Walls Ripped Down as Iconic Disney Ride Nears Reopening

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pirates of the caribbean dog and key jail scene

Credit: Disney

As Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction nears its official reopening, construction walls have started to disappear.

Credit: Disney

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Disneyland’s Blue Bayou closed for refurbishment on April 21. Since its closure as well as Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney Guests have been desperately missing some Caribbean influence. Fortunately, the restaurant did recently reopen.

However, Guests were disappointed to find that, while the restaurant did reopen after a brief refurbishment, they were left with quite a “lacking” view. Because Pirates of the Caribbean is still closed and the ride goes right past the eatery, construction walls were up which completely blocked the view of the water.

Blue Bayou Restaurant sign
Credit: Disney

Thankfully, it looks like work on the ride is coming to a close. In a few photos shared on Twitter by Matthew Gottula (@DLthings), we can see that the “ugly” construction walls are now gone, leaving Guests with the intended view of the attraction as they eat:

Walls are mercifully down at Blue Bayou, restoring this view of empty boats cycling in the flume. Pirates of the Caribbean reopens July 1. @mrtechbehr #Disneyland

Pirates of the Caribbean is slated to reopen at the Disneyland Resort on July 1.

Disney describes the Blue Bayou as follows:

Dine Down on the Bayou

Step into perpetual twilight as the nighttime ambiance of the watery setting surrounds you. Spot Guests embarking on a Pirates of the Caribbean adventure, as you enjoy an authentic New Orleans-inspired lunch or dinner. It’s a truly unique setting where the bayou is, literally, by you!

A New Orleans Square Classic

Blue Bayou has been a must-visit destination for many Disneyland Resort Guests since its opening in 1967. Its mystical setting takes you into the heart of the South—overhead strings of colorful balloon lanterns cast an enchanting glow, dotting the darkness while crickets chirp, frogs croak and fireflies wink in the dark.

Big Tastes from the Big Easy

Kick off your memorable meal with Southern-inspired starters. Next, choose from a selection of authentic entrées—including signature dishes such as Jambalaya and Plant-based Fava Bean & Pistachio Pesto Pasta.

Favorite dishes include the Monte Cristo and Seasonal Salad… and don’t forget the nonalcoholic mint juleps.

New additions to the restaurant’s menu include a New Orleans-inspired signature Hurricane cocktail, along with select wines and beers. Kids can also take part in the Bayou spirit by creating their own meals, including delicious entrées and sides that cater to every taste.

Be sure to save some room for dessert—and don’t miss the best crème brûlée in New Orleans Square!

What’s your favorite restaurant to eat at in Disneyland?

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