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  1. Adam K

    Kona Cafe is a gem among the resort restaurants. The rug could use updating but beyond that, there is a special type of “Ohana” that happens there. Mahalo, Kona Cafe. May you survive the refurbishment with your best attributes still intact.

    1. EricJ

      Namely, the banana-filled (French)Tonga Toast.

  2. Jan

    Place to get our Kona coffee! We would always get a cup and walk out on the beach to lounge on the hammocks. (Are those gone too, think so)

  3. The food at Kona used to be phenomenal, but they changed the menu a few years ago and the new offerings are not as good. At least in my family’s opinion. Perhaps the refurbished willl include a new menu.

    1. a good mouse

      Agreed! They used to have a lunch chicken dish that was my favorite meal on property.

    2. Cm

      Very small menu since Covid but they always agree to make my ham and cheese omelette that’s no longer on the menu!
      They also made my hubbie a “big Kahuna” also not on the printed menu but still available!

      We eat there 2-3 times during our stay !
      Fresh Sushi after 4pm too !

  4. Asilef

    What a bummer! I’ll be at WDW in September and wanted to go there. I’ve been dreaming of the pineapple macadamia pancakes (with a side of strawberry compote) ever since my last trip 5 yrs ago.

  5. Mike

    Nice place to eT but I hope they thicken up the bacon. It would take 4 pieces to be like normal. You can see thru their bacon.

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