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Sleeping beauty castle

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  1. The last time we visited this ride for the 50th at Disneyworld. The ride broke down the first time, then we had hours of wait time until they got the ride back up and running when it was fixed. And we don’t believe the second time we went on it that everything was all up and running again. We thought Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway railroad was so much better and we were wondering what all of the hullabaloo was about this ride. We didn’t see it was so great after paying $27 to ride this ride on Genie. Don’t wasted your time or standing in line for this ride. Oh well.

  2. S1

    I propose that every time a ride closes, they take $10,000 from every Disney executive and manager’s paycheck. They will fix the rides very fast.

    1. VLM

      Do you… understand the concept of physics, at all?

    2. Brooke

      I agree. A lot of rides have been breaking down, that haven’t normally in the past. Chapek has cut so many corners on expenses in order to maximize his profit sharing bonus, and he’s laid off so many employees. Dock their pay until they at least fix Rise of the Resistance. That is down almost every day. It was even down for the after hours $149 Star Wars Nite events. LOL. Pathetic. You’re charging us a fortune, the quality needs to match, Bob.

    3. Tom

      Love your idea. Turn it into an Omni mover !

  3. Why do I even bother with this site?

    “a popular Disney World attraction broke down multiple times in a row. In the post, the Guest shares a few images from their less-than-perfect day at the Disneyland Resort”

    Psst… Disneyland Resort is not actually at Disney World. Fun facts. But don’t let that stop you. #hireaneditor

    1. Steph

      Omg yes! The fact he kept using Disneyland and Disney world interchangeably makes me question why he is even a writer for this site…..

  4. Dan

    So did this happen at Disneyland or Disney World?
    I have reservations for one of them!

    1. John

      It happened at Disney World- hollywood studios.
      This also happened to us a weeks ago. We waited for 2 1/2 hours just to be told to leave…..

    2. Dawn

      They went on the Runaway Railroad, so Disney World. The Railroad isn’t open at DL for another year.

      1. April

        Runaway Railway wasn’t mentioned. It was Rise of the Resistance.

    3. Josh

      Happened to me at Disneyland about a month ago. Everything was breaking down “due to just coming back from covid” 6 rides that we went on in 3 days. From thunder mountain, haunted mansion, this and cars (down for days after we got lucky enough to ride it.) It wasnt the greatest experience

  5. mairin

    Prayers because a ride broke?? Seriously?

    1. Donna

      Exactly lol

    2. Pam

      Pray? I will pray that Disney wakes up or goes broke.

    3. Debbie Owen

      First World problems! 🙂

    4. David

      My thoughts exactly. Before reading the story I was expecting an life threatening injury or death. Prayers because a ride broke down? Give me a break

  6. Ratatouille is chef's kiss

    I’m cynical. I suspect part of the reason for this ride’s technical issues comes from the fact Tower of Terror often has a longer wait time. I’m sure in Disneyland there is an equivalent situation. If the ride worked properly, it would below other attractions, maybe by a lot. How embarrassing would it be for it to be the same as Star Tours? Disney can’t have the squeals looking bad.

    Ratatouille and Runaway Railroad don’t seem to have any of these issues.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      And Ratatouille and Runaway Railroad are not an easy comparison.
      ROTR has 3 ride systems. The others have 1.
      ROTR has over 100 animatronics, the others do not
      ROTR has full ride vehicles and empty cycling vehicles interacting, the others do not
      ROTR has ride vehicles both indoors and outdoors. The others do not.
      ROTR has higher demand than the others.
      ROTR has more choke points. If one part fails, the whole attraction goes down. The other attractions do not have these issues.
      A little perspective please.

  7. Frank

    And to be so
    stupid to go on the ride 3 times and then asking for prayers – you an idiot

    1. Samuel

      I love this comment because i was thinking the same thing lol

  8. DianeMRL

    Sorry for anyone’s sad circumstance riding ANY attraction and having it break down. I don’t think it requires prayers. I’ve heard about RotR breakdowns, but I have to say, I must be very lucky. We were there, with the grands, the week after Thanksgiving and were able to ride the attraction 3x with less than a 20 minute wait and no breakdown. In fact, we were able to ride everything we wanted, over a 7 day stay. We also got every dining reservation we wanted (Space 220). After 50 years of attending WDW, I should be good at planning! Over those 50 years, I have been disappointed many times by closures and such, but it happens. LoL Yes, it takes time and persistence and I know not everyone has the time. Just try and make the best out of your trip.



  10. Rev Johan

    Thoughts and prayers

  11. KMAN

    Although this is pretty cool it seems to have the same fate as the 1998 Futuristic ride
    ROCKET RODS , that was plagued with endless breakdowns that meet its ultimate permanent closing in September 2000 after Disney spent Millions. R O R is fast tracking to meet the same fate .

  12. Lisa

    It is a time waster to have a ride break down after waiting soooo long. My kids lost 1.5 hours only for Splash Mountain to break down with no passes offered & big thunder Mountain was already closed for the day. So then on to Hollywood for a 5 hour wait for Tower of Terror. Disney makes you register for parks so they have less of a crowd? Working well! Not!

  13. Elisabeth

    The fact that people wait in long lines, hours for rides has always seemed like a parents worst nightmare anyways! When you go to Disney expect the unexpected, because these rides are Operating nonstop hundreds of times a day! People think because they are paying high dollar they should get the best experiences, unfortunately that’s a fairytale!

  14. April

    “In the post which was shared on social media, one very unlucky Guest reveals that a popular Disney World attraction broke down multiple times in a row. In the post, the Guest shares a few images from their less-than-perfect day at the Disneyland Resort, detailing their experience with Rise of the Resistance.”
    C’mon. Disneyland and Disney World are different. Which one did it happen at? Also, I’ve had to close 6 ads just to type this. That’s a but ridiculous. Make that 7 as another one just popped up.

  15. We were at Hollywood Studios May 24th. The stand by line wait was over 2hrs when it broke down 30 mins before our LL pass time. We were told we could come back and use LL when it reopened… 2hrs later we happened to walk by the entrance as it was reopening… we then waited in the LL in for 30 minutes before we were able to ride it…. it was worth it….

  16. Nay

    The same prayers that people are sending for gun violence victims? How’s that working out?

  17. Kidist

    I went for my birthday in september recently i was at disneyland and had that ticket from the morning finally got my group called in at 8pm and waited they told us it broke down again the whole day it was breaking down never got a chance to ride it 😭 i waited all day i was sad bc it was the final one that i really wanted to ride

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