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girl gets dress coded at disney world


  1. Chris

    Kick her out of the parks for using profanity and/or under Florida law have her arrested since kids are present and it violates Florida law to use profanity in such places.

    Really, no excuse for that behavior, she dressed inappropriately for a family park and violated Disney’s rules.

    1. Kelley Anderson

      I am just glad to see Disney step up and not provide “free” shirts. Way to go Disney and if they act like that they should be asked to leave and not return.

      1. Catherine C Black

        WDW has clearly stated what is and what is not allowed within the resort. It is the guests responsibiity to know before you go. You either comply or do not visit.

        1. Dave

          I’m sick of people thinking they can get away with everything and anything! Disney should ban these guests from the park forever! What happened to modesty. That’s what looks good! Plus, these guests definitely do not deserve free t-shirts!!

    2. Mike

      Whats inappropriate

  2. Some of the garments fashion violators picked were $70 spirit jerseys. They got greedy and advertised their ill gotten gain on social media. Bob cheapskate chapek said cut ’em off!

    1. Chiz Dippler

      “Bob cheapskate chapek.”

      Congratulations. You fit in with the cool kids. That still doesn’t mean WDW is obligated to give out free $70 clothing.

      1. That they pay $2.00 for made in china.

        1. Tom Mcgill

          Keep the dress code on property in effect.people need to adhere to the rules to keep the integrity of the parks

      2. Debora

        I think that was her point, so I guess you can brush up on your cognitive skills.

  3. Walt

    Plot Twist: Minutes later her makeup melted in the hot Florida sun revealing her true identity as the Wicked Witch… Facilities cast members promptly returned her to the Magic Kingdom.

  4. Mouse Police

    Why didn’t she follow her own battle cry of “boycott Disney” and leave the park? Just another Tik Tok loser.

    1. Ryan

      She wanted her one minute of fame meaning she doesn’t beleive what she says. It’s about her.

  5. Dani

    If that were a big giro wearing that no one would say sht. I garuntee it.

  6. Sue

    Wtf is wrong with people Disney is not the beach or a nite club all they want is there 5 mins of fame on camera. I’m glad Disney is telling them they can go into the park dressed like that. I have seen much worst then this.

  7. Carla

    I didn’t think her top was all that bad…I have seen much less worn at Disney over the years.

    1. DLand

      I totally agree & I WORKED FOR DISNEYLAND in Anaheim California & as a MAINGATE HOSTESS (as we are called) and I was told that halter top she was wearing was ok. I use to see boobs & butts hanging out EVERYWHERE & they were STILL able to walk into Both parks 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Richard

    Wait. They don’t give vouchers for free t-shirts. They either tell you to go back to wherever you are staying and change whatever is against the policy or they tell you to go buy a shirt there. I have seen them do this.

    1. Shaughn Hicks-Jackson

      They used to give vouchers. They stopped because word got out and people were intentionally wearing inappropriate clothing just to get a free shirt.
      Did you not read that in the article?

  9. RoC

    Self absorbed TikTok people need to start their own country and they will all eventually perish by annoying themselves to death.

    1. Tracy

      We could only hope!!

  10. Adjel

    I think Disney is a private business and can do what it wants, just like any business. A business can require its customers to wear purple to shop there. It would be stupid to do that and would hurt their business, but if that’s what they want to do, they can. Same thing with masks. But what I don’t get is Disney has Princess Jasmine there and she wears a skimpier top (there are many photos of her online, although she does have a full coverage outfit for the winter, I guess?). She is out walking around. Kind of seems hypocritical. But again, it’s their business.

    1. Britt

      Jasmine now wears a full coverage top year round

    2. Ryan

      um, because Jasmine is a CHARACTER that kids see in the movies? This is a full grown woman who violated the dress code. Characters don’t fall under the dress code because, um well, they are CHARACTERS!!!

  11. Pete

    The girl’s video, reaction, original outfit, and attitude all scream CLASS.

  12. Bob

    The reaction was ridiculous on her part. That being said, I worked at Disney in the 90s and that would have NEVER been dress coded. A bikini top… yes. That crop top that was covering most of the skin… no chance. That’s the problem with this policy. It’s not specific. Read the description posted… it is subjective based on a cast member’s opinion. A religious conservative may find that inappropriate while someone who is more progressive may not. And there-in is the problem. If you want to ban stuff… make a long list you post as part of this specifically saying… NO CROP TOPS, NO BIKINI TOPS, NO A TOP Shirts, etc. Make it very clear so it is consistently enforced (like shirts with swear words on them). I mean what is next…. a PRIDE shirt getting dress coded? A Trump Shirt? A Biden Shirt? None of which are inappropriate for a theme park BUT would offend certain people. This is getting WAY overthought by the powers that be right now.

  13. Nancy

    I would rather see the people at the water parks with there g string bikinis on being told they can’t wear that then this girl who was clearly covered up

  14. Sonja

    I do not think the crop top is bad. Maybe her nips being visible is what caught the cast members’ attention. We were there this past weekend and the number of butt cheeks hanging out of shorts was ridiculous! If they allow shorts to be that short, exposing the cheeks of your butt! then what is so bad about a tummy being exposed? A butt is going to draw my attention before a tummy.
    She could have had more class expressing herself in a family park, shame on her. She got her fame of views, mission accomplished. SMH

  15. Everything is well covered. I think the real problem is you look like a straight white person. If you show up with purple and green hair and I support lgqrbobcntlkr printed on you shirt, that’s perfectly OK. It’s about life style signaling with Alt Disney now days.

  16. TPG

    “F Disney, boycott!!!” As she walks around Disney… Sadly, the hypocrisy is lost on her.

  17. Benjamin Collins

    Would anyone wear this outfit to school? If not, carry another shirt, change before entering the park.

    1. Mike L

      Everybody would wear this to school. This is Florida. We aren’t prudes.

  18. Dave B

    The part of the outfit that caused the problem was the tie at the halter neck and it could also have been tied at the back.
    Disney does not allow clothing that is secured with ties.

  19. CJA

    Trust me, Honey, you don’t look that good. Improve your looks by wearing that ugly shirt over your spewing mouth.

    1. SarlaacPit

      Yeah she does, she’s straight up bangin’

  20. yoyo

    well score one for Disney. The girl that started this should be ashamed. It is wrong to take advantage of an act of kindness. And who taught you to talk like that, surely not your mother. Disgusting.

  21. Daisy

    Video was done after she was supposedly “dress – coded” was she really or just want her 5 minutes of fame

  22. Mike L

    There’s nothing wrong with this. She’s more covered than Jasmine or Ariel. If they’re okay for the parks, so is she. Anyway, since when is a stomach profane?

    1. Ryan

      Jasmine and Ariel are CHARACTERS!! How can you compare that to this person? NOT THE SAME! I don’t want my kids walking around Disney seeing people with their breasts hanging out or other parts just because they think they look good (like this girl thinks she does). This girl did this for fame, nothing more and she still stayed at the park after saying BOYCOTT.

  23. Susie-Q

    Yeah, I have to agree that what she had on was more modest than the one other gal I saw about this. Now.. strings..? I can see how they could come undone, but I’m not sure that type of material would actually fall so as to expose her. I don’t have much of an opinion of her though. Her language takes away from her beauty.

  24. What’s TikTok? Is that the loser AP the younger generation is all obsessed over?

  25. deez

    Would be way better to go topless. Way better.

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