Comments for Father Speaks Out After Son Dies at Theme Park, Accuses Authorities of Racism

Family arriving at ICON Park Orlando

Credit: ICON Park Orlando


  1. Erica

    There it is! We all knew this was coming! It’s ALWAYS about race! Some people’s wrists must be sore from throwing out the race card so often!

  2. Dyan

    It was such a horrible tragedy. Using the race card again just drives me nuts. I have prayed for the family and their son.
    The race card will be used over and over till the end of time. Even though we had nothing to do with slavery that was ancestors and even Black people owned slaves they even sold them from Africa.

    All this aside again I pray for the family this never should’ve happened.🙏🏻

  3. Mick J

    I hate whenever the race card is thrown out because the family has a legitimate grievance. They absolutely should sue the attraction company, and they should absolutely win millions of dollars because of their negligence. It won’t bring their son back, but it will definitely prevent innocent lives from dying because a park was careless.

    1. Ethan

      They might have a legitimate grievance, but that grievance has nothing to do with skin color. Nice try though Mickey!

    2. Tiffany

      The park definitely was in the wrong for letting a grossly overweight kid on a ride that wasn’t designed for him. We all know though that if the park turned him away the dad and his lawyer would still be up there saying “they turned him away because of the color of his skin”. It’s getting old. Society, businesses, politicians are pandering to this community yet they still want more.

  4. You don’t understand the way black people are treated! We have been mistreated for so long, we have nothing else to compare things to. I tell you what, paint yourself brown, and you will see exactly why we complain! It should not have to always be black or white! Why can’t it be right or wrong? We are very educated and smart! There are bad people in EVERY RACE! Some people don’t get to know other people because of what they have been taught. I challenge you, get to know people that don’t look like you! You will be surprised! Love and kindness can go a long way in the cruel world we live in !!

    Remember 9 Eleven? That was the ONE day that color did not matter! We ALL CAME TOGETHER ❤️ IN LOVE TO HELP EACH OTHER! One of the saddest day ever! But we had full UNITY! WE DISPLAYED Agape LOVE for one another! We can do better! Let’s start doing random acts if KINDNESS TO SOMEONE who looks different from us! Try it, you will be surprised!

    1. Dawn

      You cannot fall into the “it’s all because of skin colour” and not expect backlash. If you have nothing else to compare it to, you have to step out of your “comfort zone” of relying on the fall back and delve deeper into the “why”. You have to look for all of the possible reasons of why something is happening and not just one specific reason, over and over. You want different results? Do something differently. I am Native American, grew up on the Res, but you can’t allow the history (as horrible as it has been) to determine your future and everything you say/do. We must learn from it and go forward, change things for the better.

  5. Sue

    Get over with this black crap already when something doesn’t go there way they start with this black crap. Try being disabled and see what happens if anyone is treated badly it’s disabled people. This isn’t about color of the skin it’s about money. And you see this all the time when the parents go on national tv with a lawyer and a lawsuit but not once do you see a tear in there yes. You see $$$$ signs bc they are using the race card. If that was my son or daughter I wouldn’t even be able to talk on tv I would be so upset about losing my child. But no. Let’s make it about race. Bull crap already

  6. Dinorah Vazquez

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  7. Steve

    Ever think his son may have died because the ride operators didn’t want to be accused of racism or fat shaming if they didn’t let him ride? Also no accountability of the son not following the rules and restrictions posted. This was a tragic accident for sure. Just hate seeing it’s everyone else’s fault, I remember as a kid we always tried to get tall enough to ride the rides. Socks in shoes etc. This wasn’t a small child this was a adolescent that unfortunately got the worse kind of punishment breaking the rules. This should be used as a example to kids why there is safety regulations. Parents be parent’s before a accident happens not after.

    1. Marty

      Amen! Parents BE parents, then he would STILL be here. Very sad and Tragic for his death. But # 1 Parents or adult with him. SHOULDVE read the signs. Should’ve thought about his weight, # 2 Kid SHOULD’VE adhered to rules and guidelines, not just trying to get on a ride however, #3 The attendant SHOULD’VE not been afraid to tell him to stay off due to weight for possible fear of discriminating whether by body weight or race, possibly both!!!! They’re ALL TO BLAME! Not one without the other. And I totally agree that if I was a parent who lost a child, the last thing is want to be is on Tv doing all kinds of interviews, I’d be so devastated I wouldn’t even come out of my house and my eyes would be swollen shut from crying so hard. And to play this RACE card, I Agree as well is getting old! Done over it!!!! I have friends of all races, and NONE of the blacks have EVER complained about slavery from the past, yet blaming us that aren’t even old enough to either have been born or started school at that time. RIDICOULOUS. They’re BAD in ALL RACES, not just one. Blacks owned Slaves too, so WHAT ABOUT THAT? Ohhh Dear Lord let’s not put it equal, let’s make it all ONE sided. The world needs union and it will NEVER be when you have those crying the race card at every little thing , and I do mean EVERY little thing! We all get what we put in. Put in love, you get love. Put in hate you get hate. It only angers other races, to know the black RACE isn’t the problem in EVERYTHING. It’s SO bad now that you can’t even smile in the direction of some blacks, because they will claim ” You smiled at me, making fun of my race”, instead of just being friendly gesture. EVERYONE IN EVERY RACE GETS MISTREATED BY THE OTHERS , don’t hear them calling those cards 24-7. I feel for each, but geez get over it already. Just MOVE on and have a happier life without condemning another.

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