Comments for Disney’s New Ultimate “FastPass” Could Cost You $150

disneyland paris premier access

Credit: Disney


  1. Leslie Gagnon

    I’m sure this will be the unpopular opinion, but I SO hope we get this at Disney World by January!!!!Sign. Me. Up.

  2. Bob Cheapskate

    I used to go every year and stay on site for a week in a resort. But Cheapskate is stripping the magic and turning disney into just an overpriced bloated broken down regular theme park. I might not ever go back.

  3. Diane C

    Chapek is taking Disney down, not what it was. Only for the money now and not giving people a good value for what it costs.

  4. Elizabeth Wooten

    Walt Disney envisioned a dream of having a theme park that was reasonable affordable to all and all pay scales. Mr. Disney is rolling in his grave at how the prices have become that not all can enjoy the magic of Disney. I live on social security and I dream of being able to return to the magic kingdom one day. But I just can’t afford it. It’s just sad to see that Mr. Disney’s dream is being shattered by money hungry thiefs.

  5. Steve-O

    This was obviously coming as soon as the ‘pay to play’ fast passes were introduced. It does crack me up that Chapek gets the blame for it, though–Iger was a genius to “step down” when he did so someone else could take the fall for the decisions that were obviously in the works for a long time.

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