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  1. Not My Star Wars

    Galaxy’s Edge is like a ghost town compared to Toy Story land, which doesn’t hide how much of a budget addition it was to the park. The two Bobs need to accept that no one wants their brand of Star Wars.

    1. S1

      It’s gonna be hilarious watching Galaxy’s Edge and the starcruiser be demolished after Disney is broken up by the Justice Department and Star Wars is taken away from them.

      1. kurt

        That homeschooling isn’t really working out for you, is it?

      2. kurt

        Homeschool strikes again!

        1. S1

          Homeschool? Oh please I’m a military officer and one of my sons is starting West Point in the fall. I have connections and yes Disney is getting broken up by Congress and so are the other media giants including Comcast thanks to a little thing called antitrust and anti-monopoly laws. Perhaps you’ve heard of Teddy Roosevelt using it to break up Standard Oil? I have sources and you don’t. So sit down and don’t speak unless you’re spoken too and that’s order civvie. You will answer “aye aye, sir.”

          1. William

            Go play with some depleted uranium rounds you wannabe

    2. Victor Nazarian

      Star Cruiser review


      Disney upper management needs to ‘ride’ Starcruiser for a couple of days themselves, incognito if possible and understand what’s wrong, and there are lots of things very wrong. Starcrusier was rushed into service with too many inexperienced personnel and is NOT up to standards for a top-of-the-line Disney experience and is exceptionally overpriced.

      I did the Galactic Star Cruiser 2 months ago with 3 friends. The vast majority of the ‘crew’ are exceptionally young, inexperienced college age personnel who are being forced to perform as high-exposure ‘face’ actors (think street-mos-phere at Hollywood Studios) for extended times with individual patrons. Unfortunately most of them are not even as seasoned and capable as run-of-the-mill cast members in other Disney parks and resorts much less seasoned character performers who can spend hours at a time holding character and improvising lines with customers and fellow cast members. I heard the same 20-30 phrases from Halcyon crew members hundreds of times in only 2 days and, “I’ve never heard of that…” in response to any discussion of Earth quickly became a sad, repetitive, irritating joke.

      Worse still, I spoke with several (more than 10) seasoned and accomplished (and very good) cast members at other Disney resorts and parks after my ‘cruise’ on Starcruiser who said they were all turned down when they volunteered to ‘crew’ Halcyon and told that the crew work schedule was too many hours for part time and too few hours for full time. This sounded like total BS Disney used as an excuse to use low wage, inexperienced college interns for most positions instead of experienced personnel.

      The imagineers did a great job of composing and implementing the ‘space’ elements and adventure effects very much as if these were all part of a good ride. Unfortunately quality control and final build quality (blue painter’s tape, exposed wires, light strips falling out of fittings) are way below normal Disney standards much less the standards of a $1.65/minute special adventure. If I’d found these issues with my room at Pop, 2 months after a major remodeling project, I would have spoken with an engineer. If it had happened at Yacht Club or the Grand I would have spoken to a senior manager.

      Except for the excellent dinner meals the daytime food is only slightly above the quality and ‘happiness’ level of a value resort or quick service meal. And is hit and miss on the quality. Kitchen staff are excellent but are apparently constrained in what they are able to provide or even what words they are allowed to speak. The dining hall style of food pickup is simply cheap and the lack of simple things like hot water for tea or cold water bottles to take back to the room (among other things) is ridiculously stupid.

      The rooms are unnecessarily and restrictively small especially when it is recognized that Disney was not under the same space restrictions as a real ship where cubic inches of space are at an extreme premium. This is foolish when the reality is that as a concrete building (that looks like a law enforcement processing facility from the outside) there is no bonafide need to make the $3,000+ per night rooms small while billing them as suitable for 5 people. Please note, I have served on both Coast Guard cutters and sailed on Disney cruise ships as well as staying at almost all of Disney’s premium resorts. To make matters much worse, there are not enough places (drawers, closet space, etc.) to unpack and very little place to put luggage. Starcruiser crew do not take empty bags away to store them like on some real cruise ships and the under-bed storage is tiny and constrained by height and depth.

      Lastly, (not finally, I have much, much more) the arrival experience is sub standard even compared to arriving at a 1 star hotel. The shipping containers as you drive look appallingly ghetto, as if an abandoned (but brightly painted) dumpster is partly blocking the hotel. The unfinished concrete overhang area to unload vehicles is not large enough to accommodate enough vehicles or provide enough shelter from wind, rain or sun. The bell staff were hard working but obviously inexperienced and understaffed and guests has nowhere to go to get out of the heat, etc. there is only 2 concrete benches to sit on (maybe 2 – 3 people each) and that’s it.

      The only 2 arrival area restrooms are single occupancy and can only be accessed after getting through security metal detectors. The walkway to the elevators is a claustrophobic, unfinished, unpainted, undecorated, no frills concrete tunnel that feels like Disney is taking you to jail through the ‘utilidors’ rather than a luxury cruise experience. Waiting in line for Star Tours, Mine Train or Space Mountain or checking in at Pop Century is more pleasant and more ‘Disney’ than waiting to start a $6000-$7000 2 day Star Wars experience on the Halcyon.

      1. Pudding

        Nobody wants to visit the chit hole Europe

      2. Pudding

        Oh shut up

      3. Laird Popkin

        What a fantastic review, thanks for sharing it. As a huge Star Wars and Disney fan, it’s disappointing that the Galactic Star Cruiser isn’t up to par – let’s hope Disney invests in reworking it to make it as amazing as it deserves!

  2. SickofScamd

    Anyone spending this kind of money for piddly 2 day experience is a suckered. Seriously suckered. Take your money and spend it for a 2 week vacation for good family time.

  3. Terry

    Let’s see here week long trip to Europe or two days Disney stars wars? Yep Europe. Fail bob paycheck fail

  4. Tony from Virginia

    It’s still to early to tell if the Galactic Star cruiser will be a success or failure. Once all the hard core Star Wars fans have their opportunity to visit then we will see if it has staying power and if the not so enthusiastic fan is willing to spend the money for the experience. If the reservations are starting to dry up already I think that is a bad sign of things to come. We will know more in a few months

  5. Eric

    We enjoyed it and may well go again.
    I hope they integrate the luggage service with the reset of WDW – that is my expectation actually. We lost a lot of time because they would not take our luggage to or from the rest of the WDW resorts so we were forced to be with our luggage both the day arriving and departing GSC – when we could have been elsewhere.

  6. Pudding

    S1 you seem like a lying douche please confirm

  7. Wade

    We had fun at our stay, but not for the right reasons. We were initially appalled at how unlike Star Wars it actually felt. It was as if the designers had never actually seen a Star Wars movie in their lives. There was so much cringe that we finally just embraced it and started laughing. It became a parody along the lines of Spaceballs. Do I feel stupid for the money I spent on this pricey non-Star Wars excursion? Hard to say. We got entertainment for three days, but it was more of a giant let down when it came to a Star Wars experience. As a head shaking, eye rolling, eyebrow raising laugh fest though- it was worth it. Go with very low expectations of entering the Star Wars universe and you will be fine.

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