Comments for Disney Shares First-Look at Tim Allen Returning to Iconic Role In Upcoming Series

The Santa Clauses first look

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Speed Jones

    Tim Allen is amazing as Santa and our family loves the film series! We do not agree, however, on the synopsis. Everyone knows that Santa Claus is frozen in time and actually can be Santa forever. It cant just pick up years after santa 3 and not have any characters from the previous films besides carol. Family has been a big part of the santa series and it should remain that way

  2. Nini2008

    Why does this have to be on a channel you have to pay extra for! We pay enough as it is! Put it on The Disney Channel so we ALL can watch.

  3. Goheidigo

    Where’s Charlie? Bring that actor back please.

  4. William norwood

    Looks like he is having to go back to work after he screwed up his own show

    1. Obelov

      Lmfao. What are you talking about? He never screwed up anything. And has multiple shows currently on the history Channel. 😂👍🏻👌🏻🖖🏻

  5. Janet

    I love his shows and I’m happy to hear that.

  6. S1

    Get an actor who isn’t a racist jerk please. Stop normalizing the right, or we get more stupid crap like the Supreme Court.

    1. Obelov

      Lmfao. You immature tool. Stop being a whiny fragile lil liberal who cause everyone a racist that is not simple minded that realizes on others to survive like all u useless radical miserable hateful liberals.

  7. Nekid

    Tom Allen should get blacklisted from doing anything from Disney ever again. This article makes me sick.

    1. Obelov

      Lol. Your ignorance. Hatred. Immaturity. And obvious ignorant radical liberal views just prove how moronic in hypocritical u leftists have become. You are what’s wrong with the world today and ur childish miserable attitude makes the world sick.now grow up because conservatives are tired of protect, supporting and financing the lives of you immature whiny modern day liberals.

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