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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Lynn

    We love Depps acting skills and look forward to seeing more movies. We will watch no POTC without him. Good luck JD.

    1. Catherine

      Agree completely “no watching POTC”. J.Depp is one of the greatest actors in forever.

  2. Jules

    I finally had the opportunity to watch ‘Minamata’ today.
    Why aren’t more people watching & talking about this fabulous work of cinematic art? ❤️
    Also, the Depp/Beck CD is due out in a couple of weeks. 🎶
    Truth won. JD winning at life. Blessings to all,
    except her! 😉

  3. Susan Hanes

    I knew from the beginning that Amber was lying and it’s time for her career to suffer! I love Johnny’s acting and there can be no other Cap’n Jack Sparrow! Good for you Johnny Depp!

  4. Donna McCormick

    I have boycotted Disney for a few years, thanks to the way Disney treated Depp who’s made Disney Billions of Dollars.

    The tapes were available years ago. Disney should have done their own. Investigation Like I did!

    I knew it was not the truth when I first heard about this rush to judgement from Disney & Warner Bros.

    So when Disney finally offers a public apology to Johnny Depp I will continue to Boycott Disney.

    Btw this comes from a lady who had a Disney Kitchen & purchased Disney Toy & clothing for 9 children. I’d fly to Disney Orlando often.

    I wish Disney Luck on Fixing their mistake.

    Thanks GlaMa GaGa McCormick
    Brentwood TN

  5. Jules

    Can’t wait to see him in his next film and to buy his album! I will not see POTC without him! Disney still owes him a huge apology! I ready that POTC is a huge part of the fireworks show on the Wish- it would be nothing without Captain Jack!

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