Comments for Guest Forced Away After Hugging Disney Character

Left: A man approaches a stormtrooper saying "Yeah you want a hug." Right: Stormtrooper walks away from man, saying "Don't ever do that!"


  1. George Goodwin

    That would be in character for those personalities. The guest got exactly what they would have gotten in the Star Wars universe. Well maybe Kylo Ren would have killed them if it was Star Wars.

    1. Rob

      They should have pointed the weapon. Would have been more in character. 🤣

  2. Missy

    I think they were just acting in character… makes total sense, and I think thebkid was gaving a laugh over it.

  3. Chris Wood

    In this day and age, its not a good idea to walk up to anybody and ask if they want a hug! Frankly I couldn’t do that job, I couldn’t be bothered by cretinous human beings

  4. If I was the stormtrooper I would have said “Lets see some ID first”. I also think the person giving the hug wasnt in the wrong. Unless it was in character ignoring them is rude.

  5. Mickeymouse3

    Another butt munch looking for 15 minutes of fame. Tik tok, Youtube and other social media outlets are the cause of some people’s irritable behavior.

  6. Kent

    Trevon is right people pay a lot of money for kids to be entertained I would fire you if that was happening to my guests

    1. Nick

      Kent, they are in character as military guards, they aren’t going to hug you, if as a child or even adult you saw stormtroopers hugging people it would break the illusion. I have seen on multiple occasions the troopers interactions with guests but in the way you’d expect, such as coming up to a young child dressed as a Jedi and pretending to arrest them before faking a jedi mind trick or a trooper who saluted a young teen with a vadar chest piece tshirt when he asked for a photo, so it’s about how you interact with them and there character, so random guy trying to hug a stormtrooper in the star wars universe would have been shot, so at least he wasn’t disintegrated, ha ha.

      Even as an adult I’ve been stopped by the troopers and asked if I was a rebel spy when coming out the restrooms… so they do stay in character the whole time and reacted how you would expect.

      Like another commentator said the only difference I might have done is point my weapon when I said “don’t ever do that” but then we have the benefit of hind sight and the characters have to react in the spur of the moment.

      Disney is a magical place for everyone and allows you to step outside the mundane of life for a while but you have to still respect they have a job to do for all guests not just the one in front of them. Saying you’d fire them for doing their job makes me think you are the type of selfish person I hate seeing when I’m at disney who expects the whole word to revolve around them and makes me hate people, I hope your not and you remember the above on your next visit.


    What no video? At least for me I didn’t see a video. So I’m just going to assume this is another clickbate post to get attention. Its getting worse with these kind of people thinking they are important by posting fake junk like this

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