Comments for Disney Rides Are, “Held Together By Duct Tape and a Prayer,” Say Guests

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  1. Heidi Claire

    Almost any problem can be solved with enough duct tape.

    1. They ran out of duct tape!😜

  2. Walt

    I was at AK on opening day and rode Countdown to Extinction. I didn’t find it scary, I found it physically painful. There’s something about the seats on the ride vehicles that just hurts.

    Rode it a few years later once it had become DINOSAUR, no change. Ever since I just refuse to ride it.

  3. Stacey

    Carousel of progress I do believe should be updated at least every 10 years. Even if they added minor touches to the previous scenes the end scene should definitely always be updated to be further in the future than what we are now.

    1. Buzz

      Duct tape and a prayer? That must have been a millennial whining.

  4. Stacey

    How far is Peter Pan is concerned I love Peter Pan especially Tinker Bell however it definitely is dated and sad when you are flying and you look below and see how cheesy it is. With today’s technology they could definitely make it a bit better

    1. Clark mitchell

      Being one of the most popular attractions at the Magic Kingdom, with wait times well over an hour, I don’t believe most people would agree with you.

  5. Stacey

    I am good with dinosaur I really enjoyed the ride but yes it definitely does a number on your butt lol

  6. Steve

    We broke down on Spaceship Earth going backwards at Epcot, granddaughter freaked out. Took half an hour to be rescured

  7. What ride is held together with duct tape???????
    I have a bad back and it love Dinosaur!! It says before you ride it if you have back problems don’t ride it. Kinda not Disney’s fault they warned you.

  8. When you visit the parks it feels like you’re in the Disney version of Idiocracy. The park is on its last leg. They don’t plan on fixing anything properly and they won’t. They’re going to leave what is there and suck the rest of the money they can out of it.
    Tron has been under construction for four and a half years! Do you really think they’re going to repair the rides that already exist?
    They have already pulled permits in Florida. Rumor has It, it’s for low-income housing. Step back and look at it. The only things that have really changed are the pavement.
    If you’re going to visit the parks in Disney World make it a goodbye visit and don’t stay in their hotels!😢😢😢

    1. You have your head so far up your backside, you will never see the Florida sunshine 🌞

  9. Paul

    Please get to the point of your articles faster.

    It’s a 3-5 page scroll fest on mobile just to get to what should be your opening sentence.

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