Comments for JK Rowling’s Disappointing ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Franchise May Cause Massive ‘Harry Potter’ Movie “Reset”

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

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  1. CalledIt

    shes a bigot!

    1. MAGAersarebigots

      Yes she is.

      1. Milo

        If you think that standing up for women’s rights is bigotry, congratulations, you’re admitting that you are a MRA who hates women

    2. Fe (Xe/ Xem/Xir)

      Agreed, stop the hated

      1. Story reader

        Jk is allowed her opinion. She writes a great story. More from the beasts world but cut out all the woke bs and just let her tell her story. All the woke crap is getting so old and has changed the world into one giant hate patch.

    3. Joe

      You should really consider upping it from 42% to 100%.

  2. Mar (They/Them)

    Repeat after me, trans rights are human rights. Now for the back TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.

    1. Confused

      are you one person or a group of people, I’m so confused!

      1. May Loo

        Forget Fantastic Beasts beyond the first movie. Johnny Depp didn’t add anything to the stories.
        I’d rather remember the original movies.

        1. Mary

          People need to stop trying to push their own opinions on to other people! That’s what hitler did and u see where that led! Under no circumstances will I allow as a parent my 10yr daughter to use the restroom with a grown ass man who is a MAN, man parts still in place! I’d like to think I’m a millionaire but when the bill comes due, I still don’t have the money to pay, dream all u want but that doesn’t CHANGE what GOD made u!!!

          1. Etf

            How is that relevant to the second and third movies sucking?

      2. Desmond

        If you don’t understand the message, look it up. We no longer support TERFs. This person speaks for me. Trans-women are Women. If you can’t keep up take notes!

        1. Dani

          And I’m a fluffy porcupine . And if you disagree your a bigot and intolerant to what I belive. Do you understand how ridiculous i sound? Same thing goes for Trans. There no such thing as chick w/ prices, just dudes w/b00bs

        2. Dirk

          no they’re not, just because you say your a woman does not make you a woman

        3. Grow up

          Lose the twig and berries then maybe you can say that

    2. Melissa Speight

      I love the Fantastic Beasts movies! I pray they continue. But as soon as the studios started making the Harry Potter movies more for the financial aspect instead of on the ACTUAL books, it’s been going downhill. It started with the 3rd Harry Potter movie. By the last 2 movies it wasn’t even recognizable. If the studio had stayed with the concepts of the books and less focused on sensationalizing them, the franchise could have remained strong forever. Sadly, the studios may have killed Harry Potter more effectively than He Who Shall Not Be Named ever could have.

      1. John

        Right on….!!

        1. Brandon

          No Harry Potter fan wants a Cursed Child movie! In fact, most Potter fans don’t even consider it canon. I think they should make at least one more Fantastic Beasts film to finish out the story. They will make the money back in streaming, etc sales for the complete set. If they cancel it now you can consider the whole series dead in the water just like the Divergent series. They didn’t make the last Divergent movie and it killed the series as no one wants to buy movies for a series with no end, etc. I stand with JKR! She’s a liberal nut 99% of the time but even a broken clock is right twice a day, lol.

    3. Milo

      Now you repeat: WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. Women are the most oppressed, most attacked group in the whole world, for thousands of years.

  3. Hugh

    Good lord she didn’t say anything wrong and the movies are fantastic. Trans rights don’t trump biology or womens rights. The movies were great by the way and don’t need a reset.

    1. Der (Xe/Xhe)

      She was anti trans, her hatred should not be normalized. Trans women are women, trans women are women.

      1. McTagh

        Follow the science people: If you have the xx chromosomes in your body you ARE female. If you do NOT then you are male. PERIOD.

        1. Bob

          That’s sex. Not gender. Learn the difference.

          1. Tiffany H.

            they actually are the same, except “you people” keep making up new definitions and new words, again, just because you say you’re something doesn’t mean you are that something

            1. Brandon

              You are such a bigot Tiffany! I go by shim/shoop/shipper and I’m plant based. On my phone I go by emoji neo pronouns penguin self. I also have DID and my penguin self is the trauma holder in the overall shoop body series.

              Lol, I wish this stuff was made up but the above is an actual person! Mental illness is no longer a thing and we’re forced to pretend to the patients that their invisible best friend is real. Just wow, Americans have had it so good for soon long they have to make up stuff to bother themselves. God help us…

      2. MBC

        Trans women are men.

        1. Marx


          1. Erica


    2. Smarter Than MD/PHD

      “Hahahah I’m so smart I have a 5th grade biology education from Miss Rogers”

      1. TC

        No they are not women. Stop with this illogical bullcrap!! There is no common sense to any of this! You cannot change biology or dna because your brain thinks something different. Gender Dysphoria is a legit mental illness! Stop trying to make the rest of the work cater you in your delusion of who you are. Get some help and learn to love yourself for how you were created. If you are born with a penis, prostate, and xy chromosomes you are a male of you were born with a vagina, uterus and ovaries and xx chromosomes you are a woman!! It’s that damn simple!! It’s been that way from
        The beginning of time. It in our very creation! A woman is something a man will never be no matter what he cuts off or get surgically added. He will never know the heart of a woman or truly understand what a woman is or goes through. You will never understand the hormone influx of a period, child bearing or just the heart of a woman ever!! You are taking away the uniqueness and value of women!! You are indirectly allowing MEN to take over a woman’s role which is misogynistic! All because a guy feels he’s a woman. They can now just say that and even take away the hard work woman have struggled through in sports and with their rights! A man hitting a woman is frowned down upon and wrong, correct? Why is that? Because a man has a strength a woman does not. That doesn’t change because he thinks he’s a chick! Muscle mass and bone structure does not change. Please don’t dare compare it to a woman who can’t bear a child or has to have a hysterectomy etc… fist off you have to have a uterus to have a hysterectomy. Only women have those. If a real woman can’t bear a child it’s because of medical issues, not because she once had a penis! A man will never ever know what a woman feels and vice versa! He can only go by HIS perception of a woman. This whole mess is nothing but deranged confusion now pushed on kids who are impressionable and do not have the same mindset or understanding as an adult. Lots of tomboys out there and they don’t want to be boys for real. The same is the opposite for women trying to be boys. Y’all have a damn mental illness and it’s cruel to not help you love yourself and your bodies for how they were born. It’s also wrong for y’all and your so called psychologists and all the other “woke” fools to try and force people to abandon their common sense, science and literal nature to appease your mental illness. It’s not hatred for not accepting your mindset and it’s not bigotry. Y’all need legit help. It’s cruel for anyone to make you feel ok and normal for this. Mental illness should be helped and treated and you don’t do that by going along with it and lopping off body parts or adding things that aren’t natural to them to make you something you’re not and never will be. Unreal this sick delusion. It’s evil! It’s harming human beings minds and bodies. How dare anyone cancel out anyone for speaking the truth in biology!! Wtf is wrong with society today?

        1. Mary

          Absolutely agree

        2. Ethan

          well said TC!

        3. Mary

          Well said and about time someone said it loud and clear.

      2. Dan

        Voice a reason you are. Just tease and bully people who don’t agree. How could no one see it from your point of view? So charismatic

  4. Brook

    I totally agree. I love the movies and the “controversy” is ridiculous.

    1. Der (Xe/Xhe)

      She promoted hateful and toxic heteronormativity. That alone is why her cancelling is justified.

      1. Der Komisar

        No she didn’t. She said a woman is somebody who menstruates. That’s a fact. Just because you think something doesn’t mean you are something. What the heck is Xe/Xhe?

        1. David Young

          Considering that community is an infinitesimal percentage of the American population this fake controversy has not affected ticket sales whatsoever. I would venture to say though that throwing homosexuality in the face of all Harry Potter fans from the very start of the third film is most likely the reason it has not performed as well at the box office. Enough is enough is enough.

        2. Di

          I thought the Secrets Of Dumbledorewas the best of all three Fantastic Beast movies

        3. mlaiuppa

          I’m in menopause. So I’m not a woman anymore? When I want a scientific definition of gender I’ll consult a scientist, not a novelist.

      2. McTagh

        She has a right to her opinion as you do.

  5. The first Fantastic Beast movie was fun and magical….the following became dark and political….just watched the 3rd movie….other than the first scene with the ‘beasts’ it lost it’s magical story quickly. Had a hard time keeping up with the movie story line. Not fun at all. Can’t recommend this movie to anyone. We live in political nonsense, some of us get away from it all by going to movies….this did not fore fill our expectations in anyway

    1. McTagh

      I agree with you John Herrin.

      1. Stehgk

        It should be Newt, not News. How does that not bother anyone else when writer is listening actors?

  6. Harry Smarter

    Instead of having two more movies, the smart thing would be to have JK Rowling release two new books. Then two to three years after each books’ release, release the movies.

    1. Zook


  7. Thomas

    Can we un-pin the movies from the author and accept each at face value?
    The third movie was good and the ending was magical in all the right ways.
    The disruption of Covid and the movie going audiences has more to do with ticket sales being off than any of the so called issues around the actors in the movie or JK Rowlings personal remarks.

  8. Phyllis

    I think the Fansyics beast was very good I watch them over n over I love the new one, but I wish that Johhny Depp could have kept his roll. I feel Disney was wrong to just cut him.

  9. Steven McColm

    I’ve seen the first two movies from the Fantastic Beasts series and have to agree that if the books had been released first just like the Harry Potter plot everything would make sense.
    We conjure up our own images on what we want to see on the big screen so no wonder some people are disappointed.
    Personally I would love to see the first three films from the Harry Potter series remastered.
    Like most films you need to watch them a few times to appreciate them. Only time will tell, I just wish I could get HBO over in the UK.

  10. EricJ

    Y’know, you COULD maybe tie it into Universal’s concern about their upcoming Epic Universe land, and that would help keep down some of the questions about “Why the psychotic heck do you never talk about theme parks on a theme parks website??”

    1. SusieQ

      Amen to that Ericj.

    2. Anthony

      It’s all about clicks. When they write (or copy tweets) and call it an article that is designed to be divisive and controversial it gets clicks, and then you add being able to comment on those types of “articles” gets you even more clicks. Clicks mean more ad revenue. ITM isn’t going to change anytime soon.

  11. SEMTSensei

    Just watched 3rd. Mass M is a huge 🥱. Tremayne etc from first book, and a few newer colleagues, were grand. Still have hope.

  12. SEMTSensei


  13. S1

    Once I become the prime minister of the United States, i will take over Disney and make it great again. Bb

  14. Venus

    You possess an overly simplistic view of biology. You might benefit from reading more.

  15. Cat

    I loved the first fantastic beasts but the second was too disjointed to follow , the third seems to try to get back on track but lacks the humor of the first
    Just my opinion

  16. Tt

    I love her movies don’t know what she said about anything but I believe she not that type of person

  17. Becky

    I have enjoyed the Harry Potter movies. I enjoy the fantastic beast movies. I hope the continue. I rewatch every year! I always go on opening weekend.

  18. DB

    I agree with separate the movie from the author. I have enjoyed all 3 Fantastic Beasts movies and look forward to more. I go to movies to be entertained and leave politics and the rest of every day life out of it.

  19. Lauren

    Twisted and so negative. Rare occasions of laughter. Just dark and dreary. Depressing.

    Wish I could block it from my mind or take the memory-out from watching it.

  20. Rain

    Twisted and so negative. Rare occasions of laughter. Just dark and dreary. Depressing.

    Wish I could block it from my mind or take the memory-out from watching it.

  21. Kris

    Won’t help when the creater is a bigot. Time for that franchise to go away. Doubly so during Pride.

    1. Mary

      Just because someone doesn’t conform to your personal ideas does not make them a BIGOT. I say I don’t like child molestors, oh my Gosh, I must be a bigot!

  22. Who, Me?

    So she states the obvious, your either a male or female. It cannot be switched, chromosomes are what they are.
    So she doesn’t play along with a mental illness she’s a bigot?
    Seems those hating on her because they don’t agree with her opinion are no better by their own standards.

  23. EKB

    Daniel Radcliffe is openly happy about a movie reboot. He’s supported it for years. I understand how a reboot can hurt. I was a HUGE Star wars fan but Disney has destroyed that. I’m a big Star Trek TOS fan including their movies. JJ Abrams not went on record on how he enjoyed tearing TOS apart – it’s the only reason he took the job- but claimed TOS fans were stupid for liking it. Only his Trek was good. But here’s t thing: massive amounts of fans adore Abrams’ Trek a and Wars & tell me it’s great. So with Radcliffe giving his support, hire Abrams to do the reboot and you’ll have a successfully reboot and people like me will be in the minority.

  24. Truth speaker

    Okay I can settle the trans women are not women or trans women or women debate really easily. Classify yourself as trans non-binary or anything of the lgbtq community with gay and lesbian. You suffer from gender dysphoria. Let’s break those words that gender is either of two s male and female. I’m giving you the definition here. The original not the twisted one that people are trying to make it. And let’s go to dysphoria, a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life. So you put that together they hate their life because they don’t think they are what they are that shows a mental problem that does not mean they are a woman if they are a man and they think they are a woman. In fact it means the opposite they say they are a woman and they are a man did in fact they are a man that is fact.

    1. mlaiuppa

      What about those born intersex?

  25. Its called “Fantastic Beasts ” not “The world of Magic&Politics” so bring back the Beasts,its kinda simple.I wanna see Newt and his group do just that,exploring the “World of HP” is fine but the beasts are the real Stars.Iits like Jurassic park,the Wizards/Witches are just there for dialogue and keep the story moving but you go for the Beasts and what you will see next.
    However if WB belives re-starting Harry Potter is smart,NO, is a just a really BAD IDEA. Leave Harry alone (all8movies) but I would like to see at least one more movies set between the end of Hollows and its 19 year ending.Daniel,Emma,Rupert are not too old and instead of waiting like Lucas did on Star Wars and his main actors were too old fans miss out on stories for this reason.

  26. mlaiuppa

    I hope not. I rather like the Fantastic Beasts movies. The third one was a shocker for us soft hearted lovers of cute little creatures. I think that was a misstep, rather like when they kill a dog in the movies, but I suppose it was necessary for the plot. Still, not a good look and I’m sure lost some people. Too many new characters and not enough tying into what has already been established. Not sure who was coming up with these plots, the movie people or Rowling but someone got distracted a bit. I would like to see a fourth film but a bit more on track to the original. After all, look at all of the Star Trek movies (originals) Out of the six, only the even numbered ones are really good. That’s only a 50% “win”.

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