Comments for Guests Stranded, Lights Flicker On and Off Seconds Before Splash Mountain Drop

splash mountain drop

Credit: Disney


  1. Logan Hatfield

    i love how you guys are trying to give this ride a bad reputation LEAVE IT ALONE

    1. Kim

      I was evacuated from Splash Mountain once years ago. It was after the big drop. I didn’t feel it took anything away from my enjoyment of the ride or my visit. Of course we experienced the best part of the ride! We had a gentleman who was paralyzed in our boat, and the cast members as well as other guests were amazing in getting him evacuated and carried off the ride. Someone then went and retrieved his chair. It was a unique experience and look behind the scenes of the ride as we went out the emergency exit.

  2. M

    Greatest ride ever. Leave it alone.

  3. Jim M

    Quit getting so defensive! The article was just about the latest ride to malfunction, of which there have been many lately. How you got that the rides reputation was being attacked is beyond me. Need to lighten up and chill out!

  4. DisneyFan

    Maybe leadership should be ensuring that regular preventative maintenance is done

  5. Barbara M

    We were stalled at the top on Space Mountain for a long time with the lights on and Zippidee Do Dah repeating over and over. They finally led us off and down the back stairway outside and into the recycling area. Really disillusioning but made for a unique day!!

  6. Patty

    Things happen…but given the major brand of Disney; I do think they need better maintenance.

    Also they used to make morbidly obese people wait their turn since the rides have weight limits for a reason. It made sense to pack people in rides when most people were 50 lbs less on average. Now they don’t want to risk offending anyone who makes poor choices so the rest of us have to pay.

    Many times I’ve been stuck on rides where many-a-land whale are on at the same time squished in with the rest of us and it is obviously causing problems. It’s not about your feelings it’s about physics. I’m not skinny myself, I’ve reproduced, I have the body that shows it. But if I was obese I would expect to have to wait a bit to be accommodated for being the same size as 2-3 people.

    We are lucky to have discounted passes but in the last four times we have been this year; we have had to be escorted off of rides about five times. And stuck waiting a long time on the rise; about the same amount.

    What’s been ridiculous to me is there was a time when it didn’t seem to be unsafe at all for us to get off (my special needs kid was at wits end ..was favorite ride and we were waiting to finally eat etc, kid couldn’t comprehend why this was happening. ) They left us locked in for about 25 minutes and I believe they could’ve easily let us off within 5-10 when we were asking to get off. But we had to sit there for 5 times longer than the time the ride lasts. 🙄🙈 I like seeing behind the scenes but it’s definitely not very immersive and it takes away valuble time.

  7. Sandy

    That’s Walt saying put mysong of the south back

  8. Dustin

    Last time I visited there Monsters broke down twice, we had to leave on foot and were told not to record. Then Roger rabbit broke and we had to leave out a side door. And then the railroad broke after we spent 45 minutes in line, they told us to all leave no fast pass to return. And at the same time pirates was closed down too. Not once was given anything. I love Disneyland, but I was sure happy that wasn’t my first experience.

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