Comments for Producer Confirms James Bond Will Be “Reinvented” In the Next Film

Credit: MGM/Universal


  1. S1

    Thank you, bring bond to modern times. I can’t help but look at the sexist movies of yesteryear and just cringe at how bad they aged.

    1. Oilman

      Then please stop watching them. Good grief it seems some people want to piss and moan just for the sake of it.

  2. Steve

    I guess we have enough good Bond movies, I can ignore these new ones.

  3. kurt

    Bond… yawn….

  4. Wyatt

    If I was the casting director for a new Bond film I would cast Bob Chapek for the villian. He would be the perfect Blofield.

    1. Steve

      Chapek aka Professor Fee: “I am really excited about this new offering we are bringing our guests this year. The microdeath 3000 model nanobot will exterminate half of the world’s population within 3 weeks, and most importantly, this new experience will be inclusive and free for everyone. An upgrade package will be made available for those seeking a faster death.”

  5. JoeBryant

    Please Idris Alba will be the new Bond, please Idris Alba will be the new Bond, please Idris Alba will be the new Bond….

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