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space mountain disney one ride challenge

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. S1

    There is no Space Mountain retheme coming. This is a false rumor and what will be happening in the future is Disney getting trust busted and broken up by the feds resulting in Pixar being taken away from them so that means no more Pixar attractions in the parks.

  2. David

    Overlay? Possibly. Permanent re-theme? No.

  3. R

    Hahaha! It’s gone woke! Kiss it goodbye! Brokeback mountain in Space!!! It’s coming!

  4. john

    this is sad if it happens, they are already taking away splash mountian, dont take my space mountian. whats next matterhorn, mr toad, big thunder. #SaveSpaceMountian

  5. SS

    Princess and the frog????????????

  6. Jake

    Russer Anterburger
    Sandra Sandheim
    Eric Mahoney
    Laurie D’oryan

    These people are responsible, email their superiors to stop this.

  7. Dawn

    I hope not, I can’t stand anything Pixar to begin with…. and my son will refuse to ride it again if it turns onto Toy Story.

    1. Dawn

      Dang it… *turns into* not onto.

  8. Kristan

    Fck the crap NOOO!! You leave my beloved ride alone!!

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