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Cars Road Trip truck

Credit: Disney


  1. He is remembered

    RIP Dinoco truck. You will be missed.

    1. Kristie

      There wasn’t concern the one screaming “he is dying” is laughing the loudest … geez lol

  2. Cmac

    Well this is what happens in real life so no surprise, people laugh and record while people are dying

    1. CD

      Did you even read this? They are joking around that a fictional character is dying in a controlled scene of a ride.

    2. Nunya

      Wow. I keep saying I dont want to read these articles on this website anymore but they are so awful. Its a dirty pleasure to read bad writing and how over exaggerated everything is in these articles. Video was 3 seconds long and not hilarious. No one was concerned etc etc. Seriously the high schoolers who write this stuff need to just stop.

  3. Altagarcia M Garcia

    Yeah but if you have been on the ride you know it’s moving up & down & your laughing at the ride not scenery & kids are LISTENING TO THE story not the ride


    This was a stupid article that really shouldn’t have been maid. Like I actually thought a real human person was in trouble. But its sone twat yelling about a fake truck. Not to mention the Twitter tbot also support a lame flag.

  5. Rob

    Why compare it to something at Universal? It is pretty much an exact copy of Catastrophe Canyon from the Studio Backlot Tour that used to be at Hollywood Studios.

  6. Anon

    That looks like a real big waste of water.

  7. Garrett

    My god when news articles need to pick on people for having fun and acting like it is real it is a sad day….

  8. James

    OMG U wrote an article about this?

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