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  1. Brenda

    What was the issue with his size

    1. KG

      This article doesn’t mention his size. I looked it up elsewhere and saw video of the child. He is a bigger kid. That being said, it’s not up to the school to deny him going. As the parents said, there should have been communication if the school felt his size was an issue. Also, the school could have picked a different place to go than where they did. One of the rides they showed looked too small for ANY of the kids.

  2. Mj

    Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

  3. Fred

    What do you expect? Another death and lawsuit?

    1. Yup

      There’s weight limit, for a reason. Some people forget safety first and they proud would be the first one to sue, too.

      1. GFK

        The school refused to take him on the trip. That’s wrong!! He wasn’t denied rides due to park rules. The school literally refused to take him. There’s no reason he could not go! Parents should sue the school. There are rides and attractions he could see/ride. This is wrong.

        1. Betty

          But if the school took him and something happened, they would sue the school.

  4. Martha

    You wont’ let my boy ride the ride Wah Wah

    You let my boy ride and he died Wah Wah

    Can’t win

    1. Marthathemoron

      The school denied him, not the park. Read properly before crying.

  5. Again

    I can guess the ethnicity.

    1. Ester

      “Again”…Seriously? 😡

      1. Amy L

        Hate it whenever people don’t get their way, they would pull a racist card…

      2. Missy

        Hate it whenever people don’t get their way, they would pull a racist card…

    2. Robert


    3. Dawn

      It says due to his SIZE. It was the school that said he was too big..

      1. Betty

        Maybe he didn’t fit on the bus. Why don’t parents keep their children healthy. If he would have gotten sick due to the heat or too much walking, the parents would sue. We are a sue happy country.

    4. SL

      Dang Antarticans and their penguin blubber

  6. Sassy

    Parents that let their child get morbidly obese are the problem. Not the theme parks.

    1. Kitty

      I agree! There’s weight limits for a reason the school knew that the kid was too big to be riding any kind of rides they knew that something would happen to him if he went on a ride knowing that he was obese it’s not the schools fault it’s the parents fault. My boyfriend’s son just turned 12 years old and he’s almost 200 pounds it’s pathetic of course she’s obese as well.

  7. Den

    So sad to see these morbidly obese children, this is child abuse & parents need to be held responsible!

    1. Jim

      It is a shame and this boy should be better taken care of

  8. Nana

    First; not all children are big because of how they eat. I had a 6th grade who was pushing 250 but he was 6’4″. Secondly, it didn’t mention ethnicity. I do, however, agree the school should have been communicating with the family long before the trip.

  9. A Ski

    There are size limits for a reason. Deal with it.

    1. Dawn

      But it isn’t up to the school to decide. They should have voiced their concerns to the family and then the family could have contacted the theme park with questions regarding weight limits.

  10. Marcus the Adjudicator

    If it is clearly a safety concern and clearly communicated as such, the “family” has no case. If they just barred the kid with no other explanation, then that’s wrong.

  11. Leslie

    The school denied the child the trip, not the theme park. What a shame.

    1. Betty

      I am sure there is more to this story.

  12. lorraine

    he should be allowed into the park and ride the rides and see the attractions that his size ( dont know what that is) allows. Strict weight and size signs should be posted with NO EXCEPTIONS allowed. It probably isnt his fault his size but we dont need another incident like at the park in orlando

  13. David

    And yet the writer left out mentioning just what his size is? Is he 5 feet and 300 lbs? Or mobility issue cause of size?

  14. Walt

    Who cares, people get turned away from parks all the time for all sorts of reasons… the main issue here is there were probably, well you know.

  15. Alice

    They should have given the parents the option of signing a waiver should anything happen

    1. Steve

      That waiver would mean nothing. If he got hurt, the parents would still be in line to file a lawsuit. The best thing they can do for him is help him lose weight.

    2. Dottie

      Communication is key from both parties. There’s bound to be more to the story. There could have been health issues or depending on size, maybe the school was worried the child wouldn’t be able to participate or ride the rides. Safety is first and foremost. I’ve seen people try to get on rides and clearly it wasn’t safe so they had to get off. Whatever the issue, again communication is key. But I can tell you from working at a school, nobody takes the time to read anything no matter how you send it out. Via text, phone calls, email or paper notes, very few read the information and then get mad when they say they didn’t know.

  16. Vicky Shoulders

    Parents be concerned about your 4 th graders weight and health

  17. Jen

    After what happened In Orlando I don’t blame parks for being cautious, even if it’s overly cautious.
    With today litigious society it’s only logical to be extra careful

  18. Rachel

    Many Children are so large and overweight – parents allow them to eat junk and sit around – if he wasn’t so fat he could go! Stop eating!

  19. ktsue

    This article is vague about what the issue was with his size, but let’s assume he was overweight. I think he should have been allowed to visit the park, but he would have to follow set rules for the rides. If he’s over the weight limit for any ride, then he can’t go on it. But he shouldn’t have to sit out on the entire trip.

  20. Andrea

    These parent are probably already aware of restrictions and have n’t taken him to these parks either. Would you want your child to watch his friends on rides and be singled out onsite that he cannot participate?

  21. AT

    I can see not allowing him on certain rides, but banned from going entirely is overkill and a violation of the ADA. Im glad that he got to go after all. Many of those rides are not even dangerous, just seats that move a little in front of a screen.

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