weren’t talking about Tim Allen, and you know it. But keep pretending.

  27. Thom

    Seem like standard formula: let activist use quality original for terrible political remake, then blame audience when nobody like it.

    Rinse and repeat til every great work just a hollowed out skin suit. Sad and transparent.

  28. Stephanie

    Why does everyone think Disney has to show a man and a woman kissing? They don’t have to do anything, really. People who are against it don’t run the company and don’t give me that bs I pay for their movies, go to the theme parks, buy the merchandise. Don’t buy it then. Go support a company who has the same bigot beliefs you do.
    Really this is a great teaching moment. When your child/grandchild/whoever asks (even though I can’t believe we live in this day and age and its already not common sense) just say because they love each other. And if you have to throw that man (🙄) in from above say because he loves everybody and wants everybody to be happy with who they love too. That simple no having to go in with they do behind closed doors, just like you don’t say what straight people do behind closed doors. Also can’t wait to see it. Waiting for my teenage son to get up so we can see it today. Super excited, he not so much, but we literally both grew up on these. Can’t wait!!!

  29. Jack

    The Disney company is promoting homosexuality, which is the very thing that brought God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. What’s more, the Disney company was getting ready to be militant and trying to force the state of Florida to have teachers promoting homosexuality in the classroom to small children even. That’s child abuse simply because they want to pander to some of their sick employees. And that is truth. Homosexuality is not an equal lifestyle to be included as if it was just a different race. In the book of leviticus, which is a Jewish book, the Lord God said to Moses that it was an abomination. And jesus, in the book of john, said that men love darkness rather than the light, not because they’re trying to include people come up but because their deeds are EVIL! And that’s exactly why these disgusting people in Hollywood and Washington DC are attempting to deceive people into thinking that including homosexuals is the same thing as including people of a different race. It’s not. It’s a kind of thing that destroys people and Nations.

    And then they canceled Tim Allen only because he was conservative. And no matter what excuse they come up with, they’re lying like the filthy dogs that they are. These people are con artists. They canceled Tim because he was conservative and it happened immediately after he announced that he was going to vote Republican in the last election.

    But the very worst thing is that these movies are for children, and just like they are trying to teach children to be homosexuals in the classroom, they are using these movies to teach small children that homosexuality is a good and constructive thing, which is a total life in the devil. Again, the Lord Jesus Christ said, as per the scriptures, “whoever causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for him if he had a millstone tied around his neck and he be thrown into the depths of the sea.” And if you go to this movie,
    you’re helping to finance this kind of propaganda, which means that you are contributing to causing a little one to stumble. God help those people when they stand before the Lord Jesus Christ at the final judgment.

    1. Nathan

      I don’t want to hear an argument that centers around Bible stories. Unless you can point out people turning into literal piles of salt and talking snakes in todays world, come into reality and bring something to the table other than fables.

    2. NR

      So you’re a real big fan of the Bible, huh, Jack? Gotta say, I read it twice through at the age of 13, and, well, I came out the other side an atheist. I refuse to believe in the genocidal, sexist, horrible being you call “God.”

      In your book, who caused me, again, a child, to “stumble?” Because to me, it was the brutal cruelty of your God (seriously, just read Leviticus, everyone). Should he, maybe, have a millstone tied about his neck?

      Or maybe you and your God can keep to your church and mind your own business for once.

  30. Gaytrout

    But straight couples kissing I fine. Stop being such such a prude, gay people are not some scary boogeyman out to get you and your kids.

    1. SG

      Agree 🤣

    2. Tim Manriquez

      If you weren’t gay and had grandchildren, you’d feel differently when they get molested by a queer. I’m sure you’ll say that it’s ok then, huh? We have to protect the children from this gay agenda!!

      1. Dawn

        I have a child and he has a gay Uncle, you need to step off your high horse and understand that people love people, it doesn’t matter the colour of their skin nor their sexual orientation. “Queer” people are no more tempted to molest a child than a “straight” person….. just think about all of those Catholic Priests and them molesting all of those kids.

      2. Gil

        Tom, you bag of cement, 95% of chiId moIesters are STRAIGHT MEN.. look it up, you BOFOON

  31. SG

    I can’t wait to see it, I’m a huge Toy Story fan. Btw Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 80% and Audience Score gave it an 88%. So yay!

    1. Cindy

      Good for you, I hope you enjoy it. 😊

  32. Jonni

    I had no idea this was in the movie. Thanks for the heads up. I will not be watching this movie.

  33. Emmett L Ewing

    Removing Tim Allen was all i needed to hear. More of disneys woke bs.

  34. BlueVash

    Me and my fam will be boycotting this my children will not be watching anything disney till they remember others have a right to see wholesome family entertainment

    1. Mike

      It has a pretty wholesome message about teamwork and acceptance. Oh, I think you misspelled wholesome, here: B-I-G-O-T.

      1. Bryanwithawhy

        You’re disgusting. Shame on you for sacrificing children to push your woke agenda. No one cares that you’re gay!! Just stop pushing it others already ffs.

  35. Mike

    LOL.. your dementia is showing. Just take your pill and go to bed grandma.

    1. Mickey's Dirty Laundry

      Check out the sting in Polk County. That’s what, the third now? It would be interesting to see what California found if they wanted to look.

      1. Kyle

        What does a h00ker sting in some county have to do with this you brick!

  36. Lionsd2

    I love Buzz & I hate not seeing the movie. First… they fired Tim Allen probably because of his politics. Second… I’m not going to support any Disney/Pixar movie that is grooming CHILDREN! Their stock is tanking because of it. Who knows… maybe the sequel may be a three-some with Chris Evans & the lesbians. Evans doesn’t see anything wrong with grooming kids c

    1. WokeIsForPaedos

      This is actually the best comment here it really is just part of the grooming culture of paedowood, LA

  37. Lionsd2

    Good! They fired Tim Allen & then try to groom our kids. I’m glad the movie is failing!

  38. Cole

    Tim allen isn’t in it, not a fan .

  39. Jen

    Tim Allen it the only Buzz!!! Tired of cancel culture!!

    1. Celina

      LOL.. you mean like all of you are doing with your pitchforks and torches because a pair of parents is shown on screen that doesn’t mirror YOU?? WOW. Do you know what the word Hypocrite means by chance?? Let me tell you

  40. Bryanwithawhy

    It’s sad how Disney is going full woke with this garbage. I don’t care if you are straight, gay, or whatever. It’s disgusting that you’re pushing that garbage on impressionable CHILDREN and you deserve more hate than you even receive. No one cares that you’re gay, it should be as inconsequential as your skin color or religion. But stop pushing this on children or you’ll only flame more anger from parents who actually care about their child’s well being!

    1. NR

      So, being gay is inconsequential, to the point where no character can be visibly gay in any way… Or else you’re offended. Do you really think being gay is so incredibly tempting that seeing two women kiss will make your child gay? I don’t get worked up when straight people kiss, but that’s just me…

  41. Jina

    We saw the movie with our 2 year old who loves all 4 toy story movies and buzz obsessed and tbh the movie was trash and definitely didn’t have that same toy story feel. I don’t care about the kissing, the movie itself is geared towards those of us who were kids when toy story came out in 1995. Definitely not for kids now in my opinion

  42. DeLaunhardt

    Gang-the ENTIRE MOVIE focuses on the Lesbian relationship represented by the controversial “lesbian kiss”….

    OOOPS! Did i spoil the movie for the alphabet person agenda drivers at Pixar?!?

    The entire movie is a funless, agenda driver, aimed RIGHT AT YOUR KIDS, about a lesbian relationship-BTW THE VILLAIN in the movie is Buzz himself!!

    …and its only because if he “rights things” then the lesbian relationship would not have occurred….the “kiss” is nothing compared to the rest of the movie which is squarely focused on the lesbian relationship itself….

    Does this sound like “wholesome family fun” to you?

    This film is just another version of Dr. Strange 2 which ALSO focuses on another lesbian relationship driven movie….

    Both of these films will deservedly land on the same trash heap that contains other Disney Woke movies that bombed…..

    Say it with me: GET WOKE-GO BROKE!!

    This is NOT what Pixar used to be about…..

    1. Not the same

      It’s not the same Pixar. Lasseter was forced out with questionable accusations, probably due to political activism behind the scenes, as is often the case. Now they’re fully woke and have to use controversy to market their products, just like Lucasfilm.

  43. Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks was horrible in this

  44. DisneyDan

    Wouldn’t CRY BABY INCELS REVIEW BOMB MOVIEhad been a better title for this article?

  45. Shannon

    Lol, same people saying Jan. 6 was a hoax and Disneyland is full sex traffickers, not our brightest people doing this.

  46. Chris Wood

    Hopefully they gave this movie at least a PG ratings, for parental guidance. A same sex kiss is pretty risky in a movie that is made by a company that is supposed to be family friendly.

    1. NR

      Are you that worried that one kiss is gonna turn your kids gay? What exactly is family unfriendly about two women doing what straight people do in the movies all the time? Including movies aimed at your children, I might add. Grow up, already.

  47. StrawmanPoet

    It’s time people made their own minds up about movies, watch the trailer, if it seems like something you think you’d enjoy go watch it, it’ll be better than if someone tells you how to think before you watch it. Reviews are personal by the person that writes them, and can affect how you feel about a movie, if someone says something is amazing you may go in expecting more than what you get and it becomes disappointing. If you aren’t sure wait for it to come out for home viewing. Don’t let people with personal agenda’s/vendettas affect whether you want to see a movie.

    1. Beverly

      Thank you. It’s like every time I read a comment that makes sense, it silences all the other trash on here.

  48. The Cobbler

    And Disney wonders why their stock is dropping like a rock

    1. Not investment advice

      Don’t cover that short, we have a long way to go.

  49. WokeIsForPaedos

    Also interracial since hollywoke likes to pretend there’s something wrong with same-race relationships.

    And of course the gays *have* to have a kid to abuse, because you’re not allowed to just be gay and accepted. You have to actively work to destroy straightness and religion

    1. Frankie Daniels

      Even your pseudonym is projection. You’re a coward and a bigot. Period.

    2. Trying my best

      The interracial lesbian relationships may simply be a side-effect of how much diversity Disney forces into all their content these days. If you need to check every square on the Diversity Bingo card, you’re practically going to have to make the gays interracial.

  50. Frankie Daniels

    It’s the pathetic, half brained coward that thinks that a same sex kiss is inappropriate, but a hetero kiss is okay. You people are simply bigots. You’re not protecting children, you’re trying to oppress something that frightens YOU, simply because it doesn’t fit your sad little pocket universe.

    1. EricJ

      Is “Frightened” the same as “Being annoyed by attention-struck pests who can’t go thirty seconds without turning the conversation onto themselves, demanding personal VIP service on pain of sob-story, and throwing fascistic entitlement tantrums fits if no one else joins in”?

      Like, do we hide under our chair and cover our eyes in terror whenever that one passerby idiot always waves on camera behind the reporter on the TV news, and thinks he’s gotten his moment of “stardom”?
      (As opposed to, say, just wanting to slap him in the head?)

    2. Hard truth

      Maybe you need to come to terms with the fact you will never be accepted by everyone all the time and stop trying to guilt trip or extort others into silence by adopting special statuses.

      1. EricJ

        Or, to put it more simply, “Sympathy or death!” has never historically been proven to work.

        Oo, what’re you going to do, Twitter-cancel us to death if we don’t, or guilt us with threats of suicide, like that lil’ character from the Popeye cartoons who used to whip a gun to his head every time someone said the wrong thing?

  51. Disney Trainwreck

    Banned in 14 countries and counting. Hope y’all got those shorts in.

  52. MRB

    I don’t care if movies are made with same sex scenes, but I won’t take my kids to see them. I do wish that movies would show with and without those scenes included so parents had a choice.
    Before I get a ton of hate messages, I have no problem with same sex couples, but what I expose my children to is my choice. Similar to marijuana use in films. I have no problem with people who partake in that activity, but I chose not to expose my children to that either. They’ll make up their minds on both subjects when they are older.

    1. Kim

      Then let’s be fair and not show ANY couples or couples kissing. If you think my child can’t see her 2 same sex parents on screen, then neither should yours. Fair is fair.

  53. People on both sides of this issue are arguing about it, as we’ve seen in this thread, but y’all do realize they’re going to include this scene for brownie points here in America and then write it out to get that sweet Chinese dough, right?

    Come on guys, Disney has done it for years and they’ll do it in this movie too.

    1. Truth

      China already banned it, along with their last spandex movie. Chapek isn’t going to last.

  54. Cheesybaconbrittle

    This is America! People have rights! Homosexuals can homosexual all they want! That’s what this country is all about – not some stuck up force down your throat morality. Guess what, gay people exist! Probably have for millions of years. That’s right, I’m talking about gay dinosaurs because homosexuality occurs in animals all the time so prob dinosaurs, too. Gay people exist and are free. They can be gay, shoot guns, have abortions, and use whatever bathroom they want despite many sick attempts to shove some contrived, false (as in, cherry-picked from some questionably interpreted scripture) morality down everyone’s throats. Queer people exist have existed, and they are so tired of having to pretend they don’t because threats of violence and real violence (an actual moral failing, imo) are levied against them. And all this over a consensual peck on the lips? You weaklings. Explain it to your kids, you cowards. Explain because these people do exist and they will not go away just because you pretend that it is “wrong” somehow. What about their rights? It’s not hard either – “Dad, why are those two women kissing?” “Well, child, it is because they like each other and they let each other do that.” That is the literal reason, you morons. Get used to it. Freedom for all.

    1. Truth

      If your bar for something being appropriate for children is “it exists” then you should be kept away from children.

      1. Chase Faron

        Good job distilling the main point of the post. I love seeing critical thinking skills on the internet. Sure kissing exists, but that doesn’t make it appropriate to show to children. In general, it is just disgusting. I wish that people would keep that stuff to themselves. That’s why I hate these movies. Most Disney movies are trash anyway. We all know what Simba and Nala were doing even if it wasn’t shown on screen. It’s a kids movie! Ugh! And the way Beast basically abuses Belle and then gaslights her into loving him. It’s weird and sends a bad message.

  55. Nay

    As a trans man, I agree with this movie and hope it brings more queer culture out.

  56. TreVon Devroe

    I wonder, if it would still be called review binning if they had kept the scene out and the privileged special interest group were to do the same thing. The called it “just complaining” when it was them commenting on the removal of the scene. This is just the only way to push back since anything contrary to that political agenda gets silenced. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Truth

      Nope. The media would trash it for not being diverse enough and the brave reviewers who didn’t watch it would be applauded for spreading the “truth” and silencing the “bigots”.

  57. Facts

    For some perspective, Disney’s stock has plunged 35.6% over the past 6 months, and 45.3% over the past year.

    1. Tim Manriquez

      And the stock will continue to plunge because the conservative income base is sick of all this “woke LGBTQ” trash.

  58. MerryMary

    My family will not be watching it in theaters or streaming. I have enough of this shoved in my face at every turn, I refuse to pay for it. These movies that check all the woke boxes have weak storylines and poor writing. Pixar added the kiss to add controversy and like moths to the woke flame; the Pride crowd comes running to defend it whether they like it or not.

  59. Tim Manriquez

    Really? You don’t know why most people are giving it a 1 rating? I’ll enlighten you. Disney is catering to the 3% homosexual ticket purchasers and pushing away the real 97% conservative income base because “a certain Disney executive” has 2 homosexual kids. She also said that she will make sure that 50% of the Disney cast members are LGBTQ. They also made sure Tim Allen was NOT Buzz Lightyear in the sequel because he is a conservative, family man and doesn’t agree with the “woke” direction that Disney is going. Because of this, I will NEVER, EVER give Disney another cent of my family’s money.

    1. Name

      The real number is closer to 40% since a lot of people are in the closet, in denial, or have other reasons to hide. Heck, you are most likely gay.

      1. Really

        Great, at “40%” you need to stop claiming you’re the poor oppressed minority, then.

      2. S1

        No it isn’t, liar. Disney could lose its entire gay clientele and not feel a drop in the bucket.

    2. Marcos

      Tim, can I ask you a serious wuetim, if you seriously think only 3% of the population is to some extent lgbt, you’re denser than a brick. Seriously, get over yourself. I would hate to see your own child come to you for support incoming out one day, sheesh

  60. Jennifer

    I love buzz, but this movie is not a toy story movie, it is based on the man that buzz lightyear was based on
    Hence that’s why it’s not Tim Allen. I wanted to take my nephew to see it, he’s 3 and I don’t feel it’s appropriate to have controversial undertones shoved down our throats. It should be our choice to expose our children to that. I don’t care how others live their life, I don’t hold it against them. But don’t push it on everyone else. So instead we are introducing him to dinosaurs in Jurassic World.

    1. Millie

      Yea, please don’t let your precious son start learning about acceptance and about how not everyone’s parents looks exactly the same. Gotta get that big0try going!

  61. Kehk in a MiG

    If they want to add the kiss to a Pixar movie, that’s fine by me, but they picked the worst film to add that kiss to. Why? Not for any direct sociopolitical reasons, but simply because, In-universe, this is supposed to be one of those 1980s sci-fi action flicks, we all know the ones, and a same sex kiss is just something that wouldn’t have been seen back then unless it was for comedic purposes. My grip is that they messed up the realism of it being an 80s film that Andy saw as a child, nothing more.

    1. Mike

      But by your logic, the same 1 second scene should have been fine in the Eternals, yet that was another pitchfork and torches mob full of bigots who couldn’t stand to see someone on screen that isn’t a mirror reflection of themselves.

  62. Steven

    We won’t be taking our grandkids to see the latest buzz light year. As a matter of fact we probably won’t be going to see anything disney puts out. They have politicized everything and we absolutely will not support disney anymore. We also have plenty of friends who won’t be going to see it or support disney. Yes I meant to do everything in lower caps, I won’t dignify disney by capitalizing.

    1. Kim

      Funny thing is I see many if not most commenters taking about their “grandkids”.. there are recent polls that show young adults are over 90% accepting of lgbt people and don’t make big deals like all you B00mers. Guess we’ll just have to wait it out since you’ll all be 6 under soon.

  63. Oz

    What a load of old rubbish Disney spouts. Gaurentee the so called offensive scene will be removed for a China release. The company is just full of PC twaddle but just loves money..

  64. DAn Meek

    I will not go to this movie. I do not want to have their philosophy crammed down my throat. I happen to not believe in same sex relationships. It says so in the Bible

    1. Kim

      I also happen to believe that a woman turned to iodized salt for looking behind her and snakes talk to me all the time. Bye B00mer!

  65. RicG

    I will pass on this movie. Me and my kids will find another to support

  66. Scammed

    Looking strictly from a business perspective, why would a business put in a scene that potentially alienates millions in sales? It self-sabotaging your product.

    1. Bryce

      Believe it or not some, even if very few people still believe that there are important things in this world that mean taking risks. Showing that some kids have same sex parents, and that this is NOT a bad thing, is one of those risks worth taking. Too bad there is still so much ignorance and h@tred in the world.

  67. Deitra L Pawley

    It’s 2022 why are people still upset over same sex couples and it’s a kids movie meaning it was probably a vanilla kiss like get over it already, I haven’t seen the movie so I’m not commenting on whether it’s good or bad, I’m commenting on the people clutching their pearls and gasping “ Oh no same sex couples showing affection and love for each other, my poor innocent children “ newsflash your children your trying to “protect “ are probably more enlightened and open minded than you are and seeing same sex couples probably doesn’t phase them, don’t forget this is the Tiktok generation. This 2022, but 1952. Now build a bridge and get over it.

  68. Hal9K

    First off let me preface that my husband and I have four beautiful children ages 9 months to 13 years. We fostered to adopt. Have a chosen family. The acceptance and love of all who know us shows the definition of TRUE FAMILY VALUES.

    We also have a DVC membership to use with our “logical family” and “biological family.”

    Recently our two middle children have been watching Disney’s TARZAN on a permanent loop. The other day I realized (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) that those who are decrying LIGHTYEAR’s fleeting kiss should be in an uproar over this movie!!!!!!

    Jane and Tarzan scantily clad swinging from tree to tree. Frolicking and KISSING and God knows what else without the bonds of marriage!!!!!!&

    My GAWD must be rolling in his grave. The horror of it all.

    My point is simple though. Family comes in all types and when it is therapeutic and loving and nurturing, why are we fighting so hard against it?

    1. Nivea

      Hal9K, I think your comment should take 1st place on here.. it truly speaks VOLUMES to me as i am adopted myself. I can’t believe we as a country are at a place where we are reacting this way to a pair of parents with a good back story shown on screen for a few seconds. There are kids going to school and not making it back to their own parents alive across this country.. but this is what everyone chooses to focus their negativity towards. We should be so angry and demanding that change be made so our children are not mass@cred while in school learning. This hurts my heart. I’m glad there are people like you.

      1. Mike

        And straight parents treating their children like animals, or WORSE every day in this country. But don’t show an example of good parents on screen, because everyone goes stark mad. Unbelievable

  69. Dawn

    Guessing that none of you did research…. Lightyear IS NOT BUZZ. It’s not supposed to be the same character and it is a more serious role. Tim Allen is not a “serious role” actor, he would not be fit for the part.

    Secondly, it’s ONE FREAKING KISS, it’s not the end of the World and you are putting your own delusions of what it is and blowing it way out of proportion. Y’all need to chill. If you hate DIsney so much why do you constantly read the articles or talk about Disney?!?!?! Just walk away if you have such a huge issue with equality for everyone.

  70. Dawn

    Let’s play a game…. Name every Disney movie where two people kiss or hold hands. And Go! I’ll start.

    101 Dalmations
    Lady and the Tramp (gasp, they even HAVE A BABY!!)
    Snow White
    Sleeping Beauty

    Why does it matter if the people are of the same sex? There have been kisses in the movies since the inception of the Walt Disney Company. If you don’t have an issue with any of the older ones you have no reason to have a fit now.

  71. Aleigha

    Cartoons should not be a way to push an agenda Disney is losing profits everywhere because they are trying to erase gender entirely and push woke gay agendas. We have teen shows to push gay agendas through leave the 4 through 10 kids movies out of it.

  72. AZgreen55

    Sounds like a fun and enjoyable movie to me. Especially since it’s been banned in other countries.
    What century is it again ?
    I will definitely be watching this movie!

    1. Bailey

      I truly hope you enjoy it. Way to ignore the ignorant mobs.

  73. The thing is, if you’re gonna add a little of this spice, you should also add a little of that spice. If Disney wants to add a scene portraying 2 moms or 2 dads, etc., then to balance that opposition, add a scene showing a character praying daily or have a character recite a scripture enough for it to have the same memory impact as a picture.. so, maybe 10 times throughout the movie. If Disney isn’t willing to do that, then they ask themselves why they would be willing to do it for one group and not the other. That’s really the issue here. Christians feel etched out.

    1. Eric

      This is an easy one to answer. First, sexualiy is not a choice where as religion is a decision you have to make on a daily basis. Second, where different sexual preferences are self-discovered in every region by every demographic. At the same time religious beliefs differ from one neighbor to the next. I don’t fault you for wanting to see “god” in everything but that is way more offensive to me.

  74. Scott

    I wont watch not because of the woke political crap, which shouldn’t have any part of any kids’ movie. Brains do not fully form until 26 fact. Emotional maturity maybe never for some. Providing fun and entertainment without getting too serious about the world is what i want for my kids. I dont need lessons about sexuality from a cartoon company pushing their values on my kids. I wont ever see this so its up there with Capt Marvel which i wont see either or countless other crappy Disney shows or movies like the terrible obiwan or black widow, etc.

    The real reason i wont watch this movie ever? You didnt cast Tim Allen and that’s unforgivable period. Disney you are pathetic. Go back to wholesome stuff please.

    Promoting segregation, racism, and gender fluidity are Divisive and frankly anti-American. Leave my kids alone

  75. Jon

    I’m a purist if I were to review bomb lightyear it wouldn’t be for being modifies nostalgia bait or same sex scene, it would be because they replaced Tim Allen.

  76. Ted

    There’s no need for same sex scenes ,leave gay couples out of children movies there’s no need doesn’t make the movie better . Everyone is so afraid of offending someone but this needs to stop being pushed in children’s movies/cartoons it doesn’t make for a better showing it just clearly looks pathetic, ashamed of our society and ashamed of Disney

  77. NuMi

    Honestly, we were excited to go see Lightyear later this summer. I looked forward to my nieces experiencing the joy of the ToyStory series as I did in my youth.
    However, I’m thankful to have found out about the same sex kissing scene PRIOR to taking them to see the animated feature! Our beliefs and religious convictions do not condone that sort of behavior or lifestyle.

    I believe that the movie can make the same to similar impact without exposing our impressionable youth with such an explicit forthcoming agenda!

    I’m very disappointed with where Disney/Pixar is trying to lead and betray our youth/society into this chaotic and confused state of existence.

    Yes, it IS that serious and deep!

    1. Kyle

      We’re betraying our youth alright! I guess my son has to see adults behaving this way all over again because there is still so much ignorance in existence. Never mind that he has the best 2 parents in the world who would do anything for him. The fact that we are same sex is secondary, but if and when it is briefly reflected on screen, he also has to witness “adults” being more immature than his own peers. Unbelievable

  78. Matila

    Why, does Disney/Pixar need to include a same sex scene in a CARTOON???
    Apparently audiences are buying Tim Allen’s replacement BS story line. They replaced Allen, because he spoke out on issues Disney tries to shove down our throats.

    1. Luis

      A family according to who? Since when?

      1. Kyle

        According to the love and support that they bring to their child’s life, you embarrassment of a “human being”!

  79. AB

    This is not political. Gay people exist.

    1. Hilda

      AB, simple and to the point. In other words, your sane comment is going to go over most of these peoples heads, unfortunately.

    2. Terry Sylvester

      Homosexuality is a perversion. It confused kids. It can lead them to depression once they realize it is abnormal biologically. Youth depression can lead to suicide. Stop contributing to it by saying homosexuality is normal.

  80. Gpe

    I am Glad this is Happening disney is going to have the same problem one of this days not just one movie

  81. Dumakude Shange

    Iam not taking my children to a movie where they will be indoctrinated with homosexual thought and actions. This is disgusting and Disney and Pixar ought to be ashamed of themselves. How many homosexuals have children ?? They can go, not me and mine.

    1. Millie

      Ok, we will. Thank you. My children will have a great time undoubtedly. You can keep your bigotry and h@tred at home, where it belongs

      1. Terry Sylvester

        Homosexuality is confusing to kids. This causes depression as they get older. This depression will destroy you. I work with youth and this is fact. I cannot believe people think that trying to normalize what is biologically unnatural will make things better….it is making it worse!!!!

  82. Luis

    Same sex scene on a Children’s movie? Well.. simply No!… we don’t settle for it, we dont want it and we will not come to terms, we don’t want to even negotiate this. Sorry Pixar this is to far… this agenda ain’t representing everyone.

    1. Brian

      Oh the there goes Luis again where if it’s not HIS WAY, then NO ONE should enjoy it!! Forbid my children should see a reflection of their same sex parents on screen without embarrassing adults like you making sure to ruin it for them huh?? I guess I should behave like an ignorant brat for every other movie or cartoon that shows straight parents on screen?? What a joke you are.