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  1. May

    What a miserable Karen.

    1. Daisy

      My thoughts, exactly. If you can’t play well with others, stay home. Rope Drops are awesome.

    2. J

      Exactly. Sounds like someone was too out of shape to run or didn’t get in line to their favorite ride quick enough. So now it’s everyone else’s fault!! I’m sure their kids are thrilled to be dragged around with these energy suckered all day!!!

      1. Lori

        Sounds like that person needs to find their inner child. It’s ok to forget about adult ingredients for a day at Disney.

    3. ZachinKY

      When I had mobility issues in was on a scooter. I put that thing in the rabbit speed and zoomed part everyone. This person is as much fun as a wet blanket.

      1. CocoMiami

        🥰😂 I love this comment such a great spirit

        1. SusieQ

          I’m not crazy about the rope drop either. The first time we took our 5 kids when they were old enough to go on rides other than kiddy ones, we were right at the rope. It was pretty terrifying as a mom. So I’d just say hold back until the runners are on their way. It doesn’t take long for it to clear out.

      2. Edward

        Heck, just take a bottle of vegetable oil and spray behind you as you run your ass off….Oh?? For a freakin ride!! Disney has enough NUTS to keep Chip and Dale alive thru eternity!! Ha, ha weirdoes!!

  2. Karen F

    Find this idiot and give them a lifetime ban.

    1. Miriam

      I love a rope drop and I “range walk with skips” In Between to get as close to the front! Got “1st place ” at Frozen!

      1. Cathy

        Probably the same people that rudely stand outside a business so they can be the first one in two seconds after we open people don’t have basic manners anymore

      2. Amy

        When I was younger I would run to my favorite ride also with my family I’m a major Disney fan

    2. Woody Woodson

      OK Karen.

  3. Pat

    I think running is awful. Mainly because at 66 yes old I am not able to keep up and land up getting left behind and yes pushed and shoved and strollers crashing in to you. I have seen people in mobility vehicles charging through the crowds so yes it is dangerous.

    1. Happy Rope Drop Runner!

      This is a rite of passage at Disneyland! The last couple times I went I had to rent a scooter due to foot surgery. People got ran over for getting in front of me but they knew it was their own fault. I would fall back and safely get to where I was going My party would get to the ride and get in line and I would roll up shortly behind. Certain rides you have to run at rope drop to be able to ride. You snooze you loose!

      1. Buck Fiden

        The irony of a fat-a** scooter twit defending rope drop is hysterical.

        People on scooters should be banned.

        And try bumping ME with your scooter, Tubby McFatF***; you’ll end up on a respirator.

        1. T

          people with scooters should not be banned. So I’m born with Spina Bifida so I have to be banned. No I would never deliberately bump people but people think they can walk right in front of you to block you too.

        2. Fred

          Running at rope drop is fine.

          Shoving people or running over their feet is not.

          Reasonable, common sense and courtesy.

        3. Alice

          Exactly IQ deficit

        4. Mom463

          I think it is so sad that comments on regarding Disney has had such ugly, rude and political comments. The very same people who are speaking about the gun of rope drop, are making hateful comments.

      2. Insidethetragic

        This website is poison.

        1. MomMom

          Yes I realize that I was typing so quickly that there are errors

    2. Mindy

      Don’t show up at rope drop then. Wait 30 minutes and then enter the park. You’ll never stop rope drop runners.

    3. Ed

      Please, please banish me with a “Lifetime Ban”! Remember Jonestown?

    4. Keil

      Running isn’t awful. You’re just a geriatric geezer who’s gotten too old and grumpy.

  4. Phoebe L Ho

    I hate running on a normal day. (There are other ways to exercise.) But with the new “improved” guest experience of stressing out even before you enter the park to book your favorite rides over the phone, paying extra for no guarantee, they’re basically forcing our hands. Expect a lot more rope-dropping from people who can’t and won’t buy into this cash-grab. Despicable human beings?! Blame the execs

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Forcing your hand? Really? Stressing out? Ridiculous!

    2. Jerry Millar

      Exactly! Disney is creating a black-friday type atmosphere! Rudeness, line cutting, verbal disputes, physical altercations… all on the rise over the past few years.

      1. J

        All of the actions you described were recently ushered in by the last regime that tried to make America great again. Now it’s OK to be a racist as$hole. You know cause that’s the way Jesus would want it. Yep america is greater than ever before. People are now so rude obnoxious and vile its disgusting. They love to go to church on Sunday and cram Jesus down your throats with colt 45’s . I mean women are murderers killing a fetus that wouldn’t survive on its own, but they don’t think twice about pulling out a gun and killing someone who took their parking space!!

        1. Erica

          I couldn’t agree with you more! Things are WAAYYY better with the current regime!

        2. Zina

          Lol…right. Go back to your cave Troll. Trying to start something again I see.

        3. Melissa

          troll, the past regime or current regime have nothing to do with this topic

        4. Pete

          Are you shore you don’t want to blame George Bush!!How about just acting like nice human being.I’ve seen these A-****stun over kids and never look back

  5. I have to confess, I did that when I was younger! We didn’t do it at Magic Kingdom. We did it at Epcot when World Showcase opened to make reservations for dinner.🤣🤣🤣

  6. steve c

    sorry your upset again Karen

    1. Buck Fiden

      Sorry you’re a stupid d***hole, CornPop.

      1. Fyou

        Biden is the greatest president we’ve ever had thank God we got rid of that orange coward

        1. D

          Yeah, a president who doesn’t know whete he is, giving our money to ukraine while we have the worst inflation this century. This country has way too many useful idiots wa

          1. Jack

            Awful take complaining about Ukraine

    2. YvonneNC

      I think this story and all the comments make Disneyland sound horrible. It’s not. I’ve been to rope drop many times and the worst I’ve seen is people working their way through the crowd at the ropes by easing through any open space they can find. People are generally pretty courteous at Disneyland. This article is magnifying the complaints of one grumpy guest.

    3. Me


  7. Lindsey W.

    Only did rope drop once in my life with my 10 year old son ( he’s 19 now). A man and his wife pushed by us so hard, my som was ripped from my grasp and sent flying to the pavement breaking the growth plate in his wrist, and scraping him up pretty bad. Another family stopped and helped us but a cast member never assisted. We go every year and will never rope drop again. We never even made it into the park that day. Some people have no patience or respect for others.

  8. Stacy

    The announcement specifically says please walk don’t run! With that many people it makes sense not to run. If everyone did it kids would be trampled. Common sense! Also as a Disneyland goer if you walk to the attraction at rope drop you’ll basically still have the shortest wait time!!

  9. Jer

    Exactly! Disney is creating a black-friday type atmosphere! Rudeness, line cutting, verbal disputes, physical altercations… all on the rise over the past few years.

  10. People need to stop trying to use some handicap issue to have someone feel sorry for you.. I have to use a wheelchair when I go to WDW but I don’t think I need or deserve special treatment. I did get a fast pass for Test track BECAUSE I WAS NICE!! the only special treatment was parking. I didn’t hit people or block them or take extra time getting in or out of a ride. Just because YOU have an issue doesn’t make you special to any one else. If the dad did a rope drop with his kid and she could keep up with him sounds like he was making a fun day with her.

  11. Jt

    I love when fools try to push around my family, I kindly cut right in front of them after that and they don’t say much, few mouthy females sometimes but I give ZERO Fs if you shove my family I will cut you off. At 6’6 270lbs, other husband’s don’t say squat

    1. Keyboard W

      Yeah, I punch them in the face, birches get stitches. Don’t mess with my family.

    2. Buck Fiden

      6’6″ 270 means weak knees, d-bag.

      I love hospitalizing huge retards who think having an overactive Thyroid and a love of Arby’s equals bada**very.

      So go eat a d***, JT.

      (What kinda redneck f***tard name is “JT”?)

      1. S1

        When I become the prime minister of America, I will ban your racist ass from Disneyland.

        1. Annette

          What a nasty human being you are Buck Fiden. Being overweight is still better than being an Ahole

    3. TruthSeeker

      A sharp object into your eye socket and your big ass will be going down. Being 6’6 don’t mean sh!t

  12. Sheri

    Well, Disney has always had “no running” policy anyway, which I think is a good and necessary thing. Unfortunately, the rule doesn’t always get enforced. (My husband worked security at a Disney park for several years, so that’s my point of reference.)

    1. So true!!!

  13. Darlene

    I see nothing wrong with rope dropping & running as long as you’re not hurting someone to get there. It’s kinda always been like this. That’s why they have early mornings. You’ll still get on your ride fairly quick if you walk there if your rope dropping. If you love Disney & everything about it there is this crazy indescribable adrenaline rush you get rolling into Disneyland. Yes, I say rolling bc I’m a wheelchair user. I hate they had to take away the ONE perk I got being stuck in a chair bc of all the immoral fakers out there so I don’t care about people getting bent out of shape if they have to stop or slow the ride down so I can board. I used to spend soo much time apologizing bc people would cut me off like I wasn’t there. Now who ever pushes me just keeps on going 🤷‍♀️
    BUT I think there SHOULD be Disney staff there & if you push kids down & other ugly black Friday stuff then the staff should stop you & make you wait off to the side like a kindergardner, till everyone enters the park that had been there early.👊 🤷‍♀️ You can go around someone instead of through them to get there & still be first 3 seconds later.

  14. When I was just a child with my family running at rope drop was frowned upon. I was clumsy as a child anyway! Now, as a seasoned Disneyland guest, I prefer just to relax and enjoy my stay. BTW, I’m still clumsy! 😉

  15. Steve

    Makes me wonder if they should add more hours either in the morning or evening! We were at WDW recently and didn’t have time to do all the rides we wanted! At EPCOT we had a reservation for the Ratatouille ride, for around 7pm, but they kept pushing the time back and eventually said we wouldn’t be able to ride it, despite that reservation!

  16. Mindy

    It’s been like that for ages. Running at rope drop is nothing new. Did it a few times myself when I was younger. Now I don’t because I hate getting up early. If you’re worried about getting run over, come to the parks slightly later. If you come at rope drop anyway, be prepared to run. Only the strong survive. The weak are left on the side of Main Street, lol.

  17. Robert

    My answer is NO running at Disneyland rope drop should be band its very unfair for those normal people it’s not safe and Disneyland is just looking for a liability.

  18. Teresa

    Oh good grief Karen! I don’t think running it rope drop is a good idea, but I’m certainly not going to criticize anyone for doing so. Oh it’s not fair to people with mobility issues? Well guess what? It’s not all about them!!!

  19. jem

    At those prices I say anything goes. If I’m going to be paying off my trip for the next 2 years I better be getting on at least one ride with no line.

  20. Steve

    If you run you are a fool? I would say you already are for paying those prices for a fake representation of life, and rides that don’t provide any substance to children.

  21. Rm

    Life is not fair. Get some exercise Karen, you clearly need it judging by that whining.

  22. ReD

    My trick is to start a fight in rope drop and then leave. #pro

  23. D

    You braimwashed imbeciles are what ia the problem. Reacism was brought back by 44, the people causing all the hate and violence are the mentally ill lefties who think it’s illegal to hurt there widdle feelings. You must love the economy these days huh genious.

  24. Melissa Turner

    The number of spelling errors in this post indicates that the writer is definitely not a genious (genius).

    1. Melissa

      they can’t be held responsible for spelling errors when all they do is copy/paste from disney pamphlets and social media posts from random users

  25. Chris W

    So now we’re throwing in “equity” for being first on a Disney ride? SMH

  26. Mom463

    Yes I realize that I was typing so quickly that there are errors

  27. James

    As a single dad i took my 3 kids. An we had an amazing time. If im spending 8k were doing rope drop how we want to and if you can’t then you need to figure something els out not us.

  28. Tiffany

    It sounds like the person likes to complain. I’ve done the drops before. A maybe this person needs to stop sounding like a 2 year old and pay for the fast lane. If anything I’d bet they’re overweight and can’t run. If you wake up early. Go to Disney at opening. And want to run to your favorite ride by means do. Disney has a handicapped lane for those in wheel chairs so I don’t know why people with disabilities was mentioned. Disney treats them well. I’ve always been a big believer in early bird gets the worm. Yes I see no problem with running to your favorite ride at Disney. My advice for this would be to grow a backbone .

  29. Julie

    We only get to come once a year so we do rope drop every day for 5 days and love it. Maximizes time. But we never run.

  30. Barry

    What a stupid fool ! So it’s unfair to rush to Disney ride because person with disability might not be as fast? That’s how ignorant Democraps are!

  31. Chris

    Rope drop is awesome, been doing it for decades. We know the quickest routes to all destinations. Sometimes we cut through the flower beds and backstage areas but never get caught. Sometimes we even run naked!

    1. S1

      No one wants to see a 500 on man running naked. Have some shame for goodness sakes.

  32. PaPa-6

    Rope drops need to include kids only just my thoughts

    1. Dawn

      So nothing but ages 4 to 12? That would go over so well…. LMAO, sorry but Disney does have a policy that nobody under the age of 14 is to be without supervision. I can’t imagine keeping the adults out of the park at rope drop and only allowing lil kids to go in.

  33. Silver

    Agree…I remember running as a kid…especially when there was a parade lol…not everything has to be customized to another’s needs… that’s what’s wrong with our society

  34. will

    Just got back from Disneyland saw people running couldn’t care less however those that tried running through me and my wife found out that years of peewee through college football and Hockey taught me how to very effectively shoulder and or bodycheck. Run if you want cool but if you try to run through someone and they put your ass on the ground its on you.

  35. John Juan

    Maybe if they didn’t try to pack the park like a sardine can, people wouldn’t have to run to an attraction or else never get to experience it. Nothing like spending a boat load of money and never being able to enjoy some of the attractions because they let a horde inside instead of using crowd management techniques. Disney won’t ever get another penny of my money.

  36. Mike G

    Oh boo hoo. The people complaing about this are the same ones who want the Disney corporation to change everything about rides in the park because they are “offensive”

  37. Me

    Totally acceptable. And there is no equity issue if your are truly disabled you get to cut the line anyway in the fast pass lane or go to guest services and you get an all day lightening pass. Whoever this is obviously can’t handle the fact that sometimes a race and competition is FUN.

    1. Dawn

      Just to make it clear, disabled people do not “cut the line”, they get a time to come back. A time which is the approx current wait time of those standing in the queue. Then they still have to wait longer once they go up the exit.

  38. Sebastian

    Waaaaaaaaaaaa moment

  39. Carlos

    I think Disneyland should have Family days. Just luke Legoland. Legoland its all about kids and it doesn’t get ruined by adults that never grow up, they push kids, they cut kids in line to see the characters. Every time I have taken my kids to Disneyland they have never gotten the opportunity to take a picture with their characters because there’s always adults rushing and running to the lines beating families with small kids. WTF Disney. At Legoland people cannot go into the park unless they have a kids with the. Disneyland should do some family weeks or family months so the kids don’t have to compete with idiot adults.

  40. Micky Mouse

    When my daughter was just around nine years old we waited at the front of the crowd, when the rope dropped we started walling toward her favorite rides in Frontierland,
    Suddenly a grown man smashed into her knocking her to the ground, had I not been holding her hand she would have had more then the slight skinned knee. I asked her if she was ok than sat at her at bench, holding back tears she said she was Ok. I told her to wait and took off after the POS that barely looked back but saw that he had just bounced off a child and continued running as if he had simply bounced off an in animate object, I quickly caught up to him and side swept his foot so it hooked behind his own and he tumbled to the ground, I held out my hand to help him up as soon as he started to lift himself I let go and he fell back on the ground. As people looked on including the woman he was with I told him he was lucky I didn’t beat him for knocking my daughter to the ground.
    The woman he was with had no idea and gave him a look of disgust and started apologizing for him he looked like a scared little animal as he picked himself and stated to apologize as well. I told him he should have apologized to my Daughter when he saw what he had done instead of running on. I told him he was pathetic that Disneylandis is for kids 1st adults 2nd and he should remember that.

    I returned to my Daughter who could see me from from her bench, I apologized to her for losing my temper and chasing him. She hugged me said it was ok and started laughing, I asked her what she was laughing at, she said when I let go of him and he fell again.
    We saw the D-Bag one time after that and he turn and scurried the opposite direction.

    So if your going to run in the park make sure you don’t run over kids because Disneyland is for kids 1st

    1. Micky Mouse

      Spell check on this site is horrible

  41. Judy Harvey

    I was maybe 6 feet back from the rope, tired since I had to get up at 5:30 am, (this is supposed to be vacay, not a work day,)on 5/26/22. I walked fast, ( age 76!!) But not fast enough to secure a place in line for “The Resistance,” for my fam who were running a bit later than planned trying to herd their 7 kids to hustle. By then, the line was > 2 hours long🤣. No ride is worth that much effort!!! Yes, we rode it later in the day with about an hour wait.

  42. JustSomeGuy

    Recently at rope-drop leading into Frontierland, a group of about 10 rude teens were pushing forward as a group behind me, moving at a run/jogging pace. They were pushing and shoving people out of their way as they went. No doubt heading to GE.
    When they reached my wife and I, the lead teen tried to push his way past me on the left, and as I held my wife, I ducked out of his way to the right and “accidentally” tripped him as he pushed past. The entire group fell over each other to the ground in a heap, spilling their iced Starbucks all over each other with bloody noses and skinned knees/elbows aplenty! As my wife and I casually walked past them looking down at them on the ground, I said, “I believe they said no running!?” Everyone else around us who had witnessed their rude behavior broke out in laughter.
    Those teens got what they deserved, and I believe I taught them a valuable lesson, but there is an easy solution to this. If the CMs would just walk with the rope from the Hub to the front of each attraction at the outer edges of the park, Guests would be forced to walk.

  43. J

    In asia I found that the pushing is required and customary but not here even though most people have Zero manners in this country anymore. I am a pretty big man so I am usually not a victim of this but I feel for others. A lady I know has perfected what she calls “the elbow” where she will nail people hard if they push her. Oh well…enough ranting.

  44. I am mobility challenged and I have no issue with others run. Please be free to run, leap and enjoy your self while you can. They do have special lines for people with mobility issues. So others should feel free to enough themselves.

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