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  1. Marker

    A waiting list is both a good idea and a bad idea. It is a good idea because it means that people won’t have to spend a large chunk of their day trying to get reservations and waiting for someone to cancel a reservation. It is also a bad idea because it means that it makes it easier to get on a list and that means more people are likely to jump in.

    I hope this doesn’t go to the USA because the bad greatly outweighs the good. In many instances, you can do it the night before or the morning of the park opening and almost 99% go in.

    1. Harry

      Or maybe people will stop paying Exorbit prices to a park that refuses to regulate guest capacity And keeps coming up with band-aid gems like this. What you don’t seem to understand is programs like this keep you from standing in line so that you can be out in the park making purchases.

  2. Leesa

    If the US parks do a waiting list it should include both AP and day ticket holders. It’s so hard trying to plan vacations and book airfare when you’re not sure you’ll actually get reservations for the days you want.

    1. Noah

      Day ticket holders come from a different pool of availability than APs. It’s far less likely that a day ticket holder is going to cancel since they most likely bought the ticket for that specific day.

  3. M

    Just go back to normal capacity already. Getting real sick & tired of the modified BS.

    1. Sue

      M. You are so right. It funny they are the only ones still using a reservation system. We live like 10 miles away and we have special needs daughter so it was nice just to decide one day ok let’s go she is on a good mood. Now I makes reservations not knowing if we r going to go or not and by a certain time of day if we r not going I cancel them. I used to like spear of the moment. We renewed are passes and still
      Have not gone. Plus I don’t like walking around in 90+ weather. I feel sorry for the ones who book a vacation and pick the parks they want to go to. Well in advance and then it rains every day. Or it’s 99 degrees out side. Just go back the way it was. Nobody had as many issues as they do now

      1. Ann

        I recently came back from Disney in Florida. I’ve been many times in the past and always enjoyed it as a child now adult with kids. I was a dedicated Disney vacationer. Unfortunately this was probably our last time. The reservation system for EVERYTHING!, the cost, the crowds and wait times make it unbearable. A Disney vacation is supposed to be fun and care free, but now it is so stressful trying to make reservations for rides and then working your day around those just to have a ride break down. Exhausting and not in the old school Disney exhausting just frustrating.

  4. Loni

    I miss Disney 2019😔

  5. L

    Not worth it. If I wanted to be on my phone all day I could just stay at work. We have planned and saved for years for a 2023 trip. We are going elsewhere!!

    1. Ann

      Well said! Completely agree. I was on my phone the entire time trying to have “fun”

  6. Tom

    I have brought my family to Disney World 8 times from 2001 to 2018. Last trip canceled due to shut down. I have seen the new system and can tell you, with a heavy heart, that Disney will not get my business again unless they go back to the old system (park hopper, fast pass and benefits for staying on property, good meal plans, etc). They have jacked up prices and it is no longer a magical experience. They have added work and stress to the vacation. Need to clean house at the top level of management and get some old school park people and imagineers in those positions.

    1. I remember the good old days too. Park Hopping, GREAT dining plan, perks for staying on property.. with all I am reading looks like I won’t be back either. Since we live so far away we would go for 2 weeks at a time. This is just become sad.

      1. awww, poor privileged per hasta think of better ways to squander thousands that could buy food and books for poor kids. how do you live with yourself? Both hoofie-woofies in the trough, cramming more food into your pudgy meat carcass . . .

        Got my fill as a teen. Reseda Youth Band was a disney regular. I gave some impressive bjs in mr toad’s wild ride.

  7. Andrew

    With a waitlist I can see them reducing the Annual Pass advance confirmed availability in the hope they can sell more day tickets, then at short notice if they haven’t sold many day tickets, confirm people from the AP waitlist knowing that they didn’t miss out on day ticket sales by filling the capacity with APs ahead of time. A benefit for those on day tickets getting better availability, but worse for APs wanting to plan ahead risking waitlist more often.

  8. Julian H

    I HATE HATE HATE this crazy stupid Park Reservation process, bring back the good old days, surely now is the time Disney.

    When on holiday you have lost he spontaneity to pop in to a park on the day if you wanted too. It’s a really bad move Disney to keep it now the World has moved on and you need to as well.

  9. Tim

    Do I as I do now, Don’t go at all. The problem with this whole system is greed. Disney Parks are the only parks creating a supply issue. Universal, Sea World parks and Entertainment, Six Flags and any others have no restrictions for getting into their parks other than the actual capacity as dictated by fire codes. Disney on the other hand is creating an artificial shortage of supply so as to justify the price increases. Further, it would appear that by doing this they also cut the operating expenses significantly by not hiring performers and staff in general. The reason for the various shows and entertainment through out the parks was more about crowd control than for entertaining people. When you have people eating attractions you can move large people around and they don’t even realize it. As one can see by the images and videos of the parks crowd management is not at Disney anymore. I also do not know what the operating daily capacity is as Disney will not release that info as I can find. I noticed that the Disney Competition are back to normal and look to operating as the did pre-pandemic and being quite successful, Disney seems to have found ways to make more money with little work. I do believe that many other businesses did this before they went out of business over the years. I am already seeing the signs of the K-Mart demise at the Disney Parks.

    1. tripichick

      as long as the privileged will spend thousands for a few fleeting hours of entertainment, disney will dish it out.

  10. Joxua

    Isn’t that like a Fast Pass reserved time they used to give out?

  11. Sal

    So now you can wait list to pay thousands and go wait on 2 hour lines for a one minute ride.fantastic.

  12. J

    I now spend my time having more fun doing other things. Farewell Disney (for the most part).

  13. I still don’t get the purchase a “ticket” then make park reservation. It’s like buying a theater ticket then having to make reservation for the movie you want to see. Who is running the place. Things can be streamlined but these new systems are not it.

    1. Christieie

      Exactly our thoughts. We just said this year was awful and will probably be our last. The Lightning Lane is so stressful to book…1 reservation every 2 hours (depending on what and if your attractions are available) and then you have to be booked out another couple hours to book again
      We spent more time chasing reservations. Waiting on standby for 2.5 hrs for one ride caused use to miss a reservation altogether. So sad but glad we got to experience it when it WAS magical.

  14. Josh

    Recession will end the park reservation system quick.

  15. Leesa Mae

    I have gone regularly since the Magic Kingdom opened in October 1971. I continue to go. The reservation system is not that difficult if you make them when you purchase the tickets. At the time of purchase, you simply go to the next screen after buying a ticket and reserve your park. It will even let you check availability before you buy the ticket. I did mine three or four months in advance. It was like making a fast pass reservation. Granted, these were not annual passes, just regular tickets so an annual pass may have a different experience. But if you’re booking a package, it’s not that hard.

    In the park, I was not “on my phone all day.” I made a ride reservation when we checked in for one ride and then put the phone away. I only used it to make ride return times. I did not even use up my initial battery charge. I walked up and ordered from the counter at the quick service locations, just like before Covid. I didn’t need the phone.

    Were done things different? Sure. Were done things closed? Yes. Were some changes irritating? Of course. But overall, it was a good trip. I plan to go back again.

  16. pattimarie

    The whole system is crazy there now, and I think they could make more money if they had a sensible system that actually worked, less glitches and more reliable wifi. Ordering from shopDisney is just as difficult because it’s just not set up right.

    I think Lessa More must be talking about WDW, because at Disneyland there are places without a non-mobile ordering register, and sometimes they have taken enough mobile ordering reservations for food all day by 10 am. The lines are also very long if there’s only one non-mobile ordering register. It seems that many, many people do not want to mobile order, and Disney is not being responsive to that, as they often were in the past when something didn’t work for real people. I’ve also read every excuse that people have made for Disney concerning the necessity of reservations, and the facts don’t bear them out–it’s still crowded, the staffing decisions aren’t working, etc., etc. I don’t quite understand how they make Disney more money than just letting people come would. They already made more res available for the keyholders upfront, so I assume shutting them out as much as they did in the beginning didn’t work for them financially. Now they’re making it easier for keyholders to make a res ahead of time. So what are they really for? It costs money to run a system like that, and to deal with the frustration and anger of consumers. What’s that saying–cutting off your nose to spite your face? Seems to be the management principle at Disney.

    1. Christie

      So sad.. this will probably be our last year after this years experience. The Lightning Lane is so stressful.
      FIRST, you have to learn about how to strategically use it starting at 7am that day. Then to only be able to book 1 reservation every 2 hours (depending on what and if your attractions are available) and then you have to be booked out another couple hours to book again. Why not let people book 3 and plan their entire day? Then you have to try to “squeeze” things in between as you’re at the discretion of the time you were given to go to a ride.

      We spent more time chasing reservations and going back and forth across the park to go to rides during the scheduled “given” times instead of being able to FLOW around the park in a calm and peaceful manor. PLUS, we waited on standby for almost 3 hrs for one ride which caused us to miss a reservation altogether and then it said I couldn’t re-book. So sad but at least we got to experience Disney for many years it when it WAS magical.

      I’d highly consider a different system. I can see this being a downfall for Disney as your consumer booking experience is a disaster and the in-person entertainment is not existent. There used to be entertainment every where you turned…absolutely magical. Not anyone. We attend Sea World & Busch Gardens each year and I would highly recommend both.. especially if you like roller coasters. You can enjoy all day dining, refillable cups and much shorter wait times.. and drumroll please….QUICK QUEUE! Unlimited and short wait times. My son road Icebreaker like 5 times in a row! He loves the roller coasters at SeaWorld.

      If you choose come to Disney, hopefully this will help manage your expectations. Things have significantly changed.

  17. I loved Disney growing up took the kids when they were little and it was the most magical place on earth. Now ive been with all the hassle of reservations long lines expensive food and lots if aggrivation my disney days are over!!!They are just way too money hungry now!!!Why not go back to normal?? All tge other parks have??Busch Gardens care about their pass holders!! They give free perks every month and free guest tickets and NO reservations!!!Hmmm i think Disney should take note!!!

  18. Woke go broke. We have been to Disney 15 times. Had wonderful vacations. Disney has really gone crazy and is not worth the time or money. New CEO and corporate raiders have really screwed the public. You have to be nuts to waste your money there. I would NEVER buy tickets and then have to pay more to get in to different rides. You have to be stupid to let a company screw you like this. But then again there are a lot of stupid people walking around!

  19. Harry

    Or maybe people will stop paying Exorbit prices to a park that refuses to regulate guest capacity And keeps coming up with band-aid gems like this. What you don’t seem to understand is programs like this keep you from standing in line so that you can be out in the park making purchases.

  20. Can't say

    Ex cast member here I was told by my Leader at Magic Kingdom that capacity is 85% and at 45,000 people per day.

  21. Manny

    Gee, since they are so full I guess us normal people should stay away to assist in the not overcrowding issue.

  22. Timothy Powell

    Let’s make it where we have to spend even more money, and not be guaranteed entry. This isn’t a vacation, it’s a ripoff. Disney owns 90% of everything it seems, they’re like Microsoft. Keep adding to the collection. Personally, as of right now I wouldn’t even go to a Disney park.

  23. M. Kelly

    I will pass on Disney parks. Kids have no desire to attend a park to stand in line 9 hours to get on 3 rides at best! No thanks, as my kids said, “Can we go anywhere but Disney on our vacation!”

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