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Ghostrider at Knott's berry farm

Credit: Knott's Berry Farm


  1. J

    What is wrong with people…Knotts does NOT control the rain.

    1. anza king

      i live exactly 3 minutes from knotts & soak city.
      there were extreme lightening & thunder storms the whole first half of the day.
      these “complainers” need to understand that vbknotts did this FOR THEIR SAFETY!!!
      would it have been better for them to open the rides, (most of which r 100’s of feet up in the air on steel tracks, etc)
      and go on as business as usual at the expense of even just ONE person dying from lightening execution!!!????

      1. TJ

        I think you mean electrocution.

        1. L

          Feel superior (scratch that) better now?

        2. Danielle Duncan Weiler

          A woman was killed in Southern California when she was struck by lightening yesterday. Knotts Berry Farm is protectit’s visitors. Great Job!

    2. Omegalul

      It was pouring rain and hail with lighting and thunder. Someone literally died in Pico due to lighting. People will always find something to complain about

      1. Paul

        You have to be kidding ,it was only for 1 day, and someone actually loss there life in a lighting strike.Good call Knotts , safety first

        1. Augie

          I guess it just depends on what state you’re in. We were vacationing in Orlando a few years back. We had heavy rain with lightning and thunder at Universal Studios. Everything remained open. I guess CA is just not used to having these types of weather that minor storm would bring down a whole theme park.

          1. RzSomeone was just killed by lightning. I guess universal could give two craps about people

            Someone was just killed by lightning. I guess universal could give two craps about people in Florida.

          2. Diane

            I don’t believe that for one second. Disney is in the business to make profits. Not to pay off continuous lawsuit for people getting injured or dying! I don’t know which one of the Disney parks you are referring to but the one in Calif is near Knotts Berry & the one in Fla closes rides frequently because it rains often there!

      2. K.

        I understand the shutting down for safety, but to not give a refund is not right. Those tickets aren’t free people pay a lot of money for them especially if the y have a big family… I hope they ar least give them a ticket to return in a different day .

        1. Diane

          Not giving a refund due to weather conditions is common practice in most theme parks. The park wasn’t closed down on the rides & there are other things to do in the park. The rides were only shut down for a few hours & they could have waited it out. No one can control the weather & they closed the rides as a safety precaution.

      3. Sigh

        One person complained on reddit and it’s “people are disappointed”? Lol excellent way to exaggerate. And there was lightning, not just some drizzle. Stop giving a soapbox to idiots.

    3. Sally McCoy

      Safety comes 1st jo matter what the weather is. Especially rain. The rides are powered by electricity. You can easily get electrocuted

    4. Andy

      Had but 1 person been injured due to weather all the Karen’s would be screaming ‘They should’ve closed the park!!!’ Dealing with the public is where no good deed goes unpunished.

    5. Pat McRoin

      Recently went to Knotts with family. Weather wasn’t the problem – poor levels of staffing made the wait for most rides longer than normal. Most rides had one attendant which slowed the process way down. Ghost Rider was running one car. A two minute ride with a car leaving every three and a half minutes. Noe wonder the wait was 3 hours! Very disappointing as we have enjoyed Knotts in the past and it was run much more efficiently.

  2. Chris

    There was a massive amount of lightning in the area, Knott’s does keep the outdoor rides closed during lightning. They only have one ride that is not outdoor and unfortunately its queue is elevated and outdoors, which makes it also unsafe to operate in the lightning.

    Is it disappointing? Yes, but is it also necessary? Also, yes, remember the first priority is the safety of both the guests and the team members above all else.

  3. Mack

    I was just there in may and half the big rides were closed and it was sunny all day. It sucks to pay a price to be able to enjoy the rides ones every 2-3 years and not get to ride. My family loves knotts so when we make the 1000 mile trip and don’t get our ride fix its a let down. They still get all their money and we get the ruined day in return.

    1. Dan

      What are these people complaining about? I live 15 minutes away from Knott’s and there were lightning strikes until 11:30 AM. Do they want to be shocked to death?
      What they should complain about is the complete lack of security regarding waiting in line and having teenage groups crowd their way to the front of the queue! Ghostrider had a 3 hour wait because there is NO supervision. This wouldn’t happen at Disneyland!

      1. Robert

        Dan, he has a point about sunny days and many rides not working. Knott’s recently raised ticket and pass SKY HIGH.

        The last season pass was $89 or so. Current season passes are now $165.

        1. Rob

          I blame Putin.

      2. Diane

        That happens at Disney as well! They have pretty much the same issues!

    2. Mike G

      If only there was something else to see and do there huh? 🤦

    3. I have been going to Knott’s since the 50s. At least 2 to 5 times a year when I was young. It didn’t cost anything to get in the park when I was a pre-teen. So we would go at least every other weekend. There weren’t many rides but so much to see and do. I loved it, much more than Disneyland. I was really blessed to have never been rained out. I haven’t been in about 10 year’s now. But I wouldn’t complain, I would do the other things I had planned to do first to keep the kid’s busy till they weather conditions changed. Who wants to be in a bad mood all day over something no one has control over.

  4. Y

    I was there today but the upsetting part was that they allowed guests to continue to come in without informing them that all the rides were shut down. See when you spend your $$ it matters I know that Knotts don’t control the weather but these kids been locked up some the entire time doing online school. So these inconsiderate comments are just silly they don’t want to give you your $$ back but that would be the right thing to do especially since it was that way when the parked opened.

    1. Diane

      Would you prefer to take your kids there & get on the rides & get killed by lightning?? Guest can also monitor the weather in the entire US. If there is a chance of rain, lightning or storms don’t waste your money by going anyway! It’s your own fault if you don’t monitor the weather conditions!

  5. Nehn

    How about we check the weather before we go places? Hmmm?

    1. Robert

      The weather and forecasts didn’t indicate lightning and rain beforehand. I know. I live here.

      1. Siren

        But it was lightening in SoCal since like 4am that day and didn’t stop til noon. Plus THAT MORNING a women and 2 dogs were struck and KILLED by lightening while just out for a morning walk. We dont normally get storms like that…. very very rare. So yeah, everything shut down. But they could have said rides were down at the entrance. Totally agree on that.

      2. Michelle

        Yes, it did. I live 2 minutes away from the park and my daughter works there. The news reported that we were expecting severe, monsoon-type thunderstorms at least 2 days in advance. I even told my take daughter the evening before that if they had to close the park due to weather that I would leave work and pick her up so she wouldn’t have to walk home, so saying the news didn’t announce it is a straight up lie.

        1. Wayne Castro

          Former Ride Operations Supervisor here. When the tracks get wet, the brakes don’t work. Even a light drizzle with no lightning will cause the rides to shut down.

        2. Fuller

          Been to KBF many times when I was younger. That mule ride scared me to pieces. Liked every ride but that one. With today’s prices, I can say that I don’t ever have to return to ANY of the theme parks: Disneyland, Magic Mtn., Universal Studios. Plus, we didn’t have to pay to park. I still have my booklet of tickets: A, B, C, D, E

      3. Diane

        That’s exactly what I said! I took the day off a few years back to take my kids to Six flags& the forecast that morning predicted heavy rain so we didn’t go. They were very disappointed but they were safe & got over not going! People should use common sense.

    2. Rachel

      We went yesterday with my family and a baby! We had a blast. It was perfect cooling weather in the beginning gave us a chance to sit, eat and chat. Baby loved to look at that lighting. We saw many people leaving hopefully they had the season pass… worked out in our favor it was a perfect day after that everything opened by noon . You can’t control the weather but you can control how you handle situations in life. Thank you @knottsberryfarm can’t wait to come back!

    3. Susie

      I was there. There were so many youth groups and schools there for a day trip that probably took time to plan. Checking the weather for a trip in the summer when you have to plan it out months in advance wouldn’t do any good! I’m a pass holder and literally went for food and one ride. The ride was closed so we ate and left. The line for the customer service area was wrapped around and through ghost town! I overheard so many upset people as I walked out waiting in that long line! And many sad faces of kids there on trips that couldn’t get on any rides. 💔
      Good job though Knott’s! I’d hate for something to happen to my kids on a trip that could’ve been avoided.

    4. Diane

      That’s exactly what I said! I took the day off a few years back to take my kids to Six flags& the forecast that morning predicted heavy rain so we didn’t go. They were very disappointed but they were safe & got over not going! People should use common sense.

  6. Fred

    A woman in Los Angeles was killed yesterday by a lightning strike, while she was just walking her dog. If you doubt that, here is the news story: tinyurl.com/5n6u9nkw

    It was a smart and safe move by Knott’s to temporarily shut down when there are thunderstorms in the area, especially since they are very rare in Greater Los Angeles.

    1. Robert

      She was in Pico Rivera, only 10 miles from Knott’s.

  7. Last time I went to KBF was 1967, which was the last time I went to Disneyland. “Thrill rides” did not exist, but i recall it was a good time riding the mule train. I believe Disney had a stage coach ride. My folks could not afford the “e” ticket rides at disney, but we had a good time regardless.

  8. Jeff

    Our folks took us there I the 70s. Wild west park and train ride were fun

  9. Mark

    Really bad thunder that literally threw me and my dogs out of bed that morning. Bad lightning strikes too for hours. I live right near Knotts. These people are just being ridiculous! Let’s post the whole truth, eh???

  10. Kris

    I live a few blocks from Knott’s and there was a heavy thunderstorm yesterday morning. News even said that a woman and her dog where killed by a lightning strike. This guest needs to get over themselves.

  11. Tami

    The person is just Stupid then let that person get hit by lightening Think people think there was lightning that’s why the rides were closed

  12. Mike G

    The sense of entitlement is strong with these ones. I swear some people are so mindless it’s not even funny anymore.

  13. Nicole

    A woman and her two dogs were struck and killed by lightning yesterday in Pico Rivera. I’d say erring in the side of caution was a good call.

  14. RB

    Oh my God! Lol! Too funny. Thank for your awesome sense of humor ☺️

  15. Jessica

    Would you rather go on the ride during the rain and be electrocuted? Use some common sense… they don’t want to be sued for frying customers when lightening hits the metal tracks! Okay?

    1. Paul

      You have to be kidding ,it was only for 1 day, and someone actually loss there life in a lighting strike.Good call Knotts , safety first

  16. Lady Wilkinson

    Okay, I haven’t read previous comments, but if the weather says there will be rain and it is cloudy outside, don’t you think that the rides would be closed? I usually check the weather out a few days before, just in case. I know about closures of theme parks because of rain. Disney is the same way as well as Lagoon in Utah.

  17. Ted

    A woman got struck by lightning in pico Rivera during that same storm. Both her and her dogs died due to the lightning strike. Thank you notes for looking out for Southern California resident safety.

    1. Ted

      I meant Knotts.

  18. Sondra Challender

    According to their Instagram page they shut down rides because of the lightening that was happening in the area

  19. raul martinez

    this article was very misleadin, because it made it seem the park was being shut down, terrible style

  20. This has happened to us but they lied at the gate saying 80% of the rides were going that led us to believe we could still have a good time after we started walking around we noticed almost everything was shut down including restaurants then they closed the park after only being there for about an hour and a half yes we had the option at the gate for a refund as long as we didn’t enter the park but when you lie about how many rides are running that’s criminal

  21. Lola

    If they had all rides in operation and lightening struck someone, they’d say why would Knotts have rides in operation in this weather?. Society as a whole are moronic.

  22. Moisés

    I am very disappointed because I went on 6/18/22 with my family spen quite large amount of money $$ for all the Rides to be close and have a lots of technical problems I have always gone with my family to this theme park and this is the worst time I have in my life with my family very disappointed

  23. Darryl

    I worked at Knott’s for 12 years and they have to for safety. Hell they even did it during Halloween Haunt one year and that was pretty bad

  24. S. Burgess

    For anyone that was unhappy about the rides being temporarily closed, there was high winds, heavy rain, hail, thunder and lightning and also at the same time on that day less than 10 mi away a woman and her two dogs were struck by lightning and killed.

  25. Gary

    OK either its a type-o (which I don’t think so) but the park doesn’t give a refund for weather? Wouldn’t you think that the weather would be the only reason for a refund? I mean they can call it a rainyday ticket 🎟. Of course there would be some type of circumstances involved.

  26. CJ

    When you get that Weather Warning flash across your TV (or comes up as an alert on your smartphone), then you know it’s the type of Day when you want to reschedule your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm (or any Theme Park!) …. nice try TikTok Knob trying to complain for no reason when you know there was a Weather Warning!

  27. Tisha Williams

    I know that Safety First is great but don’t let people in the park if nothing is available and weather is bad. I agree that people should look at the weather first but I also agree that tickets should be given for a return visit. These days money don’t grow on trees and a lot of people drive for 2 days just to visit these theme parks.

  28. Ron

    I was raised in Huntington Beach and went to Knotts Berry Farm in the 1960’s and 70’s. I remember before all of the theme park rides that exist now, old lady Knott used to work in the restaurant ( there was no charge to eat in the restaurant at the time and we used to go there every Sunday morning for pancakes with boysenberry syrup. (Knotts Berry Farm actually was the creator of boysenberry and was the only place on the planet at the time to have boysenberry syrup). I came back to visit Knotts Berry Farm in 2015 with my son and found the employees to be rude and insulting. This is no longer the park of my youth and will never return.

  29. Boo

    Really!?? They’re looking out for the safety of quests and employees. Maybe wait it out see what’s going to happen first before leaving. If you have a a season pass stop crying and go another time. Js 🤷🏽‍♂️


    This is probably the funniest, least informative article ive ever read..we tried to check ride times on the app but we werent at the park so we couldn’t..i fell off the couch laughing

  31. Avenging Narwhal

    Parts of SoCal had record lightning strikes the other day. There were people who actually got hit and died. Beaches were closed and there were power and internet outages (including my neighborhood, on the coast but I can hear fireworks from Disney and Knott’s at night). Glad parks were keeping people safe.

  32. Brian

    Imagine that a Disney news article is bashing another park competitor. It’s a rain delay and nothing more you mouse freak

  33. Yes I’ve been there. I love the place. I got scared that they were closing the theme park, via the title of this article. I hope they never close. It’s one of my favorite places and I hope to take my children there soon. Knott’s berry farm rocks.

  34. Robert

    Someone at Knott’s should have been up with the weather reports.
    The Park should have not opened that day.

  35. Rob,That was a great comment,still laughing.( I blame Putin)

    1. Eddie Marshall

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  36. John

    I love Knott’s Berry Farm although it has been years since I have been there. John Q. Public is comprised of many people who would not understand that water and electricity are poor bedfellows. You do not have to be hit directly to be killed by lightning. I agree with the person who said that management’s actions were to protect people. (Remember, people elected Trump!)

  37. Tammy

    We went 40 years ago and it was a blast. I do not agree with their policy of no returns because of the weather. Well neither do the participants.

  38. Julie

    Wow ! People need to understand that California rain is a downpour! All thing parks are there to protect the people so yea for theme parks!
    Also I lived at the beach and lightning strikes the beaches with much fury and intensity.

  39. Julie

    Wow ! People need to understand that California rain is a downpour! All theme parks are there to protect the people. So yea for theme parks!
    Also I lived at the beach and lightning strikes the beaches with much fury and intensity.

  40. Annette Mason

    I been to Knotts Berry Farm lot’s of times and I miss the rides and as well as the food. I miss my favorite Boysenberry Coffee and Boysenberry Punch too!

  41. River Geare

    I mean, for a person who Loves Knott’s… I still care about the guest’s safety. I went yesterday/ aka: June 23rd. And half of the rides there were closed. And like a normal person, I decided to make the most out of my day by just standing and watching the rides. It really made me sad to know that they had to shut it down from that guy who completely ruined a good time. But now that Knott’s is open, you need to know that safety is important 🙂

  42. Wendy

    Don’t go much since my husband passed away but always enjoyed Knott’s Berry Farm better than Disneyland.

  43. Sandra Baltes

    I enjoy going to knotts. They closed due to lightening and also rain. There are other things people can do while waiting

  44. Edward Small

    There was a SUDDEN lightening storm that hit the area that day going east to west. It didn’t last long, but the lightning was VIOLENT. In fact there was a lady & dog killed by the lightning because it traveled through the leash.

  45. Al watts

    Left out some very pertinent facts. A woman and her two dogs were struck by lightning and died not that far from the park in Pico Rivera that morning,

  46. Sherry

    I’ve been to Knotts loads of times, I was even married there at the Church of the Reflection in 1972. It has since moved across the street. I remember when Knotts was free. I loved it better when it didn’t have the wild rides and felt more western.

  47. Adam

    I’m all for them erroring on the side of caution but to not offer refunds Is a di#k move

    1. MAS

      Absolutely agree! Seaworld has a great inclement weather policy here in Orlando and – sorry to some other comments– California downpours have nothing on Florida afternoon torrential thunderstorms… Two hours of rain, free ticket for another day. That was two hours of drinking beer and cooling off! And back to the park for free another day, redemption valid for one year. I was pretty impressed of their understanding and policies given the unpredictability here!

  48. Chuck Robey

    I usedbtonworknfor Knotts Berry farm as the clean up/maintenance crew every night. The crew that I worked with did more with 45 people then Disneyland does with a crew of 3000 every night. I do know one thing that Knotts is very haunted I saw a lot of stuff that would make the average man tuck his tail between his legs. To set the record straight I am an ordained minister and I have seen stuff that can only be considered paranormal activity… If you don’t believe that there are things that go bump in the night you can believe me there are…

  49. Michelle Lauricella Lowrie

    I visited in 2003 when I was station out there in San Diego with the US Navy.

  50. Ng

    I live about 15 minutes from knotts. A person was struck and killed by lightning in my city that morning. There was an advisory for people to remain indoors until the lightning storm passed. Which is probably why knotts wasn’t operating that day.

  51. Jacquelyne

    I live down the street from Knott’s. Been going there since 1958. They have every right to be cautious. The weather was terrible.

  52. NOT a city girl

    I live in NY so travelling there wouldn’t just be a short ride to get there and my itineraries are always filled to the last minute.I would expect a FULL refund.

  53. Tracy

    This makes me so sad! In 2005 we were there. And it was slightly drizzling, and FABULOUS!!! Hardly anyone was there, we went to Silver Bullet several times back-to-back, staying sitting on the front row! Ghost Rider fairly close to the same scenario. It was one of the best days of our vacation. I’m sorry your experience was a bad one.

  54. Chuck

    I worked there in the ‘70s. Admission was free. Consequently buses from the inner city arrived in great numbers. The kids robbed the park blind (not racist:fact). That’s when Walter Knott started charging admission.

  55. Theresa Anne Mummert

    I worked at Knott’s for years and the policy was if there were reports from national weather service stating lightning strikes in or around the vicinity of of Knott’s area they must close rides as lightning goes for the rides like a lightning rod on a house. If it persists longer than a couple of hours usually they will comp for another day or refund your visit. It’s not Knott’s Berry Farms fault as they can’t control the weather. …on a side note a woman and her 2 dogs were out for a walk and got struck and killed by lightning in Pico Rivera a couple of days ago and Pico Rivera is less than 20 miles from Knott’s.

  56. Disappointed

    No I would never visit there. I will not support a company that batters women.

  57. Doh!

    I’m kinda thinkin maybe it would be a good thing to open the park to those complaining about it being closed during an electric storm. Darwin could use a few more test dummies.

  58. Sugar

    One Guest can actually cause a Outcry?? What a waste of reading!!

  59. Curt

    One thing people don’t understand, a lot of roller coasters operate on centrifugal force. The energy from the initial drop carries the train around the track. The track gets wet, the train won’t make it around and get stuck.

    Lightning? You’re on a massive lightning rod! Places shut down all rides if lightning is just in the general vicinity (same with water rides…HELLO???).

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