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Credit: ITM (left), @Alex1svelasco (right)


  1. Cassie

    We have been taking our children to Disneyland since my oldest was 4yrs old. She is now 28yrs old and we still go at least once a year with all 5 of our children and now our 2 grandchildren. Usually during Halloween or Christmas time. It is a very busy time to go and people have no manners when it comes to watching out for little ones or even handicap people. They walk like they are the only ones there and will walk right across in front of you and then get mad if they get hit with a stroller or an electric scooter. We have always had our children in strollers all the way up to 6 yrs old when we go. It is safer for them due to adults don’t watch for little ones and will walk right over them. It’s so busy you run a high chance of them getting lost. We always make sure we take the biggest stroller we have that is acceptable in the park to protect the children from getting hurt by people. It’s not like they do it on purpose. They are just in their own world. It would be nice if the parks would designate a walking direction with crossings like a roadway. It would make things so much safer, smoother and easier to get thru the park. Instead of everyone constantly crossing in front of eachother, stopping right in the middle and causing basically a traffic jam of people. It won’t stop accidents from happening but it would definitely cut back on them. There would need to be people in force this rule for a while until guests know the new rules but once it’s in place for a while it will make everyone’s visit so much more magical instead of stressful because you can’t get thru. It would also help people with planning their day better instead of running a muck in every direction. They can plan their day in more of an organized way. Now I know what I am suggesting will never happen. In the end it is the parents responsibility to keep their children safe, buckled up properly and keep track of them. It would just be nice if something could be done to help parents out a little bit so they can truly enjoy their time along side their little ones and have a little less to stress about when they are there. After all it is suppose to be The Most Magical Place on Earth.

  2. Clinton

    Unless there is a longer video, all I saw was a family walking through Disneyland, a guy saying “whoa, whoa, whoa”, camera pan to stroller with a kid underneath. All I can surmise was the kid wasn’t buckled, saw something and wanted to get out, and tried to get out of the stroller while moving. An accident yes, but bad parenting or an “incident” no. People need to mind there own business.

    1. Ken

      Funny that you say that people should “mind there (proper English is their) own business ” but yet here you are chiming in. Old saying says to “Pull the rafter from your eye before pulling the splinter from others.”

      1. Joseph Kony

        So, any typos invalidate someone’s opinion? Clown.

      2. Mike

        Lmao, you correct someone else then butcher the quote you’re using against them. Which is funny because the beginning of the quote actually fits you perfectly. “You hypocrite!”

    2. Melanie

      Why wasn’t the kid buckled in the stroller?! Parent fail! “Trampled” seems a bit dramatic though

  3. Vic

    Kid crawling out of her own stroller because parents didn’t buckle her in and then parent who wasn’t paying attention continues to push lightweight stroller over her for a few inches before realizing she’s on the floor… translated by lTM for a “better headIine” = lNNOCENT CHlLD gets TRAMPLED by MASSIVE and VIClOUS crowds at Disneyland to the HORROR of TERRIFlED and HELPLESS parent!!!!

  4. Ann

    Genie+ has people staring at their phone all day, rather than paying attention to their family and surroundings.

    1. Elaine

      It looks like a simple accident to me.

      I can’t say how many times we had to catch our daughter between the ages of 2-3 because she saw a character she liked or the carousel that was her favorite ride at the time. As quick as she was, it was only pure luck that allowed us to catch her before she got herself out and ran.

  5. Who ever was pushing the stroller hit the kid. No one else did it. Not news lazy parents. Strap your kid in.

    1. Saralee

      Parents use the strollers for “Ramming” people out of the way. Too many little kids are abused left with the struggle of coping with too many hours at the park and some babies 3 and under are dealing being to hot and sun burned left in the exposure of the sun and heat. Tiny babies are no doubt too cold in the winter.whats the matter with these mommy’s and daddy’s. After about 6 or 7…good majority are all crying and falling asleep. We seen a baby crying in a stroller…nobody was with the stroller. Another man slapped his baby in the face for crying. Caught me by surprise or he would be on social media.

  6. Joseph Baxter

    Obviously fake. Can you ppl not see that it’s not a real kid? I guess it worked tho, 400,000 view and counting. Plus the ones driven by this fake article.

    1. Ken

      There are “fake” kids at Disney Parks? Wow! Of course you clicked on the article so thus you have proven that you are really just fake person too. Please use proper English when writing. “ppl” and “tho” are NOT real words. Both are FAKE ones…

      1. Joseph Kony

        Look at this clown critiquing other people’s writing. “Thus you have proven that you are really just fake person too.” Clown, get it right. Are you using google translate?

  7. Sooz24

    What Video??????? Seriously it shows nothing!

  8. Jake

    This was just a kid who fell out of the stroller. Like the kid wasn’t trampled by crowds or anything. The kid might’ve even unbuckled it (assuming they were buckled in) and tried getting out. This happens all the time, I don’t think anyone is at fault.

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