Comments for Former Imagineer Speaks Out On “Disney Adult” Controversy

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  1. Michelle

    I don’t think this is a true controversy. What IS a true controversy is treating children like adults when they are not developmentally ready – drag queen exposure in schools and bars, graphic sex education at very young ages, pride parades with nudity and sexual behavior on display. This is grooming and child abuse.

    1. Walt

      Michelle, take your right-wing talking points somewhere else.

      If this were the right forum I’d have plenty to say, but it is not.

      1. Michelle

        Plenty of people from both sides of the political spectrum agree. This is the right forum because on this site pride stuff keeps being shoved in our faces day after day. You don’t have plenty to say because there is never an excuse for child abuse.

        1. Kevin

          There is no drag queen exposure at schools and no children at bars. Don’t want your kids to see a pride parade? Don take them. Your taking points are moronic.

        2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

          There is just one word to describe Michelle and her point of view. Bigot. Plain and simple. Don’t believe me, look up the definition. Better yet, I will save you the time.
          “a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.”
          Sound familiar

          1. mooreJackson

            Bravo Michele. Just because these people are blind and choose to label you with racist bigot or whatever to cover their own reality. Having young kids in a drag show where the wall says it isn’t gonna lick itself is very messed up and grooming. Probably doesn’t belong in this chat though. I let our annuals expire. Left or right. Sick is sick and wrong is wrong.

          2. OpenMindedKevin

            Yes it does sound familiar SCOTT. Every single one of your posts just proves that YOU are EXACTLY what you are describing to a T.

            A) YOU are obstinately and unreasonably attached to the belief that everyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% is a “bigot”

            B) YOU are prejudiced against anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100%

            C) YOU are COMPLETELY antagonistic towards anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs.

            These are all from YOUR definition. And I will even go one further:

            D) YOU refuse to listen to anyone else’s point of view when it differs from yours.

            I think this pretty much sums up how YOU are actually a closed minded “bigot” as well. So before you accuse others of being something, maybe you should check in the mirror first.

            Have a nice day.

            1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

              except, you forgot the main part of the definition, because “of their membership in a particular group”. That does not mean the same thing as “point of view when it differs from you”. And I am not prejudiced against them either. I give them the same rights to state their point of view as anyone else.
              And I am “antagonistic” because of their actions, not any membership.

              That is the very definition of Gaslighting. You make a change in the definition of words to fit your argument. And that is a logical fallacy.

              1. OpenMindedKevin

                Whatever dude. I didn’t forget about the “main part of the definition” at all. It’s completely plain to see the “particular group” you are prejudiced against is the religious right (also people who don’t agree with you can be a group as well). Its obvious in every single one of your posts on the many articles you comment on on this site.

                Define it however you want to so you feel better about yourself (talk about gaslighting) but the fact remains you are exactly the type of person you rail against, you are just on the other side of the issue. Its sad that you can’t see this about yourself but instead attack others for what they believe in.

            2. Hillary c

              You’re a moron. You’re argument is the same thing the south would have said during the civil war if Twitter was a thing. You worry about some non existent drag show where kids are allowed ….while you let your sons get ass fd by the pope and his merry band of buttlovers.

              I know you guys are jizzing yourself over the SC verdict this week….but what will it really do? People like us who aren’t poor will open 50.clinics per blue state. I’ll donate more to this this year than you idiots make in a year.

              I joked with my partner that’s I’ll finance more abortions this year than inside theagic will write intelligent, thoughtful articles. But he jokes that would be one.

              But at the end of the day, us athiests will keep killimg babies and you conservatives will keep f$_king them

              1. Hillary c

                My comment was to OnlyfansKevin……and the pope.

                And Clarence Thomas. If he really reads the constitution not sure he should be allowed to be married to has fat white wife

          3. Look in a mirror darling you are practicing what you preach loudly on a lot of these comment sections. Give up the bigot routine you are a bore.

            1. StitchIsRight

              Scott is EXACTLY the type of person he complains about ad nauseam. Then, when you call him out on it he feebly attempts to try to turn it around on you. You are better off talking to your shoe. You will probably get a more worthwhile response.

          4. Julian H

            I don’t understand why Disney wants to bring same sex kissing etc into Children films, it does seem to be rammed down our throats these days.

            Surely at such a young age can Disney not just do what they used to do best rather than what they are doing these days. Let Kids be kids there is plenty of time for the children to learn about such things when they are older.

            I’m not anti LBGT but for children let them grow up first and make a more informed decision when they are at an age where they can properly understand.

            1. Jordan

              It may only seem that way if you’re homophobic. There is nothing wrong with 2 people who love each other kissing, especially when you see it’s one kiss that lasted barely a second. You could literally blink and miss it. If you don’t see an issue with Snow white and Prince Charming kissing, then Buzz’s kiss is fine.

            2. Hillary c

              So Julien, are you saying it’s wrong? Because kids who are LGBTQ with parents like you are made to feel like it is. Maybe seeing two mom’s ina movie like Dr Strange or two women kissing in Light-year make certain kids feel normal.

              And if it bothers you that much take one of the guns the SC just said you can carry where ever you want and put it in your mouth…and pull the trigger you bigoted hillbilly trash.

              I’ve also always been a proponent of abortion until 3000 weeks for idiots

              1. Who,me?

                And you wonder why we on the right see you on the left as Mentally I’ll and twisted . Most likely your anti gun as well yet here you are asking for gun violence
                You really are unhinged and actually need to seek help.

          5. Erik Jeffries

            There is only one word to describe you.. Groomer! I mean if you want to be apedophile, that’s on you, but it is also ILLEGAL. What Michele stated is just factual common sense.

            1. Jordan

              You’re confused on what’s going on. Might want to educate yourself lol

          6. JS

            How about everyone take the time to respectfully listen to each other. There is good and bad on both sides of the aisle and maybe instead of throwing insults at one another we take the time to understand. I commend everyone to stand behind their beliefs on both sides, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be insulting. Remember, being a jerk to a jerk still makes you a jerk. Love and peace to you all.

        3. walt

          exactly Michelle. The pukes that want to sexualize children, for what purposes one can only imagine, – always tell those of us desiring to preserve the innocence of childhood to sit down and shut up. Well no more!

        4. Joem

          Your comments have nothing to do with Disney.

        5. Truth

          I recommend a more appropriate website for you, like Stormfront, the KKK, or Fox News.

      2. DO

        Michelle needs to get laid.

      3. joho0

        They’re not right wing talking points. I’ve voted Democrat in the last 10 elections, but this growing has to end. It’s sickening that children are being exposed to sexual issues at such a young age. You folks need to back off or it will be the end of the Democratic party as I know it.

        Btw, there are documented cases of children going to the gay bar for show and tell. I’m not making this up. Do a little research and see for yourself.

    2. EMM

      Your post is not really relevant to the article where there does lie controversy; it’s just not significant.

      Why do both the far left and far right have to twist everything to fit their agenda.

      1. JS

        Right on! So tired of the fighting and the hate between the extremes. Turning every Disney topic into something political. Frankly I think they are the ones who have destroyed Disney for me. Have no hate against them, but just tired of the bickering and politics.

        1. Kari

          Unfortunately its the new nodm and they wonder why the united states is a laughing s to the entire world!

    3. LetsGo Brandon

      Yep. If it’s not okay for employee adults to talk about sex at their place of employment, why is it okay for these teachers to talk about it at theirs?

      1. Jordan

        It’s literally their job to educate

        1. Correction


          1. BuckyFarms3

            No that’s the job of religion.

    4. Liliana

      No one was talking about that. Bringing in a moot point.

    5. Shimmer

      Michelle, you literally only came in here to attack the LGBTQ+ community when this news article isn’t even about that.

      Chill, or forever suffer from your obsession with the community.

      1. Tom

        Exactly the classic “What about the children” excuse for continuing discrimination and allowing people to be attacked. Pie in face to the Anita Bryants of the world.

    6. Thomas

      You are hyjacking the thread. Girls and women in many churches are taught to defer to men and not live up to their potential. I call this grooming.

    7. What a Maroon!


    8. Doug Rebertus


    9. I’m sorry

      The article is about Disney adults. Nobody wants to hear your outdated religious views.

    10. Paul

      I totally agree. Why teach babies sexual education if you don’t want them exposed to sex or sexual situations? No wonder child sex is rampant these days!

      1. Jordan

        They aren’t teaching them about sex. Where did you get that nonsense from? You need to stay off conspiracy sites

    11. Anthony

      Michelle, the article was about an imagineer defending Walt’s vision that Disneyland is a place for people of all ages, and it is, there’s so much to do that’s geared towards adults, think Blue Bayou, Marie Antoinette’s Parfumerie, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Star Wars Land, etc. There’s something for everyone, as a kid I enjoyed it for the rides and toys, now I enjoy it for the theming, food and shows… plus I have the money to buy stuff at the stores, lol.

    12. Ethan

      Nobody asked you Michelle. As to the actual content of this article, I think Disney would be leaving money on the table if they didn’t cater to adults. There’s no shame in being childless and liking Disney, or there shouldn’t be.

      1. JS

        Thank you Ethan! As a childless adult Disney fan I appreciate and agree with your view. Why should anyone care what things others like? It literally doesn’t affect them. I think the people who meddle in others lives like this are just jealous that others find joy in something so they have to criticize it. I honestly feel bad for them that they can’t be happy, but at the same time I’m going to continue to enjoy the things I love. As I said before I feel certain extremists on both sides have made things that I love so political that it kind of has ruined it and this includes Disney, however, I’m going to do better about them not ruining it for me and I’m going to continue to find joy in things, including Disney, and if they don’t like it then too bad. Wish they do someday find joy, but not going to let them take away mine.

    13. Marcus

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. A drag show or pride parade won’t groom a straight kid to be gay. A gun show or Southern Baptist revival won’t groom a gay kid to be straight. Now get off this site. You don’t belong here.

      1. Statistics

        Explain the rapidly increasing rates of gayness among younger demographics, then.

        1. Crystal

          I had to stop hysterically laughing at your ignorant and baseless comment. The only thing that’s happening now is that people (yes, young people included) feel safer to explore themselves and be who they are. People like you might stay stuck in the 50s but the rest of us are cool with evolving.

          1. Who,me?

            How much evolving ya gonna do when you Alphabet people cannot procreate???
            Just asking for a friend!

            1. Erica

              Nearly 100% of all LGBTQIA+ people I know of have two straight parents, and 0% were drawn into it by outside influences. So… straight people will continue raising gay folk. As has happened throughout history.

        2. Erica

          Explain the rapidly increasing statistics of left-handed people once the stigmas against left-handed people eased off and you’ll find your explanation here. When being LGBTQIA+ was outright illegal, we wouldn’t admit to our identities but we existed, just like left handed people. And rise will taper off once it hits the actual level once society as a whole accepts LGBTQIA+ people as a whole. One thing it won’t do is exceed the actual occurrence (there won’t be any ‘everybody’s gay!’ scenario, for example)

          1. Who,me?

            But your not accepted. You want to be, Demand to be. But you are not and never will be, and that is historically true going back thousands of years. Nice try.

            1. Erica

              Compared to the 70’s? We’re accepted. People like you may not, but the general population is more accepting than not and that’s why you’re seeing the increase.

              In any event, your claim is not actually countering the point, it’s cementing it. We exist and have always existed, your opprobrium only makes some pretend they don’t exist for their own safety.

    14. Melissa

      What are your children doing in bars?

    15. Day

      STFU you homophobic piece of garbage!

      1. Who,me?

        Hey Day, I think your confusing “Disgust” for “Homophobic.”
        I certainly don’t fear men with painted nails and prom dresses luza.

    16. Hillary c

      Seriously. If we want to train our kids send them to church….so the priests can show them how to do it

  2. CEO Joe

    Joe is a treasure. Should I say was, since he quit as soon as Bobby Paycheck took over? He should have been made CEO.

  3. WD

    Why do people have to be so horrible? I’d consider myself a Disney Adult (despite having been with both wife & step-son and wife & daughter at various times in the last 20 years.)

    The lady meeting Goofy just looked happy. Why shouldn’t people be happy? Let people enjoy what they enjoy.

    I was on the verge of tears ~6 years ago meeting Pooh at a character meal. I don’t even know why.

    1. T.B

      I am a Disney adult and I don’t care what anyone thinks or says. I have loved Disney since I was a child and even more so now with them aquiring Marvel and Star Wars. All my favorites in one place. I am getting married later this year and we will be spending our honeymoon at Disney World.

      1. Rox

        Why should a disney loving adult be mocked and villified.
        I do not ask social media to ratify my life. Perhaps the hater trolls need to get off the internet and go out and live a little.

      2. Corrine

        T.B., Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! When I was about 15 years old my parents took us to Disney World. That was the very first time I went. Then when my husband and I got married we went there for our honeymoon and had a wonderful time! We also went for 2 days for our 25th anniversary and then onto the Disney Cruise for 7 days, and following that spent one more day in Disney World!

      3. Paul

        Why can’t all adults be like you. Disney is for everyone!

    2. EMM

      My daughter is a Disney adult and I consider myself a Disney geezer. I sometimes skip around the park because Im happy; and of course I get glares. Who cares as long as I’m not in their way or being obnoxious.

      When people don’t agree with or understand something they often attack it.

      1. Libby

        I’m with you EMM and will continue being a Disney Geezer. The parks are not strictly for the young.

    3. Bob's your Uncle

      Can I be cynical here?

      Many of Disney’s harshest critics at the moment are what could be called Disney Adults. It seems awfully convenient this becomes a talking point right as Bob is taking flak for his self-serving decisions. He would much rather “Disney Adults” buy a DVC and visit the park only to buy over-priced food.

      1. Dave

        To me, it seems most of the complaints are from new and/or infrequent guests who have misguided expectations or skewed past memories. those of us who have been coming back for years and decades are expecting 5 min lines at Space Mountain or Splash mountain. We know how to organize the day so we can hit the attractions we want to and skip ones for later visits. We know to get dinning reservations 60 days out, and we can be flexible if Ragland Road or Brown Derby is booked that week.

        1. JS

          Totally true. While I don’t like all the changes of lately, my trip to Disney World this past February actually went really well because I planned ahead of time. Granted I once worked there and have been back many times since, while constantly keeping up with things in the parks, but you kind of have to do that to have a good trip. Honestly it does help being childless and going alone (don’t judge) because you can get around easier without having to take a lot of rest breaks. I made it to all of tge big rides without having to wait more than an hour (except Flights of Passage which was 2 hours). The waits were still longer then I preferred, but all the parks were full so I still consider it a huge win. Helps to have a smart phone now too. Back in 2004 when I worked there and the only entertainment you had was people watching and while interesting, it did get old fast. This Disney adult is not going anywhere, though I think after 4 years in a row, I’m ready for a bit of a break.

  4. Becki

    I’m a Disney adult. I go with my now adult daughters. We enjoy every aspect of going; character meals, rides, shows, fireworks, etc. the four of us miss it we we aren’t there. We have been close to tears as Disney makes for feel like it is “home”. For us it is a magical place that lets us escape the real world, having fun, eating good food and being entertained. I will be taking my own grand-children when they come. I can’t wait to watch the awe in their eyes when they see the castle or meet Mickey for the first time.

  5. jim.lowe@live.com

    Don’t think Disney Adults are really despised. It’s only a social media construct brought up by articles like this. I’m around 70 and have loved Disney since I was a kid. Went there on my honeymoon, to my kids there as they Gran
    growing up. Just got annual passes for my wife, my son, his wife and grandkids who live in Florida. Seeing it again through my Grandkids eye’s is wonderful wonderful J

  6. Robert "Ironman" Downey

    What should be vilified, is the STROLLERS that are double wide, with parents at the helm who probably drive their cars as bad as they do the strollers. Looking around, nt paying attention, running into people. Years ago, Disney said they would no longer allow the side by side models due to the interruption in the flow of traffic, yet here we are 2022 and they RENT them!. I love Disney and think all should come to enjoy, but be respectful and pay attention to what you are doing…please.
    Other than that…I don’t care if people are upset that I am an adult that has no children with me at Disney. My money is just as green as yours and I have every right to enjoy it too…Walt was right..adults can imagine and remember the years of old as a child…
    The adults that ruin it for others are the ones that think they are entitled to do what they want, when they want. They do it at Disney and everywhere else they go…kids, no kids, it doesn’t matter. This is what happens when you have now 2 generations of people that were never disciplined and taught right from wrong, nor reality from fantasy. They think that no one will say no or correct them. If you do, they throw a fit…or a fist…the latter being the only response a low-brow, un-educated group can resort to.

    1. Dawn

      What they disallowed was the huge double-wide strollers and those ones that are more like wagons (except when medically necessary). Not all double-wides… They have to fit inside of a size mark on the ground at the security check.

    2. Liliana

      Preach to the back too! I’ve seen so many children that have the appearance that the annoyed their parent to rent that double stroller. I’ve seen other families that bring strollers just to lug their things around. Enough is enough. If one is able bodied and can walk and carry things, they don’t need a stroller. Period.

    3. Rachel

      I am a parent of two and they are close in age. Having used several double strollers, I found that the double wide was the best option for me. I have never run into anyone with my stroller, however I have had people jump in front of it and then suddenly stop. To which I had to stop a very heavy stroller on a dime or hit the person. I think when it comes to strollers, perspective is a big part. I would say that if you walk around hating double strollers you are probably more likely to be that person who runs in front of one and then stops. If that happens and you get hit, it was your fault and not mine by any means. I have seen this happen way too often in the parks and I hope you never find yourself in the position where you need a double stroller or even a single stroller in a theme park. It is not easy to navigate all the people staring at their phones and not paying attention.

  7. Mark

    My family has been going to Disney World since 1979- when we went on our Honeymoon. Yep – there were times in those many years that that it was just us two (now 60 + year olds) and then there were times when our children came with us,,, and now days we still go alone,, and also visit with the children and now grandchildren. Disney is a unique place where adults, and children alike can experience joy and entertainment together – seeing the joy in my kid and grandkids as they experience Disney is the best a parent or grandparent can hope for. and if there are those adults that want to have that Joy on their own – so be it. Where is the “hate” coming from ? Do folks think the parks would be less crowded without us ? That is would be less expensive without us ?? That lines , and restaurants would be less crowded. ? I don;t believe that is true …. and from a financial point of view I believe that that without dollars from my part of the Disney demographic – Resort rooms, Dining, Tickets would all be more expensive – WDW as a business has to make that revenue somewhere and I bet that we (60’s folks) make up a large part of that revenue stream.

  8. Peter George

    My wife and I are in our 70’s and love Disney and look forward to visiting Disney World all the time. Planning our next trip for 2023, staying in our favourite resort and visiting all the parks. Disney adults and proud of it!!

  9. Daniel

    I am absolutely a Disney Adult. I have never had children but always loved Disney wither it’s movies, parks, tshirts or anything else. I have never been more proud to say that.

  10. Marcus

    So much about Disney (and Universal) theme parks is about adults. Many of the most popular “E ticket” attractions were essentially built for adults. They have height limits. Most of the high end restaurants were designed to appeal to adults. The vast majority of merchandize is for adults, not just in terms of the selection of apparel sizes but the expensive collectables (i.e. animation art and porcelain sculptures) are made for adults.

    If you step down to the tier 2 theme parks like the Six Flag parks and Cedar Point, they are all about roller coasters which are built for adults.

  11. Corrine

    I already wrote some of this in a reply to T.B., but the very first time I went to Disney World was when I was around 15 years old. My husband had also vacationed in Disney World a few years later with his family when we were dating, but they also stayed within the resort and camped at Fort Wilderness. He told me about all the fun they had and how much there was to do within the campground and suggested that we should stay there for our honeymoon. At first I thought, “I don’t want to go camping on our honeymoon” but the more I heard about it the more it grew on me, and so that’s what we did. And we had an AMAZING time! After we had our 4 kids, whenever we went on vacation, that’s what we did. Camped at Fort Wilderness and went to their parks. Fort Wilderness was very different back then, though. It started changing when the West Nile Virus came along. Fast forward a few years and my husband and I went to Disney World for 2 days for our 25th anniversary, continued onto the Disney Cruise for 7 days, and then back to Disney World for 1 day before returning home. 2 years later our youngest daughter got married in Disney World and went on the Disney Cruise for their honeymoon. Then a few years ago my husband and I went on a Disney Cruise again. We love Disney World, and there were many adult couples on the cruise without kids that love it just as much!

  12. Iiz

    “for children of all ages”. Every human being has an inner child. Some have endured unimaginable harm – they need that Disney magic. As long as they’re not putting gum on fixtures or cutting line, nobody should care that adults are at Disney enjoying their day. fun in the sun is a universal joy.

  13. OpenMindedKevin

    My fiancé is what she considers a “Disney Adult”. I am not. But it brings her joy so I am all for it and would never deny something that makes her happy.

    On another note I do have to say that the wedding couple in this story who spent $6K on people dressed up as characters to show up at their wedding and then told their guests to find their own food ant either expensive restaurants or to eat out of vending machines are definitely tacky a-holes. Pretty insulting thing to do to your wedding guests who already probably paid a ton of money to get to WDW and attend the wedding. Trying to understand their thought process here but I can’t.



    1. JS

      I was totally with you until your last statement. Love is being accepting of all and God is love. Thanks for being a Johnny Depp supporter, but wasn’t the lesson that we learned through his experience not to judge others. Both sides could really learn something from that.

  15. Tom

    Thank you Joe. His response is as genius as his imagineering ! Perhaps some of this comes down to jealousy. Either that Disney adults have the time and money to go to the parks or, that they are comfortable enough to let themselves enjoy Disney without kids. BTW most Disney adults I know have grown kids that they did take to Disney.

  16. HeatherW

    I am an unapologetic Disney Adult. I don’t have kids of my own, although I have borrowed my friend’s and family’s children for trips to Disney over the years. Not because I felt like I needed to have kids with me to go — some of my most memorable trips were solo or with other adults — but I enjoy watching unfiltered belief in magic unfold its wings once we pass through the gates. I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with being a Disney Adult…

  17. CJ

    Thank you retired Walt Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde for stating the Truth!

    Theme Parks are meant for everyone. There are rides and attractions you went on as a child – because they were designed for your age group and height – and you couldn’t wait to grow up in order to go on those rides and attractions and for an older age group (you finally reached the height that was acceptable for the height restrictions) …. as an adult you enjoy rides and attractions and finally remember those that you enjoyed as a child (your only restrictions maybe due to orthopedic or health when it comes to a ride or attraction).

    Just let Park Guests have a nice time, an enjoy your time, at any Theme Park.

  18. Jessica

    We’re not hurting anyone. We’re just trying to enjoy our life.

  19. I’m a joyful Disney Adult. Started in 1963 when I was 4 and met Walt on Main St. I’m now 65 and I visit Dland once a year and WDW once a year, and I don’t think it’s enough!! My adult friends and I enjoy the freedom to just be and I ignore haters and their ignorance!!!

  20. Kristin

    There’s nothing wrong with being a childish adult and loving to go to Disney. They have attractions suited to both young and old. The two examples that the article gives are vastly different angles though. The first one with the lady hugging Pluto. People were in the wrong to talk down on her like that. So what if an adult wants to hug a person in a costume, portraying a lovable, goofy cartoon dog? For the other scenario, I would have to be on the side against the newlyweds. It’s only right to pay for your wedding guests food. They did go out and buy you gifts, did they not? And in the case of this wedding, it was a destination wedding which meant a lot of the guests probably had to pay for their means of travel and possibly accomodations to attend your wedding, or did you cover their travel and hotel rooms but then cheaped out on their meal? If that was the case, then that is very messed up, especially since you were willing to dish out the $6,000 to have Mickey and Minnie appear at your wedding. Guess they are more important to you than your friends and family? So yea… that was kind of a lousy move. If your friends and family are willing to make it out to Disneyworld for your wedding, the least you can do to show your appreciation is buy them their meal.

    1. Kristin

      Ugh… I wanted to put ‘CHILDLESS’ adult not childish. Oops

      1. Falek

        No, you are correct, Disney adults are childish. Grow up!

  21. Falek

    People without children should be banned from Disney. It is not healthy to use escapism to leave reality.

    1. JS

      Lord, please let Falek find joy in life. I feel for his sorrow.

      1. JS

        Or her…sorry if I misgendered.

    2. Jeff

      Well then I guess we should also ban most music and all movies except documentaries if “escapism” is such a danger to society…

    3. Chuck

      Wow you need a reality check!! Adults like Disney too. Just like the adult with 3 kids said to me one day at the princess, when 3 adults were in line and the line was 3 hrs told me that Disney should be for kids only ,not adults and I said well who’s going to watch your kids for you while they are in the park and out doing something else? Yep he had a stunned look and his face, and I said yep that’s right Disney Is for everyone, not just for selfish people like you and your self entitlement greed !!!

  22. Mike

    Like i care what people think of me!!!

  23. I’m 60 years young and miss Disney World everyday. I grew up watching Disney every week. Before the pandemic, I finally met Mickey Mouse, he was a talking Mickey. We were there as part of my birthday and he sang happy birthday to me. When I walked out I was crying. I never expected to cry but I did. So there it’s out there and we Disney adults are too. Get over it! We are human just like you.

  24. Mario

    In regards to Walt’s message. I think Disney needs to take it more into consideration when updating the parks and creating new attractions. Most of the best attractions are NOT based off of existing intellectual properties. They really need to get out of that box more often and develop experiences from scratch like the used to. Rides like big thunder mountain, haunted mansion, space mountain etc are good enough to stand on their own and through the test of time. I’d like to see more of that moving forward.

  25. Michelle

    Having worked at WDW, I found watching adults letting down their guard and enjoying the parks delightful. All adults should have their happy place where they feel comfortable just being themselves and having fun. More power to them! I know I enjoy doing the same thing.

  26. Jamie

    So what if adults enjoy going to Disney? I can’t even believe this is a thing. No one is being hurt, or insulted, or whatever. Let them enjoy it, without being bullied. It’s ridiculous. Shoot if I lived closer, I’d definitely be a Disney adult.

  27. Chuck

    Can you please separate your articles, they bleed together with no noticeable separation, your site sucks , and for some reason every time I click on an article it’s your sucky site, Clean it up, don’t be so deceiving in your titles and reporting,

  28. I was a Disney adult. It took about 5 trips and seeing it through my children’s eyes. And all the details. I would let people pass me in line to enjoy the details. And I lived that fake “bubble” for 5 days. Now it’s over crowded *I don’t need anyone to tell me, it’s literally busting at the seems* & over priced. But got tons of pictures to share with grand children

  29. Ron

    I use to be until Disney sold out to wokeness and becoming politically correct no matter how bad that is. I have been going to Walt Disney World since it opened in 1971 and have spent quite a bit of money on Disney merchandise as well. But until Disney changes some of their policies on things, I refuse to spend one more dime on them.

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