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guests watching fireworks disneyland

Credit: Disney Rewards


  1. Edwin

    This pic is from TOKYO DISNEYLAND, not DL Anaheim.
    The Star Tours safety sign is is Japanese.

    TDR’s rules: “For courtesy and the safety of all Guests at Tokyo Disneyland, smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. Please refrain from smoking in all other areas.”

    I am not a smoker, but your readers should know the correct information.

  2. drew

    LOL. They deleted all the replies again about it being filed in the wrong category. Hey ITM writers, sometimes you make mistakes and you can bet that us readers will call you out on it. We also remember our previous responses and will simply post them again.

    This was at Tokyo DL and not DLR in Anaheim. Take a closer look at the pics next time and file it with the correct tags for the story.

    1. Lim

      Yea… Was wondering what happened to my comment.

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