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snow white by wishing well at EPCOT Germany pavilion

Credit: Disney


  1. Pgb

    Yes…disney needs to update the entire pavilion…
    Remove mexico…add Brazil…for Amazon ride
    Remove china and Japan…add Australia and NZ
    Remove Britain…Add ireland or Iceland
    Remove france…add greece…ancient greece
    Remove Canada….add egypt…pyramids

    Please update…same countries for last 40 years

    1. Neil

      So basically you want Epcot to be completely gutted & rebuilt except for Italy & Morocco.
      Not too much to ask st all!!

    2. CT Fan

      I believe there is enough unused space to build 6 more pavilions. No need to tear anything down.

  2. Mark

    Hmmm, that’s not
    asking for much since it may take 1 year for a year to change a font on an attraction. Could you be more specific?

    1. Carl Rinaldi

      Another few rides about their lands would be great to showcase how they live in their native country and they should bring back the drum and bugle corp in the America pavilion they were great.

  3. Disney seems to be obsessed with pavement. Before 50th and during the 50th they have been cutting up pavement, removing it, and putting in new pavement in all parks and resorts. Why? People are not staring at the pavement. Finish TRON!

  4. Sue

    Well the pavement is old and cracked and they worry more about people falling and having a law suite not that it really bothers them bc they have the best lawyers around. The park just need to be cleaned up they are flirty bc they don’t have enough help and bc people that go there think they are entitled and throw garbage all over and leave the bathrooms like a garbage dump bc they don’t care

  5. Patti

    Removing countries would create a hot mess of people protesting. They would say Disney is prejudice of the removed countries. Stupid? Yes, but people these days are so ridiculously sensitive and think the world (no pun intended) revolves around them. Certainly we can’t offend the Chinese and leave the Moroccans alone! Again, ridiculous, but that’s how things work now. It’s all about keeping the entitled generation happy. Would a few new countries be good? Absolutely, but don’t dare take any away. Build a whole new park! Buy insane amounts of land so you get EVERY country on Earth. That should solve everything.

  6. Doug

    The Rhine River ride would be fabulous and add to the pavilion just like in Norway. Disney has plenty of room to make EPCOT Even better.

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