Animatronic Pulled From Disney Ride, “Almost Everything Is Broken”

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Credit: Disney

At the Walt Disney World Resort, there are so many fun and exciting things Guests can experience. From relaxing dark rides like the Haunted Mansion or thrilling roller coasters like Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there’s something that everyone can enjoy.

Speaking of Animal Kingdom, the Park may have the scariest ride on property.

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Located in DinoLand USA, DINOSAUR is a time-traveling adventure through time, putting Guests face-to-face with terrifying dinosaurs.

What was originally supposed to be a peaceful journey through the early age of the dinosaurs turns into a frantic and chilling experience in complete darkness. The ride is loud, intense, rough, and most importantly, fun, as long as you’re down for that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, it looks like the ride has encountered a few issues leaving it in what Guests call “b mode”.

Credit: Disney

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It looks like Disney may have messed with the homing signal and in the words of on-ride narrator Dr. Seeker, “that’s not good”. Several Guests have reported that this attraction is facing technical issues.

DiscMan (@DiscMan2000) said:

Just got B-Mode Carnotaurus on Dinosaur! Came around the corner and on the left was just a little head by the ceiling instead of the whole body AA on the right!

In response to another tweet, Jenna Gannon (@jennalg99) talked about how the last Carnataurous is gone, right before the giant head swoops down on you:

I was on dinosaur last week and literally the big dinosaur that you are supposed to look at when your picture is taken just was not there

Ultra Uhted Glimpses of Reedy Creek (@neilnole) simply said:

Almost everything is broken on Dinosaur as well.

We can only hope that the attraction returns to its former glory so it can fully terrorize Guests brave enough to ride it. Check out our complete guide on the attraction here.


A Race Against Time

A paleontologist recruits you for a secret mission to bring a 3.5-ton Iguanadon back to the present. There’s just one problem—the giant meteor that wiped out life on Earth is on the way! 

Board a rugged Time Rover vehicle and set off on a thrilling adventure through a primeval forest filled with life-like dinosaurs. Careen through unpredictable hairpin turns. Dart around a fearsome Velociraptor hunting for prey. Avoid the clutches of a Cearadactylus soaring overhead!

As the clock counts down, fiery meteors crash down around you. Will you make your escape before the dinosaurs—and you—become extinct?

Is It Too Scary?

DINOSAUR includes loud sounds in the dark and menacing dinosaurs that may scare some children.

Do you enjoy DINOSAUR?

If you want to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is a ton to see and do! You can head over to Expedition Everest in Asia (when it is not under refurbishment) to visit the terrifying Yeti. Pandora will bring your Avatar dreams to life with Flight of Passage bringing Guests into the world of the Na’vi. DINOSAUR is still filled with giant dinos at every turn, and over at Kilimanjaro Safaris, you can take a ride on a real safari, and if you are lucky, a giraffe might even step in your way! A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King is now running, and the show is not one you should miss.

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