Comments for Jon Favreau Will Usher Emilia Clarke’s Return to ‘Star Wars’

emilia clarke as qi'ra and alden ehrenreich as han solo

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. John

    This is exactly what we need on star wars right now. More women and diversity.

    1. Get Lost


  2. Critical_Eye

    I would love to see Favreau bring Emilia Clarke into his star wars universe.

    But, I am hoping Favreau can convince maisie williams to join star wars. That’s what star wars truly needs.

  3. Anonymous

    Keep her out of Star Wars. She’s ruined every show/movie she’s been in.

  4. She stole that show(well Chewy /Enfest helped) but by the ending you were thinking “oh yeah a Spin 0ff’.The Mother of Dragons don’t need no man to make a show a hit.
    Now.Solo.Liked it wanna see more Aliens from it get Axtion figures.
    But,Pine should of been the lead, and the original concept that Han&Chewy grew up together should have been made into CANNON.That was my bigest diapointment .

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